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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 103 – Are you surprised, do you feel unexpected? 1/2 While resisting the urge to faint, Xiao Yi left the scene. Everyone who was at the scene immediately let out a breath of relief when they saw Xiao Yi leave. They were really afraid that Xiao Yi would use the sword to kill them just now. On the way back home, Xiao Yi finally couldn’t resist it anymore and he began spurting out blood crazily. After eating a few pills then did he felt a little bit better. Before returning back, Xiao Yi looked for a water source to wash himself up. I better wash myself up so that my wives don’t become worried when I returned home. Even after washing away the bloodstains, Xiao Yi still seemed rather pale and sickly, seemingly just like a person who was about to die. Returning back to Xiao Manor, Xiao Yi was a bit absent-minded, seemingly like he could faint at any time. The six wives sat in the living room and waited anxiously for their husband to return. When they saw their husband staggered into the living room, they immediately walked over to him and held onto him. “Brother Xiao, what happened to you! Where did you get injured?” Nangong Xinyi’s expression changed greatly. Since she had first met Xiao Yi, this was the first time that she had seen Xiao Yi looked so pale and sick. “Xinyi, hold onto Brother Xiao, I will take a look at him!” The one who spoke was Shu Nan, whose medical expertise was exceptional. Back then, she admired Xiao Yi’s medical expertise, and afterward, she fell for him… Xiao Yi said weakly, “I’m fine.” “Hold onto him!” Shu Nan shouted out and placed her delicate hand onto her husband’s wrist. Soon after, her expression changed greatly. This injury! It’s too serious! It is a miracle that Brother Xiao is even still able to be alive! “Shu Nan, what is wrong with Brother Xiao?!” Yu Qi asked hurriedly. Xiao Yi gave Shu Nan a signal with his eyes, and Shu Nan sighed, “Brother Xiao is fine, his injury will recover after recuperating for a few days.” However, Shu Nan was thinking in her heart, “I’m afraid that Brother Xiao’s injury won’t recover even after recuperating for a few years.” But, the other wives would rather believe in this result. Within a midnight snack stall at Long’an City, Wei Chang and Tang Wei sat at a small table and ate roasted skewers. Tang Wei was telling Wei Chang about some interesting things from back when she was a child, and Wei Chang was listening attentively to her, while time to time drinking a mouth of cold beer. Suddenly! Wei Chang’s brows wrinkled. “Uncle Wei, are you feeling unwell somewhere?” Wei Chang smiled, “It could be because I drank too much of this cold beer, I will go to the toilet for a while.” “See, Uncle Wei, I told you to drink lesser cold beverages. Let me help you over to the toilet.” “Xiao Tang, your Uncle Wei is still not yet weak until that kind of state. Just sit here and wait for me will do.” Wei Chang pressed Tang Wei back down to her seat, and the moment when he turned his body, his face became incomparably black. Death Mage actually died!! How is this possible!!! Walking into the stall’s toilet, Wei Chang closed the toilet door and said in a grave voice, “Evil Spirit – Death Mage.” A black whirlpool appeared on the floor, and the Sickle of Death which represents death, followed by a skeleton who wore a black robe appeared too. “Master…” Death Mage shouted out with deep remorse and was prepared to kneel down. Wei Chang shouted out in a low voice, “Alright, you don’t have to kneel down, the floor is very dirty!” “What’s the matter, I only ordered you to go and collect a debt and kill one person, how did you manage to actually get yourself killed!” Wei Chang was unable to understand. Death Mage’s strength is not weak, even if he is not able to beat that Xiao Yi, he should still be able to run right? And yet, he actually got killed! Master, this one’s heart is feeling very bitter right now too. “Master, subordinate underestimated the enemy and lost face for both master and His Honor. Please allow subordinate to accomplish the tasks, and afterward, subordinate should use death to offer as an apology!” To speak the truth, Death Mage didn’t want to get summoned again by his master anymore. I have truly thrown away all my face. And it is all because I was too cocky! I pretty much lost the battle because I was being cocky! Wei Chang’s mood was also not really good right now. If His Honor was to know that there was actually an incident like this within the tasks he gave me, who knows how angry he would get. It feels like I am already able to hear His Honor’s scolding... “Enough, I don’t want to hear your explanation! You better let this matter rot within your stomach! If words of this matter were to spread out, you will be the first one who I will kill!" Who would even tell such a humiliating matter to others? How embarrassing would it even be If I were to do that? “Master, please be at ease, subordinate’s lips are tightly sealed!”

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