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Before Liu Wei could react, Duke Yue’s punch was already right in front of her face. But before anything else, a big and powerful palm covered the incoming fist; blocking the incoming punch! “Rong Leng, move away!” As he was saying, Duke Yue became angrier and directly kicked Rong Leng. Rong Leng dodged, agilely twisted Duke Yue’s arm to the back and said, “Uncle Yan, your martial arts have retrogressed.” “Arrogant junior!” Duke Yue was taunted and started to fight with Rong Leng. Rong Leng lured him further away and started to battle. As if the mausoleum is a military drill ground; duelling without a care for anything. The duke old lady has already regained consciousness after Liu Xiao Li’s emergency treatment. Yan Qin clan was taking care of her mother-in-law while worried for her husband; so much that her face was scrunched up. Lord Lin, Lord You, Lord Tan looked at each other. They did not expect that things would become this way, but now, they also do not know how to resolve it. The duke old lady finally caught her breath and her consciousness became clearer. Immediately, she could hear “clang, clang” which was so noisy that it was irritating her. Just as she wanted to say something, she heard a soft and sweet voice sound, “Granny, do not talk and move. I’ll help you to massage.” The duke old lady’s heart thumped when she heard “granny”. For a moment, she thought that her grandson had returned. But when she turned her head, she saw a cute boy that is obviously different from Qiu Er. Liu Xiao Li does not care about the fight between Uncle Rong and the black-moustached uncle; He is just a medical disciple, just in-charge of treating people. Xiao Li massaged the old lady’s hand and said, “Granny, this is because you are too angry. When I took your pulse just now, I know that your body is not doing well; there is rheumatism and your stomach is uncomfortable recently. You are getting older, so you cannot be so wilful. You need to obediently listen to medical advice and properly rest; if not, the small illness can easily become big.” The duke old lady opened her mouth dumbfounded; she was speechless for a while. The Yan Qin clan was attracted by his words. She turned and looked at the small bean, saying, “You are so knowledgeable even though you are so young.” He puffed up his cheeks and said, “I am going to be a male physician in the future.” Yan Qin clan chuckled at his words. Seeing his tiny face, she could not help but think of her son. Her smile slowly faded and became sullen with worries. Liu Wei stood at the same spot. After pondering for a long while, she raised her head and realised that the two men were still fighting. She turned and noticed that the old lady had already woken up, and thus walked over. When she moved, the servants of Duke manor immediately became alert. Though if Liu Wei wanted to leave, they would not be able to stop him. Liu Wei walked to the old lady’s front and squatted. She asked her son, “How is it?” Liu Xiao Li proudly replied, “Granny is alright.” Liu Wei looked at the old lady. The Duke old lady remembered this person, hence her face immediately turned sour; Yan Qin clan’s expression was also unkind, her eyes had a slight tinge of anger. Liu Wei did not concern herself with their hateful feelings, and asked, “Old lady, I would like to ask, is the young child really your grandson?” The old lady was dumbfounded. Yan Qin clan finally reacted and furiously said, “What do you mean by saying that?” Liu Wei immediately understood that they had probably mistaken what she meant and hurriedly added, “I do not mean that. I just want to understand if the young childe has been properly taken care like the son of the first wife?” “What do you mean? Of course, my Qiu Er has been given proper care.” The old lady frowned, obviously not understanding why this person was asking such a question randomly. Liu Wei continued, “Then that is strange. Based on my observations on the young childe’s bones, he has broken his arm thrice; even his legs had broken at least twice. And on his head, there is a sunken area which is evident that it was due to some sort of impact. The person is obviously a child that has been through tortures and does not seem like a young master of duke manor.” The old lady’s expression stunned; as well as Yan Qin clan. After a long while, both of them covered their mouths and miserably sobbed. “My Qiu Er has been through such torture, the culprit is simply inhumane……” Liu Wei knew that they have misunderstood and explained, “From the observations of the bones, the first time which the child had his arm broken was before half a year old; The head damage due to the impact was when he is less than one years old.” The moment she finished, the sobbing stopped. Yan Qin clan shook her head, “Impossible! My Qiu Er has never broken his arm! Needless to say about his head! I brought him up personally. Every movement of his are under my supervision, how would I let him suffer such pain?” The old lady added on, “Every month, Qiu Er will undergo a check-up by the royal physician. I have never heard him talk about any bruise or injury.” “That is right.” Liu Wei’s lips curved, “that’s why I said, why would anyone use rotting powder for nothing. No wonder.”

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