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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort After he left, Liu Wei then said, “these are not normal bird droppings, but we cannot let him know about it.” Rong Leng looked at her, “hmm?” Liu Wei asked for a handkerchief from the servant girl. She wrapped it around the bird droppings on the floor and picked it up, “these are bat’s excrements. How is it possible to have traces of bats inside the room of the Prime Minister residence's fifth young master? Moreover, it is so big — the size of the bat is obviously abnormal.” Rong Leng became silent. Liu Wei asked, “When can we get the corpse from the Duke of Yue?” She is getting more and more curious. That criminal, what kind of secrets does he have? Rong Leng closed his eyes, and replied, “The duke is unwilling.” To be honest, Liu Wei has guessed it already. After all, opening the coffin for reexamination is unconventional and against the traditional practices. Normally, parents would be unwilling too. Liu Yu returned from the washroom. Noticing that the bird droppings were no longer there, he guessed that the servants must have swept them away. His face became better. He glanced at Rong Leng and clasped his hands towards Liu Wei, “Sir, can I borrow you a moment?” Liu Wei’s eyes shone brightly. She stood up and replied, “of course.” The two walked to the door and Liu Yu took out three pieces of banknotes from his sleeves. He passed it over and said, “I would have to trouble Sir, about my brother.” Liu Wei took a glance at the numbers on it and replied righteously, “the lord is looking down on me?” “No, no. It is because father and Sir hit off rather well. It is Sir’s first visit to the capital but my father is too busy to receive you. Hence, he ordered me to present a small number of taels. It is a small gesture just to welcome Sir.” Liu Wei was very hesitant, “If the Lord General knows, I am afraid he would not be happy.” When Liu Yu heard a small hint, he hurriedly said, “Lord General is resolute and sagacious; intelligent and outstanding. I believe he has his own stand and would not think otherwise.” “The lord is making it hard for me.” “I hope Sir will do me the honour.” In the end, Liu Wei reluctantly sighed, “Since it is like this, I will trouble the lord to help me thank the Prime Minister.” Liu Yu smiled, “Then, the matter about my brother……” “The lord need not worry.” Liu Wei quickly replied, “Once the corpse from the Duke of Yue residence arrives, I will definitely use the shortest amount of time to crack this case and find your brother.” “Corpse from Duke of Yue residence?” Liu Yu remembered that he was still making fun of it with the capital’s magistrate — about Rong Leng actually had the idea of touching the Duke of Yue’s youngest master body. He must have not wanted to live anymore. But never would he have known that that is conflicting with him now. “You must have the corpse?” Liu Wei replied as it should be by right, “The body of the youngest master of Duke of Yue is the most recent. After reexamining the body, there is a large possibility to find the criminal's whereabouts. If the Duke of Yue is unwilling, then we can only wait till the next child's disappearance or another corpse’s appearance. Just that according to the timeline, I am afraid the next corpse would be……” Liu Yu, of course, understood what he was trying to say — afraid that…… the next corpse will be his brother, Liu Feng. Liu Yu's expression was not well, “This matter, I still need to discuss it with my father.” Liu Wei nodded, “If the Liu residence can help, that would be the best. After all, we have the same goal.” Liu Yu no longer said anything. After he returned to the hall and bid farewell to Rong Leng, he hurriedly left. Once he left, Liu Wei took off the bamboo hat. She touched the three banknotes, smiling till her eyes became a line. “So happy?” Rong Leng sipped on his tea and shot her a glance. Liu Wei stacked the banknotes properly and carefully put it into her chest pocket, “You should be happy too. With the Prime Minister’s people settling the Duke of Yue on behalf of you, no matter socialization or any troublesome things, you don’t need to handle it.” Rong Leng smiled, “Thank you?” “You don’t need to thank me. Just treat it as repaying you for coming to help me today.” As she mentioned, she suddenly thought, “But isn't it bad for you to offend your female confidant because of me? Are you going to apologise to that princess? If not, she is going to be angry with you for a long time after today .” “Princess Yuehai is Uncle, King of Hui’s orphan. She and I are just brother and sister.” (TN: King of Hui is Rong Leng’s uncle, aka the emperor’s brother) Liu Wei’s lips twitched, “Brother and sister? I bet she doesn’t think that way. The way she talked to the Seventh Prince was sarcastic and unconcerned. Towards you, she called Brother Leng here and Brother Leng there — how sweet.” “Call it again.” “What?” “Brother Leng.” He looked at her, “I want to hear you call me that.“ https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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