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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Instead, Liu Wei continued to drink her tea without care. Seeing Rong Leng look over, she plainly said a line, “Zhen Zhu came, you do not need to be concerned about him.” Rong Leng knew Zhen Zhu, it is the crow that Liu Wei raised. He did not see it for very long and thought the bird stayed in Qu Jiang prefecture. Unexpectedly, it actually followed them to the capital. “If you wanted to raise a bird, why do you not raise a Chinese hwamei or a parrot. What were you thinking about raising a crow.” Knowing that the little boy would be fine, Rong Leng relaxed and slowly picked up his tea. Liu Wei put down her cup and replied flatly, “Zhen Zhu is my family.” Rong Leng’s brows raised and looked at her. Liu Wei totally did not mind. To her, Zhen Zhu transmigrated from the modern world together with her, it is her true family. She could no longer return to that era. She and Zhen Zhu are now orphans and could only interdependent on each other. Even if Zhen Zhu is a bird who does not know anything, it is irreplaceable in her heart. Within a short while, the housekeeper brought four big and bulky trunks of jewels and respectfully presented in front of Rong Leng. Rong Leng opened the box and inside were stacked of banknotes. The sight of those banknotes revitalised Liu Wei. She sat straight because she knew it is finally time to settle the accounts! Rong Leng twirled a few pieces of paper notes and looked around. He then asked Liu Wei, “How much did you say it was?” Liu Wei stood up and walked two steps toward him. She gave a hand signal, “Five thousand.” As she said, her eyes glued onto the banknotes. Liu Wei did not forget to continue, “This is a very liberal amount. The lord general should not think that all the things I did look simple. In fact, all those are extremely mentally demanding tasks. If you were to replace someone else, you would not even get ten percent of the result without spending at least a year. Furthermore, I have already given you a discount considering the care you have given to me and my son.” She said it with sincerity. Within two-three steps, she was already standing in front of Rong Leng. Her face had a goodwill smile that he did not see before for the last few months. Rong Leng wanted to laugh. This woman, her whole soul had been sucked into the tael. He took a piece of five thousand banknotes out and swayed it in his hands. Liu Wei pursed her lips as she stared at his hands. She somewhat could no longer hold the smile on her face. “My lord.” She extended her hands with explicit meaning. Rong Leng plainly smiled. He looked at the banknote and looked at her face again. After that, he placed the banknote back into the chest and fastened the chest. “Ka-cha” and the chest was securely closed. Liu Wei’s hand which was left hanging in the air fell as her sleeves turned and made a ripple. She scowled and coldly smiled, “I knew the lord general is not that easily communicable. Say it, what do you want to pay the tael willingly.” Rong Leng laughed, “Naturally, I will pay you the tael. It depends on how it should be paid.” Liu Wei raised her brows. She sat at his side while she tried hard to contain her rage, “Then how does the lord general intend to pay?” “Monetary debts by physical compensation.” Liu Wei hmphed, “What do you mean?” Rong Leng opened the chests of jewels again, removed the stack of banknotes, took out the envelope laying under it and passed the envelope to Liu Wei. The eyelids of the housekeeper at one side jumped, “Master, this is……” “Uncle Ming.” Rong Leng interrupted the housekeeper's words. The housekeeper held in his breath. He could only shut his mouth. Instead, his heart was anxious, how could the master give such a thing to the others? And furthermore, a man. Is the master muddled headed? Liu Wei looked at the interaction between the master and his servant and took another look at the envelope. This had sparked her interest. She took the envelope over and took out the thing inside. She finished looking with just a look, but she was also stunned. The next second, she took the envelope and resolutely slammed it onto the table. She suddenly stood, “Rong Leng, what do you mean!” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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