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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort “Who is that!” The leader of the Zhen Ge troops, Chen Tao, shouted. After that, he moved sideways and dodged the incoming weapon. That weapon flew past his sideburns and cut a few strands of his hair. In the end, it stuck onto the red wooden pillar behind him. Chen Tao turned behind and to see clearly what the weapon looked like. He was immediately dumbfounded. Sugar, sugar hawthorn? When Liu Wei saw the sugar hawthorn, she was stunned. Then, she felt a headache. Right then, a tender and cute child voice travelled in from the outside, “Dad……” Liu Wei looked over. As expected, she saw Liu Xiao Li walk over with his short legs, his eyes were sullen. On his shoulder, it was a pitched-dark bird, Zhen Zhu. The moment they saw it was a child incoming, the surrounding quietens. And after they saw the breed of the bird on the boy’s shoulder, someone cried in alarm, “Calamity bird…… Bird of disaster……” As if in response to their call, Zhen Zhu circled once in the air and flew straight to Liu Wei. Then, it landed on her shoulders and cawed twice. Liu Wei sighed and grudgingly patted Zhen Zhu’s tiny head with her hand. Then, she asked Liu Xiao Li, “why did you come?” Liu Xiao Li did not reply. He bolted with his short legs into his mother’s embrace. He pouted his lips, almost crying, “Dad, I thought you don’t want me anymore.” Liu Wei’s head hurt. She stooped down, carried him up and coaxed, “Why are you crying? You don’t even act like a boy. Did I raise a girl?” Liu Xiao Li sucked his nose. He tried to pull back his tears and tugged tightly onto his mom’s sleeves. He muttered, “Luckily Zhen Zhu found you……” He said. Then he looked at the surrounding crowd curiously, “Dad, who are they?” Those people also wanted to ask Xiao Li, who are you too? Liu Wei put Xiao Li down. After all, this child is really getting heavier and heavier. “Where is Xi Xiang and Ming Xiang?” Liu Wei asked instead of replying. Liu Xiao Li played with his fingers and he pouted his tiny lips. “What did you do to them?” A mother knows her son well; Liu Wei knows exactly what that expression on her son meant. Liu Xiao Li unwillingly said, “I got rid of them……” Liu Wei frowned. She could already imagine how worried that two poor servant girls must be. “Go out and find them. Return home with them first,” Liu Wei ordered. Liu Xiao Li unhappily looked at the people surrounding them. He pulled the hem of his mother’s robe, “Dad, what about you?” “Dad needs to do something.” Liu Wei said and pushed her son out. Liu Xiao Li did not want to leave. He then turned to look at the leader of the troop, “Just now, he wants to capture my dad……” Chen Tao deeply sized up Liu Xiao Li. Liu Xiao Li disliked the way he looked at him. He frowned and unhappily stood out, “Why do you want to capture my dad?” “Your dad attempted to assassinate the Princess. Of course, he needs to be captured!” Chen Tao replied. Liu Xiao Li turned to look at his mother as if he was seeking confirmation or pondering something. After a long while, seeing that his mother did not say anything, he asked Chen Tao, “What is Princess? Can I eat it?” (TN: There are various terms of ‘Princess’ in Chinese. The simplest one is Gong Zhu, usually used for the biological daughters of the emperor. In this case, Yuehai is Jun Zhu, which is usually a title which can be conferred by the emperor or the emperor nieces (AKA the emperor’s brother’s daughter). I hope this clears any confusion. This might be why Xiao Li didn’t know what Jun Zhu is.) Princess Yuehai’s face turned black. Chen Tao’s expression changed too. Just as he wanted to say something, Princess Yuehai had already ordered, “Take this kid away too as an accomplice of the assassin!” Liu Wei raised her eyes and looked over. Chen Tao unbearably said, “Princess, he is still a child……” “Just do whatever I order you to do! If not, I am going to tell Brother Leng to dismiss all of you and send you all to the borders!” Immediately, Chen Tao no longer spoke. Liu Wei suddenly laughed. Brother Leng? As expected, the capital is small; so small that all mutual acquaintances crowd together. With Princess Yuehai orders, Chen Tao wanted to capture Liu Wei. Instead, Liu Xiao Li screamed, “Don’t touch my dad!” Zhen Zhu cawed piercingly. It flapped its wings, ready to attack. Chen Tao did not dare to go up suddenly. He only said to Liu Wei, “gentleman, I suggest you cooperate with us.” Liu Wei thought that since things had gone up to this stage, it would be hard for them to insist on leaving. Maybe, just treat it as bad luck and follow them — then wait for Rong Leng to save them. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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