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“Replying to the lord, this humble commoner is the village chief from the Li family village, Li Ping. This commoner would want to sue this stranger. My family villager, Xiao Juan, is murdered by this evildoer.” “Murdered?” The magistrate thought deeply. He looked towards the white cloth covering the female corpse, “This body belongs to Xiao Juan?” “Yes.” “Unveil the cloth and let me see.” Li Ping hesitated, “Lord, Xiao Juan died in a horrible state. D-do you really want to see it?” “Impudent! How do I solve the case if I do not look at it! Remove the cloth immediately!” Looking at the magistrate persistence, Li Ping said whatever he should have said. He clenched his teeth, closed his eyes and unveiled the corpse. The court fell dead silent in that instance. Within a couple of seconds, the bailiffs who were standing closest to the body dashed out of the court feeling disgusted. Following on, more and more people covered their mouths and rushed out in disgust. The magistrate turned pale and shouted immediately, “Cover it, quickly cover it!” Li Ping hurriedly covered the body. The magistrate gulped some air. His voice weakened, “Cruel, that’s extremely cruel! How can one humiliate the others till this state!” While saying, he looked towards Liu Wei and Liu XiaoLi. He wanted to call guards to capture these two criminals and put them into the cell. However, after a second glance, he thought that it is unimaginable. How could it be that these two people; one who looked like an elegant gentleman and the other who looked like an innocent little kid, be murderers. The magistrate turned to Li Ping and questioned, “Since you said they are the murderers, do you have any evidence?” Even though Li Ping was unsure, he continued, “Replying to the lord, when we found Xiao Juan’s body, they were right beside her. Furthermore, they are not even citizens of Fu Ping.” The magistrate muttered something to himself. Suddenly, he hit the resounding wood on the table, staring at Liu Wei, “Audacious criminals, explain the truth immediately! Explain who exactly you are, where do you reside, and why did you murder the victim!” Liu Wei’s face remained calm, she replied plainly, “Lord, the questions you asked are incorrect.” The magistrate frowned, “How am I incorrect?” “Lord, you asked who I am exactly and where do I reside, these questions have no link to the case. Also, you asked why I murdered the victim which is more fiction than The Arabic Nights. I did not murder the victim, so there is no reason.” “So, you are not admitting this crime?” The magistrate smiled coldly. He had seen too many cases of this kind of obstinate criminals. “How do I admit if I didn't do it.” Liu Wei walked two steps forward slowly. When she reached the side of the corpse, she knelt and unveiled what the white cloth was covering. The magistrate’s eyes were almost popping out. That bloody red corpse and minced organs made him wobble on his seat, his chest became stuffy. The advisor hurriedly supports the magistrate, his voice stuttered and shouted, “You criminal, quickly cover the corpse!” The bailiffs who had just recovered from their ordeal immediately ran out again with their face pale. Even Li Ping who was calm throughout, could not stand it anymore. Xiao Juan’s body was indeed too disgusting…… Liu Wei ignored the advisor’s furious shout. She waved her hands, signalling her son. Liu XiaoLi quick-wittedly took out a pair of sackcloth gloves and a pocket-sized knife from the small bag around his waist. Liu Wei wore the gloves and took the knife. Her hands were in the stomach of the female corpse, searching for something. As she found the ruptured organ, she drew it out from the body. Her gloves which were originally white turned bloody red because of her actions. The magistrate could no longer take it. He covered his mouth and finally vomited. Instead, Liu Wei explained in a calm and collected tone, “This part of the organ was ruptured by the murderer’s brute force. From the opening of the rupture, it was pulled apart very cleanly without any struggle. Does the lord thinks that with my skinny arms and legs, I will have the force to pull apart a person’s organs?” The magistrate leaned weakly on his chair, his lips paled and waved his hands, “You, cover the body first!” Liu Wei did not cover, she took out that organ and laid it on the white cloth. She took out another smaller organ, “This opening of the rupture is like the previous one. Someone used the same methodology to pull apart the organs.” After laying the smaller organ properly, she took out the ruptured kidney from the corpse. “The split in the left kidney is bigger while the right ones are untouched. This explains that after the culprit murdered the victim, he used his hands to enter the victim’s stomach from the left side. The murderer is left-handed, and I am right-handed!” She placed the kidney properly and took out the heart. “The heart was completely damaged, and it was injured with something sharp. This meant that even though the corpse is no longer able to be analysed from the outside, it is obvious that something pierced her heart first which led to her death. Following that, her stomach was cut open by the murderer to cover up the truth.” She explains and raised her pocket-knife, “The longest knife I have on me is this. This does not match the knife scar on the heart. If you do not believe me, lord, you can get someone to check and verify.” She laid the heart properly and was preparing to take the lungs. Suddenly, the advisor shouted, “Guards, quick! Invite the physician! The lord has fainted!”

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