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Liu Wei looked at this family, who were crying and laughing at the same time. But she was pondering, what is the purpose of the culprit for not killing the real young master and even using another corpse to disguise as him? The case till now, whether it is the clues or the riddles, they are getting more and more. And to solve a case, one would need human testimony, material evidence and intention of crime. The human testimony and material evidence could still be investigated. But she could not understand the intention of crime at all. Why did the culprit not kill the servant from Prime Minister Manor after the disappearance of the fifth young master? And why did the culprit deliberately mystify the corpse of the young master in the Duke manor to make everyone in the household think that the young master is already dead? The culprit’s actions are contradictory. Whether it is capturing or killing people, all the trails which are left behind are extremely wicked. What kind of motives does he have? Whether the culprit is alone or a group, what has these got to do with the mutated worm from Lin An prefecture? How big is the sky of the mastermind behind all these?! Just as Liu Wei was thinking deeply, a hand landed on her shoulder suddenly. She turned her head and immediately saw a handsome and flawless face. It is Rong Leng. “Don’t rush, everything will come to light eventually.” Liu Wei smirked, “I am not in a rush. I’m afraid it is General Rong who is!” Rong Leng was calm, “This case has been dragged for three years. It is not something which can be solved overnight – patience is key.” Liu Wei nodded but mocked, “You are calm enough, no wonder you are a general. Your thoughts and enlightenment are different from ordinary people like us.” The man curled his finger and flicked on her forehead. Liu Wei glared, “What are you doing?” “Stopping you from spouting nonsense.” Liu Wei, “……” In short, because Liu Wei had forcefully demanded to re-examine the body and discovered neither big nor small secret, it gave the Duke manor who was still mourning for the death of the young master a glimmer of hope. Everyone in Duke Manor had a hundred-and-eighty-degree change in attitude towards Liu Wei. The old lady had even started to call Liu Wei as “Xiao Liu”. Rong Leng was complimented and patted on his back by the Duke as though they are brothers. As if the death fight they had previously never existed. Liu Xiao Li has been stuffed with a bag of snacks in his arms by the Yan Qin clan. Lord Lin, Lord You, and Lord Tan got lucky and have been asked to stay for lunch. A ruckus in the morning. Now, it is finally peaceful. Inside Upper Bridge Courtyard. Yan Pei was leaning on the soft couch. He looked at the sparrow on the branch outside the windows, his eyes were baffling. Behind him, a servant, Ran Zi, came to serve him some tea and softly reported, “Second Young Master, the ruckus has stopped. I also heard that the body in the young master’s tomb is a girl and not the young master himself. Now, the old lady, Duke and Lady are extremely elated. Dragging Rong Leng group and thank them continuously.” Yan Pei picked up the teacup expressionless. After a small sip, he put it aside and slowly spat out a line, “I understand.” Ran Zi saw and was worried, “Second young master, why not we go and take a look too? You have been staying in this courtyard for years. Now that the manor has a happy occasion, we should……” “Is it a happy occasion?” It was a clean and shallow male voice mixed with some hoarseness due to not speaking for a long time. Yan Pei’s eyelashes fluttered. When the sparrow on the branch flew away, his eyes had a slight disappointment and continued, “Younger brother has not been found yet – his life is undetermined, where is the happiness?” (TN: If it is confusing, Yan Pei is just trying to say that they are not even sure if his brother is alive or not.) Ran Zi thought, that is not true either. At least there is a chance that he can come back alive. This is better than being dead for real. Even so, Ran Zi did not dare to explain. He shut his mouth and obediently sat one side – no longer persuading. His master is like this, no happiness and no sadness. As if whatever happens has nothing to do with him. He is forever calm and carefree – not giving a care to the worldly affairs. Ran Zi sometimes would wonder if the young master wants the youngest master to return or not? After all, since the birth of the youngest master, the lady has never stepped a foot into Upper Bridge Courtyard. The lady must have given up the illness which the young master was born with. And just at this moment, an ordinary pitched-black bird of disaster suddenly flew into the courtyard. Ran Zi saw, his eyes immediately widened and hurriedly walked out picking up his robe. “Wait.” Yan Pei knew what Ran Zi was going to do. He softly said, “Don’t hurt it.”

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