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Liu Wei subconsciously took out her hands and even sat a little further. But, as if the horse had just stepped on a stone, it suddenly neighed and kicked the back of its hoofs. Liu Wei felt a jolt in her body. Initially, she had only sat a small area on top of the horse’s butt. With this one jolt, she almost fell from the horse. Liu Wei instinctively reached out to the front to grab onto something. The tip of her fingers caught onto Rong Leng’s clothes, and thus her body also flew towards the front and stuck tightly onto his back, as if they had an ambiguous relationship. Not to forget, the two people on the horseback are men! Rong Leng’s lips curved into a faint smile as his pupils peered at the pair of arms around his waist. He patted the horse’s head, and coaxed, “Feng Chi, calm down.” The horse, Feng Chi, was pacified and slowly stopped its agitation. Liu Wei also heaved a sigh of relief. Falling off from a horse is no laughing matter. If one was lucky, breaking a bone or two is normal. If not, it could be fatal. When she finally calmed down, she realized that she was hugging Rong Leng even tighter than before! Liu Wei’s cheeks turned red because of awkwardness and embarrassment. Rong Leng did not say anything else. He slowly hastened the horse to a trot. As Xiao Li was sleeping inside the carriage, the carriage slowed down. And since the carriage slowed down, Feng Chi would not run too quickly. And thus, the coachman leading the carriage slowly followed behind the Feng Chi who was leisurely trotting. Liu Wei thought that she might as well walk by herself. After an hour, they reached the city gate. As expected, the city gates were already closed. However, once Rong Leng took out and waved the Zhen Ge token, the guards hurriedly opened the gates and let them into the city. Liu Wei was immediately impressed. Her eyes stared at the small token hanging on his waist. She thought to herself if she had one of that, does that mean that she could enter every place smoothly without obstruction? While she was daydreaming, they had reached an inn within a few moments. Liu Wei carefully carried her son into the room. Seeing that her son did not wake up, she decided to call the waiter to bring some water to fill the tub as she wanted to take a bath. But just as she left the room, she could immediately see the inn’s first floor was filled with people. There were people wearing armour, bodyguard uniforms, and five-pin official robes. The person who wore the five-pin official robe was obviously Lin An’s magistrate. And since the general of Zhen Ge came down personally to visit, no doubt, the whole Lin An’s government, regardless of ranking, would not be able to sleep. Liu Wei couldn’t care less about them. She returned to wait in her room after she asked for water. After that, she took out the worm’s body to analyse under the candlelight. This worm looks like a normal caterpillar. Even its size looks the same, just that the colour is different. Ancient times do not have any chemical research equipment. Therefore, Liu Wei had no way to test the cell and the blood serum of the worm. In the end, after a long while, she did not observe any abnormalities. When the waiter came with the water, she put the worm onto a white cloth to take a bath first. However, when she returned to the table from her bath, she realized that the fat squiggly worm had turned into a pile of black ash! Liu Wei stared widely. Looking at how it became a pile of ash, her eyes turned cold. No wonder the other two bodies did not have any worms. As it turns out, this thing would become a pile of ash after a while. What does this mean? Liu Wei looked at the ashes. When she first took out the worm from the brain, she had her suspicions. She wasn’t sure. But now, she can confirm her suspicions. An undead worm. The undead worm, also known as Huo Chong. It is a treasure of the Nan Jiang people. Passed down from years and decades, the legend about the undead worm has never stopped no matter when and where. “Could it be that witchcraft exists in this era?” She narrowed her eyes and her mouth curved into a smile. Initially, she took on this case only because of Rong Leng. But right now, this had sparked her interest. Alright, no matter how weird or strange this is, she would use her method to analyse this thing. All she wants to know is who exactly the mastermind of this whole thing! The next day, Liu Wei woke up very early. Once she woke up, she woke her son up too. The two people washed up then left the room. Liu Xiao Li was still tired. His small body kept on clinging onto his mother’s legs, swaying left and right while walking. Liu Wei did not pamper him. She knocked his head with her fists, and gently reprimanded, “Sleeping wherever you want. Liu Xiao Li, are you a pig?” Liu Xiao Li unhappily pouted his mouth. Just as he wanted to refute, he felt something amiss with the surrounding air. He raised his head and looked left and right. After analyzing, he suddenly exclaimed, “Dad, there is an ambush!” Just as he finished, his tiny hands had already reached into his omnipotent mini backpack. He searched for his hidden weapon and pulled it out with his hands Having a headache, Liu Wei stopped his hands, “Those are your Uncle Rong’s people. What are you panicking for?” Liu Xiao Li blinked his eyes, startled, “Ah?” Liu Wei ignored him and left him behind. She walked to Rong Leng’s room next to them and knocked on the door. Liu Xiao Li immediately followed behind. The room was very quickly opened from the inside. Rong Leng saw Liu Wei had already dressed neatly and stood outside the door in great spirits. He lifted his brows, “Woke up so early? Don’t you want to sleep longer?” Liu Wei replied indifferently, “Couldn’t sleep properly.” “Disrupted your sleep?” He cast a glance at the roof beam of the inn. The three to four people hiding in that area were all his subordinates. Liu Wei waved her hands, “No. Let’s talk about business, have you called back all those people as mentioned?” Rong Leng work efficiency was extremely high. Liu Wei quickly finished her breakfast at the lobby of the inn. When she returned to the room, she saw four muscular men standing perfectly upright in the room, extremely well-built and healthy bodyguards. She circled the four men around. Then, she turned towards Rong Leng who was following behind, “Close the door.” The man did not feel that he was being ordered. He closed the door, returned, and saw that Liu Wei had already walked to the front of the four bodyguards. Her stature was small, and as compared to the four men that were very tall, she looked extremely petite. Rong Leng narrowed his eyes. He did not like this kind of visual proportion. “Take off all your clothes.” Liu Wei ordered the four bodyguards. Rong Leng’s pupil darkened. The four bodyguards were stunned. They looked at each other in dismay, and finally, they peered at their General. The man pursed his lips, “What is the purpose of taking off all their clothes?” “Naturally it is to examine them.” “Can’t you examine like this?” Liu Wei gave him a weird stare, “Of course not. I can’t examine them with their clothes on.” Rong Leng remained silent, staring at her. The two of them met each other’s stares for two seconds. Liu Wei had no idea what he was trying to imply. In the end, she could only suspect that he was doubting her professional capabilities! Liu Wei slightly furrowed her brows with a tinge of unhappiness, “If your honour general is questioning my humble self’s capabilities, please do find someone else. My humble self does not mind.” Rong Leng, “……” Finally, Rong Leng compromised. He gave an eye signal towards the four men. Initially, they were uncomfortable. Since undressing in front of outsiders was not something to be proud of. But when they thought that everyone is a man, and even the child is a boy, there was nothing to be shy about. Hence, they removed their outer clothes. While they removed their clothes, Liu Wei had prepared her equipment bag and laid it on the table. After they finished removing their clothes, she raised her eyes and smoothly continued, “Take off your pants too.” Rong Leng, “……” Four men, “……” “What is the purpose of them taking off their pants?” This time, the tone of Rong Leng’s voice was extremely bad. Liu Wei did not even lift her head, “I said to take off their pants means to take off their pants! Why does a man like yourself have so many questions!”

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