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“Mother, mother……” Yan Qin clan worriedly shouted. Duke Yue was worried too. He hurried to support his mother as his hands trembled. Liu Wei turned to her son. Liu Xiao Li met her gaze for a second. In the next moment, he ran out like a small missile and dashed to the old lady’s front. He calmly said, “Rage attacking the heart. Let her sit down and first-aid.” The Yan Qin clan was full of tears as she looked at this small child. The servant has already called for a physician, but it would still take a while. Duke Yue thought that since the child is Sir Liu’s medical disciple who could smell the poison with just a sniff, he clenched his teeth and let the child do his thing. Firstly, Liu Xiao Li let the old lady lean on Duke Yue. Then, he helped to press on hu kou, ren Zhong acupoint. Lastly, he massaged the acupoints of the old lady’s head. Not far away, Lord Lin saw that massaging technique. No matter how he looks, he feels like the same as which the child used to massage the corpse. He thought, how could Lord Rong allow such a young child to cause trouble. What would happen if the old lady’s condition becomes worse? Just as he planned to talk to Rong Leng, he saw that Rong Leng disappeared. He turned again and saw that General Rong is personally digging the grave. Lord Lin was so shocked that his eyes are falling. The old lady is in critical condition. But in such a situation, he does not forget his main objective - to open the coffin and re-examine the body. Everyone says that this Lord Rong is strict, but never thought that he has a heart made of steel, cold and ruthless! But in actual fact, the heartless decision made was not by Rong Leng, it was Liu Wei. When the old lady fell, Liu Wei signalled Xiao Li to give emergency care. She sneakily told Rong Leng to help with digging the grave. Even though it seems to be immoral, but with the old lady fainting just like that, Duke Yue would definitely not disobey the elderly – he might even go back on his promise and disagree opening the coffin. Liu Wei honestly could not understand the use of rotting powder on a child’s body. Hence this body, she wants to see it no matter what. Rong Leng’s hands are obviously faster than the rest of the servants. After the tomb has been dug open, Liu Wei could see that the old lady’s lid was twitching but still unconscious. She jumped and went into the tomb pit. Even Rong Leng who is standing on the ground could smell the stench from the tomb pit. He frowned and asked, “the toxic air has no effect on you?” “No.” Liu Wei casually replies. She took a crowbar and pried open the securely nailed coffin. Liu Wei used much effort to open a small gap before a few big muscular men could lift open the lid of the coffin. As they carefully placed the lid behind, inside, a pungent rotting smell with black gas gushed out from the inside. Liu Wei jolted for a moment. She leaned closer to the wall of the pit behind and closed her eyes. “What happened?” Rong Leng worriedly questioned. Liu Wei waved her hands, “nothing, just a little blinding.” She slowly adapted to it. When the stench became lighter, she approached the coffin and looked inside with her eyes squinched. Inside, as expected, the young childe’s body has already become white bones. There was nothing other than the two dried clothing covering it. Liu Wei reached out to loosen the clothes and let the bones be shown completely. “What are you all doing?” Duke Yue’s voice came from the top. Liu Wei was not distracted, absolutely focused on analyzing the dried bones. After a while, the light above her was blocked. She raised her head and immediately saw Duke Yue’s glaring at her furiously, shouting, “Guards, catch him out for me!” Two or three men jumped into the medium-sized tomb pit. Liu Wei’s face was imposing. She took another glance at the body in the coffin before she followed them back to the ground with no resistance. On the ground, before she even steadied her body, she could feel a shadow incoming.

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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