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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 102 – The cost of winning 2/2 An enormous magic power erupted out from Death Mage’s body, and the people who were at a few kilometers away immediately felt as if their bodies were pressed down by a small mountain. Without any hesitation, all of them began to run for their life. However, while running, every single one of them spurt out a few mouthfuls of blood. Xiao Yi who was the closest to Death Mage was much more able to sense Death Mage’s madness. Xiao Yi’s gaze was filled with astonishment and fear. I didn’t expect that this skeleton’s strength is actually sickening to such a degree! If this skeleton had used its full strength right at the start of the battle, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to withstand against it! However, as for right now!!! Xiao Yi quickly ate a few pills. Right now, I have no choice but to fight as if my life depends on it. Today, between me and this skeleton, one of us has to die! “Xuan Yuan Technique – Blood Sacrifice!” This move was the one move that Xiao Yi did not want to use the most, mainly because that this move had high side-effects. The move was able to immediately raise Xiao Yi’s strength, but its side-effects were that both Xiao Yi’s life span and martial strength will decrease afterward. After using this move, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to even defeat Tang Wushuang anymore! However, I have no choice but to use this move now! Xiao Yi grabbed onto the sword blade with his left hand, and blood immediately gushed out from his left hand. The Xuan Yuan Sword was like a gluttonous child, continuously sucking in Xiao Yi’s blood. Xiao Yi’s expression turned pale very quickly. However, in the next moment, a devasting strength gushed out from his body, and this strength made Xiao Yi felt as if he had returned back to when he was an immortal emperor. “Xuan Yuan Technique – God Destroyer!” A gold light could be seen emitting out from Xiao Yi’s body, and the gold light actually merged into one with the Xuan Yuan Sword! Xuan Yuan Sword started to flicker a light that was filled with multiple colors, and the sword energy suddenly spread out in all directions with a loud bang. The temperature of the surroundings suddenly began to rise, and an emperor aura which made others had the urge to kowtow was emitted out from the sword. However, all of those were useless towards Death Mage. Right now, Death Mage only wanted to wash away his humiliation, even if he were to sacrifice everything! Xiao Yi was right in being decisive in using this move without any second thoughts. After all, Death Mage still has not finished chanting the super high-level magic and he was currently still chanting the spell. All of a sudden! Xuan Yuan Sword attacked towards Death Mage, and everything before its attack was turned into dust. Soon after, Xuan Yuan Sword ruthlessly struck onto the edge of the black fog, and right after that, Xuan Yuan Sword immediately emitted out a dazzling light beam, and the night sky was once again illuminated! Death Mage tried to withstand this attack with all his might, but due to having lost his left arm, and adding on to the fact that his magic power had been completely used up, he was currently totally unable to withstand against Xiao Yi’s forbidden technique. Xuan Yuan Sword slowly pierced through the layer of black fog and forced its way towards Death Mage who was within the black fog. “Your Honor… Master… Subordinate has failed to carry out the task…” Xuan Yuan Sword emitted out a scorching heat which immediately turned Death Mage into dust. After the black fog scattered, the heaven and earth returned back to normal once again… Boom… A thunder rang out, and the sky suddenly began to rain heavily. The rain landed on this bumpy ground, and also on the body of a person! Xiao Yi’s Black Tortoise Armor was more or less completely destroyed, and only the shoulder parts of the Black Tortoise Armor remained. Right now, Xiao Yi was propping himself up with the Xuan Yuan Sword while blood gushed out from his mouth continuously. I didn’t expect that the black fog would be that formidable, that black fog caused me to suffer another serious damage, which caused my condition to become even worse. Luckily, I managed to destroy that skeleton in the end. Just that, the injuries I have sustained, I’m afraid that it would have to take me at least 10 years to recover! Cough, cough, cough! Xiao Yi let out a bunch of heavy coughs, and every time he coughed, blood would spurt out from his mouth. Xiao Yi was entirely pale and feeble like a corpse right now. Although he destroyed Death Mage, his situation right now was not any better at all. After the battle, his strongest defense, the Black Tortoise Armor, was destroyed. From this, it could be seen just how grave the battle was. Furthermore, let's not forget about the heavy cost that Xiao Yi paid in order to win the battle, the side-effects from using a forbidden technique! “Congratulations Xiao Family Head in defeating a formidable opponent, your strength is truly admirable!” “Congratulations Xiao Family Head, you have my admiration." “Xiao Family Head is truly out of the ordinary.” A few people landed at Xiao Yi’s side, and Xiao Yi had no choice but to endure his injuries and pretend like he was fine and put on a smile. However, the moment he smiled, it immediately triggered the injuries within his body, and almost caused him to spurt out blood. I have to hold back from spurting out the blood, I can't show them that I am weak right now! I am very weak right now, if they were to attack me, I won’t have the strength to even retaliate at all. Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to possess a treasure like Xuan Yuan Sword? After all, for the Xuan Yuan Sword to be able to kill such a strong opponent like that skeleton, there is no need to doubt the strength of this Xuan Yuan Sword that is currently possessed by me! Xiao Yi straightened his back and coldly swept his eyes through everyone, and everyone couldn’t help but took a step backward. I didn’t expect that this Xiao Yi still has strength remaining after the fight! Didn’t expect your head, this Xiao Yi was currently only pretending like he was fine. Right now, even a single stab with a knife would be able to kill this immortal emperor.

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