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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Yuwen Yao smiled, “No need to rush. There will be someone dealing with her downstairs.” “Hmm?” Yuwen Yao smirked, “I didn’t know the Yi Ya pavilion’s business is so bustling today — it is such a coincidence that the Seventh Prince and some of his friends were meeting in a private room. With them around, they would never let Princess Yuehai cause a nuisance here.” Seventh Prince? Liu Wei was dumbfounded. Her eyes blurred. Yuwen Yao saw, “Is brother Liu acquainted with the Seventh Prince?” Liu Wei shook her head in a conditioned reflex, “I only heard of him. I have arrived in the capital for quite some time and I have been hearing about the Crown Prince and the Seventh Prince.” “Oh, I see……” Yuwen Yao only said a sentence and did not continue. But Liu Wei could hear the chillness as he sneered. Word has spread about the political divide in court between the Crown Prince and the Seventh Prince because they fight like cats and dogs. Be it the scholars in the capital or the poor scholars of the court, they could not bear to see the sight of them causing chaos in the inner court. But then, they are persons of high authority. Since the Emperor did not talk about it, they cannot comment about it either. Eventually, they were separated into two political factions and brazenly confronted with each other! Liu Wei was not a stranger to Yuwen Yao’s expression — because she saw it on Fu Zi Chen’s face before. Fu Zi Chen grew up in the capital. Due to his illustrious family heritage, he is extremely acquainted with the children of royalty. He had heard about them since young and even studied with them in school. Therefore, he is extremely familiar with them and knew their personalities, which is why he despised them! “What if I insist on searching! Is Seventh Brother going to stop me?” Right then, an angry shout travelled from the floor below. Liu Wei listened to them. Yuwen Yao said, “Princess Yuehai is unruly by nature. I wonder if the Seventh Prince can stop her?” “Won’t you know if you go out and have a look,” Liu Wei said and pushed the door open fully. Yuwen Yao stared at her back view and was stunned before following out. Princess Yuehai would probably be able to recognize Liu Wei’s face even if it was turned into ashes. Hence, Liu Wei did not go too close — she hid somewhere near the railings on the second floor and secretly peeped down. Since the troops of Zhen Ge department barged into Yi Ya pavilion suddenly, many others came out of their private rooms to see the commotion. At the centre of the ground floor, Princess Yuehai was so angry that her face was red. She intolerably said, “Seventh Brother, look at my arm here. Don’t you feel sorry for me?” Princess Yuehai had already bandaged her arm. Her arm was clamped with a board while it hung around her neck. It does not seem to be a big deal but her temper was completely ignited. From where Liu Wei was standing, she could see Princess Yuehai’s face and the Seventh Prince's back view. Hence, she could not see the Seventh Prince's face — but only heard him sighed and spoke with a clear but calm voice, “then what do you want?” “I want to go in to find that person, butcher him with my knife to vent my anger!” A silk brocade robe gentleman who stood beside the Seventh Prince smiled, “There is no reason to barge in even if your purpose is to capture someone.” Yuwen Yao whispered into Liu Wei’s ear, “The one who is talking now, is the Duke of Li’s third son, Li Jun.” Liu Wei nodded. She was pondering and asked, “Who is the owner of Yi Ya pavilion?” Yuwen Yao’s eyelid twitched. He turned away his gaze and shook his head, “Don’t know.” “Then, is that person a friend of the Seventh Prince?” Yuwen Yao seemed to know the answer, “no.” https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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