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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort But now that she left, Liu Wei could finally let out the nervous breath that was stuck in her throat. It was already the third quarter of xushi (7 pm – 9 pm). The streets were already almost empty since there is a night curfew at the main street. Those who were still outside on the streets were either patrol guards or time announcers. (T/N: In the olden days, people do not have a clock. So, they have an occupation where a person would walk around the streets with a gong to announce the time.) Even so, Rong Leng’s face was enough to deter questioning guards. Whenever someone wanted to question them for being on the streets and went closer, they recognised him. They respectfully nodded their head and left. Liu Wei felt the different treatment of another social class. She absent-mindedly looked at the man who was working hard carrying her son beside her, “Can’t we return with a horse carriage? Must we walk?” “It isn’t that far.” The man paid no attention. “I think it is pretty far.” As if she was pampered and spoiled since young, she continued, “Besides, I don’t have the feeling to take a walk when we haven’t even eaten.” Rong Leng’s eyes deepened but did not continue with the conversation about the horse carriage. Instead, he asked Liu Wei, “How long are you going to wear that feathered hat?” Liu Wei turned back to look at the Prime Minister Manor which was long gone. After ensuring that no one followed them, she took off her feathered hat and carried it in her arms, “This will do right?” “Much better.” The man scanned her face and continued, “The purpose of not calling for a horse carriage is to give you an opportunity to talk.” Liu Wei stared at Rong Leng for a while. Suddenly, she chuckled, “I knew you would have guessed it. No wonder General Rong is General Rong, so intelligent — such exceptional intelligence even though you appear to be stupid.” That is not how you use that idiom. (T/N: The MC used two Chinese idioms. The first one is to praise ML for being exceptionally clever; The second idiom means something like “You look dumb, but you are actually clever”. The ML is referring to the second idiom which the MC used. I hope this clears up any confusion.) Rong Leng shot her a glance. He knew that this woman was scolding him indirectly, but he did not have any temper, “You may explain.” “That small snake,” Liu Wei said. Rong Leng did not speak. He remained silent. Liu Wei continued, “How can a snake crawl into the room, through the window lattices, bring in an odd silk thread that tickles Xi Que’s neck? By tying on the snake’s body? I was being ambiguous on purpose. Although those people there did not find it weird, there are many weird incidences inside.” “I know.” Rong Leng's voice was solemn, “What do you think it is?” “Isn’t it simple? Didn’t we already encounter these kinds of stuff?” Liu Wei placed the back of her hands behind. Under the moonlight, she looked like a wise scholar, “The undead worm in Lin An prefecture; the small snake that could spit silk thread in the Capital. All these signs are pointing in one direction. Aren’t you curious who the mastermind is?” “Naturally I am,” he said. “Therefore, I hope you can quickly crack the case.” Liu Wei hmphed, “But there isn’t any motivation. General Rong, the army provisions don’t leave earlier than the troops. I am just a weak and impoverished coroner raising his son. It is really difficult to live and stay in this capital filled with sensual pleasures.” So, you are bewailing about poverty? Rong Leng did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Didn’t I give half the manor to you?” Liu Wei was pissed instantly, “Then why not I split half the heaven with you? If you are capable enough, go up and live inside! Or why not I give the whole heaven to you? If it is just talking, who couldn’t? Where is the physical compensation? Have the real gold and silvers eaten by dogs?” “Your whole soul is indeed sucked by money.” “You can say whatever you want!” Liu Wei appeared undaunted and continued, “Anyway, I want taels! If I don’t see taels, I will not continue to investigate. If General Rong is willing to delay, I wouldn’t mind either!” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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