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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/thedullprincessandtheblackcatamicableengagementannulment [Viol PoV] This is Bad! “Well, Vi knows so much despite being a cat.” “Ugh...If there is something my master knows, you can assume that I would know it too.” It was a painful excuse for me. However, Miss Selen smiled at ease.” “If that’s so I’m glad. Viol-sama is said to be the best even amongst successive Special Mage Exams. Vi must also be an amazing teacher, right?” “Well, you can say that.” “I have to say that I have my work cut out for me, earning the qualifications for the exam and furthermore clearing it. Miss Selen pumped her fists in determination. It was my first time seeing a lady make such a pose. “I will try to teach what I can teach...but frankly speaking I feel it’s impossible. Even the ones whose talent has been recognised and have trained for a few years at the Royal magic academy find it difficult. It isn’t that simple an exam that you, who haven’t even attended the magic academy can pass by simply studying desperately for a mere three months. The special Mage was a post that all residents of this kingdom dreamed of. They broke the barriers of physics and magic, and on the days when they weren’t breaking barriers, they spent their time researching magic tools and whenever magic beasts appeared, they would annihilate them with their overwhelming magical power. Some of the best Mages that formed the Third Mage order on whom this kingdom’s defence depended, were Special Mages. Naturally, any run-of-the-mill person with average aptitude cannot receive the qualifications to appear for the exam. There were a gruelling set of preconditions that included both your Magic power and Magic aptitude being A rank or above, as well as ones Magic Beast Subjugation skill being B rank or above. Being overwhelmingly rare, it was an honourable duty. Therefore, the moment one is qualified, regardless of whether they were commoners, orphans or noblemen, all would be conferred the title of ‘Special Mage’ and would receive a standing equal to that of high ranking noblemen as well as an enormous pay. It was a dream job that only a handful of the talented could get. All desperately aims for it, the commoners and orphans for the money, and the nobles for the honour. “I have to do it...for this country, and that person.” Miss Selen muttered under her breath. I sighed. It seemed to be a hard decision. If she’s saying so much, maybe I should just try it. If it is for just a while, maybe I could try meeting up for special training. But I wonder why the nobleman’s daughter who is to become the next empress wants to become a Special Mage. As I griped about it in my heart, I realised the severity of the matter. If she wished to become a Special Mage from the beginning, being from a Ducal House, Miss Selen should have attended the Royal Magic Academy and not received any empress education at all. In other words, this was Miss Selen’s arbitrary decision. This is bad. Very bad. The moment one became a Special Mage, they would be stripped of their title regardless of their social status or family pedigree, no questions asked. No matter how ranking a noble they were. If my thoughts are correct, she was trying to escape her fate of becoming a consort by becoming a Special Mage. Certainly, even the Royal family could not control a special Mage. If a duke’s daughter were to give up her status just to become the country’s shield, it was in some way a moving tale about her love for the country. Even if she did not fulfil her engagement with His Highness, the Ducal house would not be blamed. But why? Everyone said that the Empress education was going better than ever. She was trusted by both His Highness’s and the empress and was known for her calm and hardworking personality. The rumours were all around the castle town about the future is in safe hands; are you doing well? Why this, so suddenly? As I decided to question her, the image of her red-rimmed eyes from just earlier today flashed in my mind. Perhaps...come to think of it, her hands above the table were white from gripping so tightly. It spoke of how difficult it must have been to reach this decision. I, who had been placed above the table, lightly tapped her white hands with my paw. Her hands trembled slightly. “...Miss Selen, could you at least tell me the reason? Why did you suddenly think of becoming a Special Mage?” “That is...” Miss Selen’s eyes swam as if it were something hard to say. “It is alright. I’ll be tight-lipped just as you wish. More importantly, I am a familiar created for your sake by my master. I basically can’t talk to anyone other than you and master.” It was, of course, a lie, but it was enough to put Miss Selen at ease. As expected, miss Selen’s expression softened. “Speak. Depending on your situation I will give you guidance earnestly .” On hearing those words, Miss Selen’s eyes were suddenly tinged with seriousness, and her spine straightened at once. Surprised at the sudden change, my ears, whiskers and tail, all stood on their ends. Ah! It was too late when I realised it. My tiny face was grabbed by both hands in a moment of carelessness, and Miss Selen approached with frightening vigour. I said your face is too close! Moreover, the look in her eyes is bad. I felt scared. Is this what goosebumps feel like? “I’ll speak. I’ll tell everything. That’s why, Vi too, should seriously get to work!” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/thedullprincessandtheblackcatamicableengagementannulment


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