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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort “What?” As if he had only just realised that Liu Wei was burning with rage, Rong Leng smiled at her, “Any difficulties with that?” Of course, it is too difficult! Even just a visit today, she had to be so secretive and evasive. And tomorrow, she needs to pass her full family ancestry personally to the hands of the Liu family? How is that possible? Would she really walk right into the trap? Isn’t it just five thousand taels? No doubt, Rong Leng has indeed hollowed his brain to think of such an idea. Liu Wei was so pissed that her whole body does not feel well. She suddenly stood up and said to the servant girl who was standing at the entrance of the room, “Later when the food comes, bring it to my room. General Rong is no longer eating here.” The servant girl was dumbfounded with her mouth wide open. She looked at her own master and then looked towards her calm-tempered Prince. She was very conflicted. But Liu Wei had a cold face. She swung her sleeves and left the main hall. “Prince, this….” The servant girl was unsure of what to do. Rong Leng replied, “Listen to her. If you do not let your Young Master Liu vent finish that rage, you can forget about him giving you all a good day tomorrow.” Although the servant girl still had lingering fears, she sincerely nods her head. That dinner, Liu Wei did not eat comfortably. Instead, Liu Xiao Li was too hungry that he did not eat much either. The two people hastily finished their meals and returned to sleep. As the little boy could not fall asleep in his room, he hugged his pillow and scuttled into his mother’s room. On the bed, Liu Wei hugged her son while she spoke with resentment, “You are so big already and you still want to be hugged to sleep? Isn’t Ming Xiang there to accompany you?” “Ming Xiang is Ming Xiang, dad is dad.” Liu Xiao Li replied. He buried his small body into his mother’s embrace and muttered, “Dad, did you quarrel with Uncle Rong again?” “He is hateful.” Liu Wei’s anger rises at the thought of him, “You cannot learn from this kind of person when you grow up. If you also got his shitty temperament, dad will abandon you.” Liu Xiao Li’s nose twitched, “Dad, Uncle Rong treats me very well.” “You are still young, so you do not know how to differentiate good and bad. People like him are not labelled as good. Right now, he needs help from your dad. If I do not crack the case for him, he will be pressured for a long time. That is why he is so polite and compliant with you. In fact, these kinds of people are the most treacherous. I disallow you to be too close to him, do you hear me?” Instead, Liu Xiao Li listened and refuted, “But, Uncle Rong bought me a sugar figurine.” “A few sugar figurines are enough to bribe you?” “And also, fruitcakes and green radish pastries.” “Didn’t dad buy these for you too?” “The ones Uncle Rong bought are different.” The little boy argued with conviction, “They are tastier.” “That’s because those are slightly more expensive. He is rich. The dog does not resent his owner’s poverty, the son does not resent his mother’s ugly. Are you resenting dad for not buying pricier things?” Liu Xiao Li lifted his chin and positioned his cheeks on his mother’s arm. His big round eyes were watery as he stared at his mother a while. Suddenly, he sighed, “Forget it, it is just as whatever dad says.” Liu Wei, “……” Why does it feel like I am the one being ridiculous and need my son to show his generosity to me? “What do you mean? Explain yourself clearly.” Liu Xiao Li unhurriedly buried his head down and closed his eyes, “It means all is fine as long as dad is happy. Alright, dad. I am tired. I am going to sleep.” Liu Wei, “……” These two big and small will be the death of her! And at the same time on the other end, inside the Duke of Yue residence. After the Duke of Yue, Yan Zhen Li, heard the reports from his secret bodyguards, his face turned gloomy and filled with doubts. “Is that true?” “Indeed, it is.” The secret guard replied honestly, “That is what I saw when I rushed to the Prime Minister’s manor. General Rong brought that Sir Liu over. His talents are indeed remarkable. Duke, since he is so capable, shall we really let him open the coffin to examine……” Before the secret guard could finish, he saw the Duke’s face turned purple. Instantly, he swallowed his last words. During the evening, a guard, who claimed to be from the Third Prince manor, came to report — saying that the Zheng Ge department is intervening in the investigation of the “missing children”. They knew that their Duke had just lost his beloved son and although they felt sorry, they could not allow this criminal to run free. They must capture that person and tear him into pieces to comfort the young master’s soul in heaven! That person expressed tons of consolation, and yet he suggested open the coffin for re-examination. The duke was enraged on the spot. He took the tiger wolf dagger, which was hung at the main hall, and chased that guard out. The guard left, but the duke was filled with rage. After that, the duke sent him to find General Rong to ask clearly. But when he went, he chanced upon the group that was heading towards the Prime Minister manor. And therefore, he followed over. It was only after he followed that he knew that General Rong came back to the capital with a helping hand. Such a skilful helper, who could see through the tactics of the criminal in less than an hour, even though it was his first time seeing the crime scene. What kind of talent is that? Even when the capital magistrate, ministry of justice and ministry of war collaborate to investigate the case, they have totally no progress for three whole years. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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