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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 100 – Shot and absorbed 1/2 However, no matter what kind of technique you are using, and no matter if you are human or ghost, you are still going to die under my sword! Xiao Yi shouted out lightly and began to rapidly form seals with his fingers. The Broken Emperor Sword that was within the air emitted out a dazzling light, and that dazzling light brought along a frightening power and struck towards Death Mage who was on the ground. Before the dazzling light even came into contact with the ground, the strong wind that it emitted out destroyed the trees that were on the ground, and immediately leveled the ground. From just this alone, it could be seen just how strong this dazzling light was! Furthermore, a tremendous sound wave attack was accompanied along with the dazzling light. However, Death Mage doesn’t seem to have… eardrum… “Go to hell you garbage! No matter who it is, don’t ever think about acting cool in front of me, Xiao Yi! The people who had all acted cool in front of me had all been sent to hell by me, and you are going to be no exception too!” Death Mage really could not speak. If it was possible, he would definitely want to trash talk Xiao Yi. Someone like you also dare to act cool? See if I don’t beat you to death~ Looking at the frightening dazzling light that was coming towards him, Death Mage controlled the ‘Cave of Darkness’ and straightforwardly placed it in front of him, then secretly took out his phone to take a look at the soccer match’s current result. “The first half has come to an end, the goal between Germany and South Korea is currently still 0 to 0. I’m not sure just who will be the first to score in the next half, I am truly looking forward to watching the next half!.” The sound that was emitted out from the phone was not big, but Xiao Yi heard it! He! He! He still has the mood to watch the World Cup now! He is disregarding me, disregarding my aura, disregarding my technique, and even more, he is disregarding me acting cool. Then, there will only be two results today, it will either be you who die, or I who die!” Death Mage quickly kept away his phone after taking a look at the result, then acted like he was currently seriously taking on Xiao Yi’s big technique. After all, I have to show respect to others, I cannot trample on other’s dignity, and even more, I cannot secretly watch World Cup when I am currently taking on my opponent’s big technique. “Go to hell!” Xiao Yi shouted out very loudly. It seems like he was really angered by Death Mage’s action. However, right after… right after the dazzling light struck into the black hole… nothing else happened… and everything returned back to normal. A cold wind blew onto Xiao Yi’s nightgown and Death Mage's black gown, causing both Xiao Yi's nightgown and Death Mage's black robe to flutter. Right now, there should be a melancholy erhu music playing in the background, then would it be able to completely describe how dumbfounded Xiao Yi was right now. “This is not possible! Just who are you!" Xiao Yi shouted out gravely. “Jiejiejie~” Imperial translation: “Your father.” Upon hearing that, Xiao Yi’s expression changed between white and red, this person is still making fun of me by jiejiejie-ing. Xiao Yi’s gaze congealed and he rapidly formed seals with both of his hands, “Congratulations, you have successfully angered me!” “Heaven Punishment Sword Technique – Buddha’s Fury Nine Lotus!” The light that was emitted out from the Broken Emperor Sword that was floating within the air became much brighter, and the sword was trembling frantically. Bang! The sword split into two swords. And followed on, the two swords split into more swords. In a split second, nine Broken Emperor Swords floated above Death Mage, and all nine of the swords were locked onto Death Mage. Each of the nine swords were currently individually condensing a power that was even frightening compared to the previous power. And when those power were formed, the air started to distort violently, just like Xiao Yi’s handsome face which was currently distorted to the point that it was incomparably malevolent! This ‘Heaven Punishment Sword Technique – Buddha’s Fury Nine Lotus’ had not been used by Xiao Yi for a very long time. I feel that there is no one in this world who is able to withstand this technique. I used this technique before back when I was an immortal emperor, and the enemy vanished completely. From this, it could be seen just how strong this technique of mine is! However, Xiao Yi’s opponent this time was Death Mage! Wei Chang’s formidable underling! Death Mage stretched out all ten of his fingers, and a black fog was emitted from each of his fingers. “Jiejiejie~” Imperial translation: “Nine Caves of Darkness!” Nine bottomless abysses that looked like round mirrors appeared at Death Mage’s surroundings. Upon seeing that, Xiao Yi was completely stupefied. Because this guy summoned a mirror-like thing that absorbed my technique just now, I intended to attack him continuously nine times in a row. And yet, he actually also summoned nine of that mirror-like things now! Just what is that mirror-like thing, why is it able to absorb my technique! That mirror-like thing is just like some kind of black hole! However, this time will be different, the power of each of the swords right now is even stronger than the power of my previous technique. No matter how deep those black holes of yours are, my swords will still be able to pierce through them! Nine light beams shot down from the sky, and the entire sky seemed like it was in the daytime. The spectacle was rather spectacular, and even the few people who were floating within the sky that was 10 km+ away from the battlefield, they couldn’t help but gasped. As expected from the head of Xiao Family! However… however… The thunder was light, and the rain was small. After the nine light beams shot down, the night was still night, the chirping of the crickets still had to continue, and the people who were going to be stupefied still had to be stupefied. Xiao Yi rubbed his eyes. The nine light beams shot into those holes, and yet, not a single one of them was able to pierce through either one of the holes, how is this possible! Even if this was the weakened version of Buddha’s Fury Nine Lotus, those nine light beams are not weak!

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