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Zhao Li: "What do you want?" She didn't bother with Gu Yao Lin's words earlier, she was surprisingly calm at this moment. From Zhang Fang's words, Zhao Li sensed that something was wrong. According to what she had said earlier about "gambling again", it was clear that the original owner had borrowed money from Zhang Fang on more than one occasion and was only relying on the Gu brothers to pay off her debts. Zhang Fang should also have known Zhao Li's ability to repay the money. But she had lent Zhao Li a sum of money that she couldn't even pay back, which was strange. A person who could afford to open a gambling house and offer such a high interest rate would not have any good intentions, and what she did must be of benefit to her. So what was the benefit of borrowing such a sum of money to Zhao Fang? It was true that the Gu family was poor, and Zhao Li was lazy and had even less money, but- She looked at the scowling eyes of Zhang Fang that landed on the Gu brothers and Chu Chen, eyes that revealed a clear look of frivolity, and her heart sank as she guessed what Zhang Fang was thinking. No money, but there were a few men of great appearance- "Since you can't pay this money back today, we'll take Chu Chen back and let him continue doing his old job and help you pay off your debt, since you borrowed so much money from me in the first place to ransom him anyway." Chu Chen's face turned white. Who knew that Zhang Fang You was not satisfied and added. "But Chu Chen alone is only enough to pay off half of the debt, bring this Gu San with me!" She closed her mouth, "Although this Gu San has some leg problems, it doesn't really affect the clients anyway." As soon as Zhang Fang's words left her mouth, several of her men instantly rushed up and grabbed Chu Chen and Gu Yao Yu and dragged them towards Zhang Fang's side. "No, no, I don't want to go back, I don't want to go back to the green house, help me, help me..." Chu Chen dodged the incoming hands and wailed in panic. Gu Yao Yu's face was pale and he also desperately struggled to dodge, only to be caught immediately as his leg was injured and he had trouble moving. Gu Yao Ting and Gu Yao Lin immediately reacted and pulled the few fighters into a clash. "Let go!" Gu Yao Ting shouted angrily, even after being hit several times by the thugs, he did not let go, Gu Yao Lin even fought to protect his brother, "Even if you grabbed Chu Chen, what are you doing grabbing my brother, grab Zhao Li!" Chu Chen, who was struggling, "What??" He instantly turned into a bun face, forgetting even his fear for a moment, only wanting to grab Gu Er and find out what it meant to grab him and forget about it! However, it was strange that Zhang Fang would listen, that was what she had originally intended to do, and at this moment, she did not stop at one thing, so she simply bullied others with her power. "How dare you resist? Take them all back!" The entire courtyard became chaotic, with cries of alarm and curses, and no one even noticed what Zhao Li was doing. Until there was a loud bang. "Boom..." A loud sound like it had struck something, directly startling the people in the courtyard. All their movements stopped and they looked in unison at the place where the sound came from, and for a moment it looked a bit comical. She was holding an old axe in her hand, the end of the blade of which had split into the wall. The loud noise she made earlier was probably the sound she made when she used the axe to split the wall. When she met the crowd's eyes, she suddenly smiled, grimly, and looked a little ghastly. "What, all the noise is over?" Zhang Fang, who had been sitting steadily in a rattan wooden chair, stood up and stared intently at Zhao Li: "What do you mean, Zhao Li?" "I don't mean anything." Zhao Li grinned at her, and with a gentle force with one hand, she easily pulled out the axe blade that had sunk into the wall.

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