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Then she heard Zhao Li say. "I know, it's only right to pay back a debt, but one must have a life to pay back the money, and if you push a person too hard, one might not be able to think straight, and when one thinks straight, one is prone to do something irrational." She said, while holding the axe, and approached Zhang Fang. Zhang Fang subconsciously took a step back and bumped into the rattan chair before suddenly reacting to the fact that she had been frightened by Zhao Li's behaviour, and, momentarily annoyed and angry, scolded her men. "Are you all just standing there?" The men stood in front of Zhang Fang, but because of the strength Zhao Li had shown earlier, and the fact that she still had an axe in her hand, they were a little afraid, and lost all the arrogance they had felt before. When Zhao Li saw this, she did not continue to go forward, but only put the axe on his shoulder and smiled. "When a person can't think about it, he might think about dying. Some people may just die on their own, but others are a bit reluctant and always want to bring a few lives along with them." She grinned, her teeth flashing coldly in the daylight. " Is that right, don't you think, Boss Zhang?" "......," Zhang Fang gulped. It is said that poor people are afraid of those who are rude, those who are rude are afraid of those who are desperate, and those who are desperate are afraid of those who are not afraid to die. The previous Zhao Li was poor and desperate for her life, which was why Zhang Fang had gone to calculate her, wanting to use this to get Zhao Li's four husbands. She had heard about Zhao Li's great strength, but she didn't take it to heart. If Zhao Li really got into trouble, she would just throw a few small amounts of money at her and then arrange for her to be intimidated, and with Zhao Li's bullying nature, she would never say anything. But now, looking at Zhao Li's cold, dark eyes, Zhang Fang didn't dare to make a move. She feared that if she pushed further, Zhao Li might really use her strength to drag them down with her! Zhao Li is just a cheap life, but she wants to live a long and prosperous life! "...... Are you going to renege on your debt?" Zhao Li shook her head. "Naturally not." Now she had only relied on her original body's strength to calm Zhang Fang and his group, but if she wanted to renege on her debt, she couldn't. After all, paying back a debt was a natural thing to do. "The money, I will pay back, but I need Boss Zhang to give me a few more days." Zhang Fang squinted her eyes and thought about it, if she refused this request from Zhao Li, she was indeed a bit worried that Zhao Li might lose it, besides, it was only a few more days, and she didn't think Zhao Li could find any way to make money, otherwise she wouldn't be so poor that she would borrow money to gamble. "Yes." Zhang Fang nodded, "I can give you another four days, but the interest rate is doubled, and all you have to pay me back is two hundred taels!" "If you can't pay it back by then, you won't be able to get away with a few swings of the axe!" She dropped these harsh words and swept an uncomfortable look at the Gu Yao Ting and the rest before leaving with her thugs. Only when they were out of sight did Zhao Li drop the axe and sighed in relief. As she was facing Zhang Fang and the girls, no one noticed that her back was already wet with sweat. In her last life, she was just a professor of medicine, so who would have thought that she would have to take up the intimidation job just a day after crossing over? With a few bitter smiles in her heart, Zhao Li looked towards Gu Yao Ting and the others.

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