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Worrying that the Prince is Xiao Li’s father, Liu Wei dared not let him roam freely outside. “You are not allowed to go out. Stay in the room and wait for Zhen Zhu.” Liu Xiao Li frowned, looking especially unhappy. However, Liu Wei has already made up her mind. She closed the door and left, following the female servant. The moment Liu Wei reached the front hall, she could see that the magistrate was standing nervously on one side sweating profusely. On the contrary, the handsome young gentleman was seated on the front chair right in the middle of the front hall, slowing sipping his tea. Liu Wei felt her mouth hurts the second she sees this man. The magistrate carefully spoke, “Sir Liu, since you are leaving tomorrow, the… the case about Li Yong……” “Stop spouting nonsense. Bring me to the prison to examine.” “Yes, yes, yes.” The magistrate breathed a sigh of relief. “Then let’s go.” Liu Wei walked to the front. But as she moved a step, she saw that the handsome man, seated on the chair, slowly stood and walked towards her. She raised her brows, “The Prince is following too?” “Can’t I?” Liu Wei gritted her teeth, “The Prince has a delicate and noble body. How can you enter such a dirty and disgraceful place like the prison?” She just did not want this person to hang around her. The man smirked and looked into her eyes, “The heavenly prison in Zhen Ge Men won’t be cleaner than there.” Liu Wei snorted, turned and walked away. Rong Leng remained expressionless, he followed behind absent-mindedly. The magistrate wiped the sweat off his head again. These two lords are harder and harder to serve. Indeed, the dark and humid underground prison is not clean. There were many people captured inside the jail. Seeing someone entered the prison, some were laughing as they faced the main corridor separated by fences; Some were hitting the fences, purposely making banging sounds of the fences; Others sat on a pile of hay, looking out with a cold gaze. The jailer, who was leading the group, was holding a lash in his hands. He used the lash and howled at the criminals to back off from the corridor. However, those criminals were unafraid. The angrier the jailer becomes, the happier those criminals become. In the end, even those criminals who were abiding by the rules became agitated. The whole jail became noisy and clamorous within seconds. Liu Wei did not even turn her eyes to look at the sides. She walked calmly and steadily deeper into the prison. She has seen even more vicious criminals in her previous life. These criminals are not comparable to those. Till someone loudly shouted, “Oh, where did this fair-skinned sir come from. Such a beauty, even his body look so slim. He must taste pretty good. Come in, come in, little official, let big brother here teach you how to feel good.” Right after he finished, Liu Wei stopped. “You b*stard!” The magistrate almost raged, but Rong Leng stopped him. The magistrate did not understand. He secretly took a glance at the Third Prince Rong, but instead, he sees that the prince was staring at the back of Sir Liu who was walking in front. Liu Wei remained silent. She slowly turned her gaze, directing to the burly chap behind the right cell, “Are you talking to me?” The bulky man did not expect that. He hesitated for awhile, and followed with a burst of laughter, “Who else other than you? Among all of us here, who looks like a little official the most? Why you aren’t one? No problem, this big brother here will teach you how to be one. Hahaha.” As he laughed, the rest also followed with loud laughter. Liu Wei raised her brows and spoke to the jailer, “Open the cell.” The jailer awkwardly looked towards the magistrate, “Your Honour, this……” The magistrate furrowed his brows, “Sir Liu, let’s examine at Li Yong first.” “If you do not open the cell, I’m not examining Li Yong.” Liu Wei replied expressionlessly. Instead, Rong Leng smirked, he ordered, “Open the cell.” Since the Prince spoke, the magistrate could only obey and signalled the jailer to open the cell. The moment the cell opened, Liu Wei walked right into it. The big burly man stood in front, smiling yet not smiling at Liu Wei. He provocatively gazed at Liu Wei, scanning him from top to bottom. His gaze caused Rong Leng to narrow his pupils dangerously.

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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