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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/ With these herbs, what Liu Wei needed to do became much easier. She experimented with the herbs on the worm. She let the worm sniff the herbs; She ground the herbs into powder, mixed into a paste and rubbed it onto the worm. After two hours of experimenting, she noted down the herbs that the worm reacted against. Then, she reformulated the herbs into another recipe. Soon, the result was out, “Sunflower root, golden stem flower, silver-yellow plum, black silkworm, wood willow grass and drip leaves……” (T/N: All the herbs are likely to be fictional) Liu Xiao Li looked at his mother’s notes. He lifted his small head and said, “Sunflower root and golden stem flower have soothing effects. Drip leaves and wood willow grass are poisonous by nature. Silver-yellow plum aids digestion but needs to be used together with the leaf flower fruit. Black silkworm dispels pathogenic wind and ‘heatiness’. What can all these herbs do when we combine them?” Liu Wei put the writing brush down. Her face seeped out a smile, “It can do many things.” Liu Xiao Li turned his head and looked at her, “You know, dad?” Liu Wei did not do anything more and instructed, “Take out my Huang Shan pill and Yu Qiong paste.” Huang Shan pill and Yu Qiong paste were medicines created by Liu Wei. Huang Shan pill can be used to numb pain and calm nerves; Yu Qiong paste can be used to ease the mind for insomnia. Liu Xiao Li did not know what his mother was doing. All he could do was to take out the two medicines obediently. Liu Wei shook out two Huang Shan pill and poured half a bottle of Yu Qiong paste. Then, she put in the crushed herbs, which the worm had reacted to, into the mixture. She waited for the herbs to blend into the paste-like mixture. Once done, she poured it into a teacup on the table. With a tweezer, she caught the motionless worm and threw it into the medicinal paste. Once inside, the black worm slowly began to stretch and extended its body, as if it came back to life. Afterwards, it dug into the medicinal paste and disappeared inside. “As I expected,” said Liu Wei as the corners of her lips slightly lifted. Liu Xiao Li was dead curious, “What’s going on Dad! What happened?” Rong Leng was also waiting for Liu Wei to explain. Liu Wei did not keep them waiting, “This worm is nothing extraordinary. It is just a very common caterpillar. But someone had trained them with a mixture of different herbs and cultivate them into a mutated worm when they were still in their eggs. This small worm most likely entered the human brain through the five sense organs, which then starts to eat the brain. Here, don’t you think the medicinal paste smell similar to the brain tissue.” “This worm had been growing in such a mixture. Based on instinct, it enters the human brain and then eats according to its preferences. Additionally, because the genetic chain of the worm has been mutated, it would not eat anything else, which would eventually lead to death. It works exactly the same as an insect’s body oxidising and becoming the plants’ fertilisers. The herbs to cultivate these worms are extremely intense which cause the worm to not be oxidised by the atmosphere. Instead, it will oxidise by itself. This meant that once it had stopped absorbing nutrients, its internal organs will fail. And once it dies, it immediately turns into ashes.” “Oh! So, that’s what happened!” Liu Xiao Li understood immediately. At this moment, he felt that his mother is indeed the cleverest person in the world. Liu Wei was very happy too. She felt that she somehow understood what the so-called Nan Jiang witchcraft is. But this is just a genetic mutation of microorganism. Just that in the faraway ancient periods, these irrational happenings became a legend. The pair of mother and son were in great spirits. And Rong Leng who was standing at one side, “……” So, what is the genetic chain? And what is oxidise? …… Liu Wei found the crux of the issue. Hence, formulating a recipe to control the situation became easier. She wrote down all the nature of the herbs hidden inside the medicinal paste. Additionally, she had a live sample in her hands. The whole night, she was buzzing with action and did not sleep. Rong Leng accompanied her through the night. Liu Xiao Li was driven back to the room to sleep. Inside the room, the atmosphere became abnormally silent. Liu Wei was very focused. Even though she knew that a burning line of vision froze on her, it did not faze her. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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