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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/ A cold shiver ran down Qin Zhong’s spine when he turned away his sight. He could already see that the general’s eyes were filled with murderous intent. Qin Zhong panicked and his whole body froze. However, Liu Wei did not notice Qin Zhong’s strange behaviour. She put the dates on the small table then stood up, “Take a rest first. I’ll visit you again tonight.” And when Liu Wei turned around, Qin Zhong realized that his general’s expression immediately changed and became gentle and calm; as if the murderous intent in his eyes were all an illusion. Qin Zhong rubbed his nose. It seemed like he had discovered something. As Liu Wei walked out, she saw Rong Leng’s indifferent expression while he leaned on the door waiting for her. She walked over next to him and lightly said, “Doesn’t the Prince have something else to do? Why do you keep following me?” The man followed, left the room alongside her and plainly said, “You, are my something.” Liu Wei shot him a glance. Seeing that he was not joking, she unknowingly raised her brows. Rong Leng continued and asked, “How is Qin Zhong?” “Not bad. He is recovering very well and will not have any complications. Speaking of that, he is also considered as one of you and your comrades’ lifesaver. If not for the live worm from his brain, I would not be able to develop the medicine so quickly. Even though the vaccine still needs some time to be developed, at least there is a way to cure now.” Rong Leng muttered, “So, it is because of that live worm that you are treating him so well?” “A person must have a conscience. He has contributed a lot. What’s wrong with me treating him a little better?” “Nothing wrong.” Rong Leng’s long depressed and frustrated mood immediately became much better, “I will check on him for the next few visits. You can focus on developing your…… vaccine?” Liu Wei looked over at him, “Is it alright for the Prince to go? Your highness, the general, is willing to put down your ego to check on and care for a small bodyguard daily?” Just as the man wanted to reply, “I am willing”, he stopped for a while. Suddenly, he raised his brows and peered at her, “Are you concerned about me?” Liu Wei sneered, “Who is so free to be concerned about you?” As she said, she walked two steps faster to avoid speaking to the narcissistic man. …… During the days of researching for the vaccine, Rong Leng summoned all the other people, who followed him, to be examined one by one. Amongst them, three of them were discovered to have been implanted with the caterpillar, the others were uninfected temporarily. And on the fourth day, Liu Wei used many different methods and finally managed to develop a vaccine. Considering the difficulty of injecting the vaccine, the vaccine, she developed, is through consumption. However, consumption of food enters the digestive system and not the bloodstream. Hence, she had used several ways to ensure the vaccine works under the skin. In the end, she had successfully developed the vaccine with various uncommon herbs. Following on, she started to experiment on the white rats. And once she confirmed its effectiveness, she proceeded with human experimentation. The person she chose to experiment on was still Fang Cheng. After all, they are acquaintances and could communicate much easier. Even though Rong Leng and Liu Wei explained the whole issue as a poison to the public, the patients who suffered all knew that it was a kind of brain-eating worm. However, in order not to cause unnecessary panic, they kept their mouths tight and did not dare to spread the matter. The results of the human experiment on Fang Cheng was a success after three days. When the vaccine started to take effect, Liu Wei took that caterpillar and put it in Fang Cheng’s ear. The caterpillar immediately crawled out after entering two inches. But to ensure that the vaccine works for all body constitution, Liu Wei ordered the other men to come forward too. After experimenting on the six of them one by one, the results she got were the same. At this moment, Liu Wei can confirm that she had succeeded. Not to mention the period times, even in the modern era, developing a medicine is no easy feat as it often exhausts one’s lifetime just to develop a medicine. Liu Wei was just lucky that she had previously learned some traditional Chinese medicinal methodologies. Plus, in this period era, there are many rare and unknown herbs for her to use in her research; which made her achieve success with half the effort. Ought to know that even in modern times, the duration of a simple research for a cure requires at least three to five years. Additionally, an innumerable amount of labour and resources would be expended during the period. Since the vaccine was developed successfully, it had to be mass-produced. And all these tasks were passed over to Liu Xiao Li. Hence, in the following half a month, Liu Xiao Li was just like child labour where he would hole up himself in the room working busily. Until half a month later, they had managed to produce the amount Rong Leng needed to deploy to the others. Then, they could finally continue with their journey. Coming over to the Lin An prefecture was simply because the vanguards of Zhen Ge had met into some trouble and Rong Leng could not just ignore it. And once it was resolved, the capital was where they needed to head. From Lin An prefecture to the capital, they bypassed Qing prefecture through An prefecture, followed the official route and reached the capital in Zhong prefecture. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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