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As she finished, she looked at the two men who were still fighting almost outside the mausoleum. She turned to ask the old lady for help. “Old lady, I think we should make them stop first, I have something to say.” As if she had just noticed that someone was fighting, the old lady asked the Yan Qin clan, “that is Zhen Li?” Yan Qin clan nodded. The old lady immediately raged, “He has guts to be fighting right in front of the ancestral mausoleum! Yan Zhen Li, come down immediately!” The old lady’s voice roared. Even though it was not loud, Duke Yue could still hear it. His body stopped and Rong Leng immediately found his opportunity; One strike and straight towards Duke Yue’s head! Duke Yue flurriedly dodged. Although he was not injured, he was at a disadvantage. He took two steps back and barely found his balance. Rong Leng cupped his hands with extreme politeness, “Uncle Yan, excuse me!” Duke Yue coldly hmphed and walked towards the old lady. Then, Lord Lin, Lord You, and Lord You who was hiding far away and pretending to be dead went to stand behind Rong Leng. As if only so, they can have some sense of security. After everyone gathered, Liu Wei continued, “I think the coffin, I need to trouble the Duke to send someone to bring out the coffin. The vision inside the tomb pit is not good. If I cannot see clearly, and missed some evidence, it would spell trouble.” “Are you still trying to get some ideas with my Qiu Er? Let me tell you……” “Duke, let him take a look.” Yan Qin clan tugged her husband’s sleeves and said. Duke Yue stunned and looked at his wife, “My love, are you muddled?” The old lady continued,” Guards, bring out the coffin and let the Sir examine in detail.” “Mother, didn’t you say you forbid that?” Duke Yue was completely confused. What happened? Could it be, this tender-looking coroner gave his mother and wife an enchanting potion? No one explained to Duke Yue. The Yan Qin clan supported her mother-in-law. The two women nervously looked at the brown coffin that was slowly carried up. Both of them have the same thought, if the facts are indeed what the frail-looking sir has explained ­- that the owner of the skeleton has been tortured since young, that would mean that…… The two of them carried such hopes. As they saw Liu Wei walking towards the coffin, they finally plucked up their courage and followed behind. Duke Yue who was left behind had his brows knitted tightly. He looked at Rong Leng coldly, “What happened exactly?” Rong Leng did not answer and followed behind instead. Duke Yue then looked at the three lords. But the three lords were hiding far behind just now – they only saw Sir Liu talking to the old lady, then it became like this. They also do not know the details. On the contrary, Liu Wei stood in front of the coffin. This time, with the sunlight, she could see even more details. Liu Xiao Li also was hugging the coffin lid as he was trying to climb up to check it out. But he is too short. In the end, it was Rong Leng who carried him up for him to take a look. The moment he saw the dull-looking white bones inside, Liu Xiao Li’s eyes brightened. After observing a little more, he said, “No matter how I see it, this looks like a girl.” After he finished, the old lady and lady, who were standing three steps away, were immediately shocked.

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