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When Zhang Fang and the others came to collect their debts, it was the time when Zhao Li and the others were going to cook breakfast. Now that they had caused such a pain, several of them were already feeling hungry. Even as they ate their breakfast, Gu Yao Ting and the others looked worried, obviously still worried about the debt. If it had been just the three of them, they could have taken advantage of their familiarity with the village's environment to sneak away and leave Zhao Li behind. But their mother was in a sickly condition, so it was impossible to escape over the mountains, and it was impossible for them to leave her behind. If they could, they would not have been oppressed by the original owner, Zhao Li, for so long. As for Chu Chen, he was also anxious and worried about his future, looking at Zhao Li and Gu Yao Ting from time to time. During this breakfast, except for Zhao Li, who had already made her decision, ate peacefully, but the other few people couldn't eat. Snap. Chopsticks were placed on the table with a soft clang, and with it, Zhao Li's calm voice rang out. "I plan to go to the mountains to pick herbs, and if I can find valuable herbs, I can sell them to pay back the money." At these words, both Chu Chen and Gu Yao Yu looked up at her in surprise. The corners of Gu Yao Lin's thin lips curled up into a cool smile, looking as if he had seen through Zhao Li: "Heh, I'm only afraid that picking herbs is a good idea. "Heh, I'm only afraid that the medicine picking is fake and the escape is real, right?" He had determined that Zhao Li could not have really wanted to pick herbs, and that running away was her purpose. Who else in the family didn't know that Zhao Li was an uneducated person, so how could she possibly know herbs? Even if valuable herbs appeared in front of Zhao Li, she would only treat them as weeds! The other side of Gu Yao Ting did not say anything, his eyes were downcast and did not know what he was thinking, the light under his eyes was dark. Zhao Li was not angry at Gu Yao Lin's words, she could understand Gu Yao Lin's sharp tone given that the original owner had too many previous incidents. "Why would I run away?" She said. Gu Yao Lin froze. Zhao Li looked at him and said in a calm tone, "Although I'm the one who owed the debt, but Zhang Fang, she said before that she could take you guys against the debt. In other words, there is no need for me to run away because of the debt." Because it was perfectly possible to take Chu Chen and the Gu brothers to offset their debts, it wasn't Zhao Li who was going to be sent to the youth house anyway, the pain wasn't on her ah. Reacting to the meaning in Zhao Li's words, Gu Yao Lin jerked to his feet. The broken stool fell to the ground with a thud from his movement, but it couldn't cover Gu Yao Lin's violently raised voice: "I knew it. "I knew it, you're going to force us to die, Zhao Li, you're worse than an animal!!!" He completely lost the look of a cold beauty and his eyes were so red that they were dripping blood, as if he was about to pounce on Zhao Li and demand her life. "...... "Zhao Li sighed, no, is that the only level you can think of. What she meant was that since she didn't have to run away, then going up the mountain was indeed a desire to pick herbs. "Second brother, calm ...... down," Gu Yao Yu pulled Gu Yao Lin's sleeve, trying to calm him down. He was a bit more gentle and attentive than Gu Yao Lin, so he vaguely sensed what Zhao Li really wanted to express, and although he was somewhat half convinced, he did not want Gu Yao Lin and Zhao Li to come into conflict. "I'm with you." Gu Yao Ting's voice rang out and Gu Yao Lin, who had wanted to shake off his third brother's grip on his hand, gave a start and jerked his head to look at his elder brother with an incredulous expression, "Big brother, did you really believe her bullshit?!" Gu Yao Ting ignored his words and only looked at Zhao Li, saying in a deep voice, "I'll go with you. The terrain in the forest is complicated, even with a map, you won't be able to walk out alone, but I'm more familiar with it than you, and can lead you." Zhao Li pondered for a few seconds and nodded her head in agreement. "It's fine."

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