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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Liu Wei muttered, “Look, there is something odder. There is water on the windows but not below the windows – so where did this water come from? What kind of water does not dry even after a few hours?” Liu Wei said it unclearly, and the rest of the people were confused after listening. “What is Sir trying to say exactly?” Liu Yu said impatiently. Liu Wei, “Don’t be so impatient, Vice Minister. I am not even anxious, what are you anxious about?” As she was saying, she walked next to the toy basket. She casually picked a small wooden box and felt it. “Oh! Why is this box wet too?” Liu Wei’s analysis went further and further but none of them was able to make any sense out of it. “Sir……” Liu Yu frowned. Without waiting for Liu Yu to continue, Liu Wei had already stood up and looked towards Rong Leng, “I need to trouble General Rong with a matter.” “Mm.” Without asking what it is, Rong Leng had already agreed. Liu Wei pointed at the roof beam, “May I trouble the General to take a look on top and check if there is……” She said as she crooked her fingers, “Come over first, General.” Rong Leng looked at the slender finger as if she was teasing a puppy. He walked over without any temper. Liu Wei leaned close to his ear and muttered one to two lines. Rong Leng could only feel a tickle in his ear. Her delicate voice, together with a few breathings, floated into his ears. It only took a few seconds to explain. After she finished, she moved back. Rong Leng remembered the gentle voice that was so close to him. He took a glance at her. With a sound of ‘swoosh’, and he was already up on the roof beam. Without more than a few breaths on top of the roof beam, he had already observed what he needed to. When he came down, his face remained expressionless and whispered into Liu Wei’s ear. Liu Wei already had her answer. She sighed. She walked around the room, pulled out a chair and sat on one side. “The truth is out. I will explain from the start.” Her tone was neither slow nor fast as if she was very relaxed, “Today was just a day like any other day. Xi Que has finished her dinner. After she bathed and changed her clothes, she only brought in lotuses and ingredients needed for lotus pastries into the fifth young master room. She attentively watched the fifth young master playing in the room while she made the pastries. To her, it was just a very normal day……” But then, there was an accident that occurred. Xi Que suddenly felt an itch on her neck out of nowhere. She initially thought it was nothing, so she used the back of her hands to rub against her neck and nothing happened either. That slight pain together with the itch made her more and more distracted. She washed her hands and scratched her neck. It did not stop the itch. Instead, she was pricked by something that gave her a fine wound. She was shocked. She did not know what had happened and hence, she walked to the mirror and checked her neck. While she was checking herself in the mirror, there was still laughter from the fifth young master who was playing behind. But she was too focused looking at the mirror and did not realise that the laughter had slowly disappeared after a few intervals. It was until when she turned back that she no longer saw the fifth young master in the room. Then, she began to worry. No longer caring about her neck, she quickly searched for the fifth young master in the room – fearing that he may have hidden somewhere. But she did not manage to find him after a round of searching. She realized something was not right and immediately called for help. But when she reached the door, she felt a sudden sharp pain at her chest. She groaned and bent her waist. And after a few breaths with some massages at her chest area, she felt that odd pain disappeared and ran out of the room. And after that, she was brought to the courtyard by the Prime Minister Lady because she did not take proper care of the fifth young master. First, she was slapped; then flogged with birches. In the end, she died without knowing anything. She raised her eyes and looked at the surrounding crowd with a good temper, “Does everyone feel that what I said were assumptions without factual evidence, as if I am spouting nonsense?” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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