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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 104 – Collect interest 2/2 Suddenly, Death Mage saw the television that was placed at the side. Under everyone’s astonished gazes, Death Mage walked over to the television and opened the television, then changed the channel to CCTV5. The soccer match had just come to an end a while ago, and when Death Mage saw the score that was shown, he felt very unpleasant. Forget it that I was killed by this Xiao Yi, but to have actually lost the soccer bet too! Losing the soccer bet means that I have lost my family property too! I cannot tolerate this, I have to castrate those useless humans, to not even be able to win against South Korea’s soccer team! Xiao Yi was not feeling very good right now. From the start till now, this skeleton has watched the World Cup for a total of 4 times, and during 2 of those times, it was even during the battle! Why is it so obstinate with a soccer match? And why did I lost to such a weird opponent! Why! My legendary reputation has all been ruined on this night! Bang! Death Mage smashed the coffee table into pieces with his fist, and this action of his gave everyone a shock. They thought that the skeleton was going to begin to flip out, but who knew, they saw the skeleton walking back and forth while pointing at the television and letting out that horrifying voice, seemingly like it was angrily cursing at the television. After finish cursing, Death Mage decided that he was going to go and get back his money. Their betting system is illegal, I have the rights to go and collect back my money! After I’m done with this matter, I will go and collect back my money! In any case, I betted 1000 rmb, and 1000 rmb is pretty much my entire family property. Recently, master has been giving me very little work, and because of that, I haven't been able to earn much money. I am at the point where I am not going to be able to afford to pay my electricity bill. Furthermore, for this 50 billion, I cannot take any of the money at all. After all, this 50 billion belongs to His Honor. If I were to take His Honor's money... just thinking about it is enough to scare me. Death Mage turned his head around and took a look at those beautiful women. The things that are on their necks, fingers, and wrists, they seem like they are worth a lot of money. Xiao Yi’s wives of course noticed Death Mage’s gaze. Although Death Mage did not have any eyeballs, they were still able to sense that Death Mage was eyeing their bodies. This shameless skeleton! While carrying the sickle in his arm, Death mage walked here, walked there, took a look here, took a look there. And sometimes, he would even walk up close to the women, stretched his head out and size them up and down, seemingly just like a hoodlum. Xiao Yi couldn’t believe that he had lost to such an opponent. This skeleton does not even have the slightest bit of the demeanor of an expert. No matter what, I had killed you once, and yet, you don’t even bother taking a look at me. You are simply a bastard! Have your hatred towards me been eaten by a dog! After about half an hour, Nangong Xinyi was done with preparing the document for the transfer of ownership. On the document, there was an official seal and signature. How would Nangong Xinyi even dare to mess around with Death Mage regarding this matter. Nangong Xinyi handed over the document to Death Mage and said coldly, “The market value of those three companies is worth 50+ billion! The amount won’t be less than 50 billion, and will only be more than 50 billion!” Death Mage didn’t even bother looking at the document when he took it. After keeping the document, Death Mage pointed at the six beautiful women. The six beautiful women couldn’t help but took a step backward, and Xiao Yi himself even slammed onto the table and stood up. However, right after he stood up, he spurted out another mouth of blood and sat back down. Right now, Death Mage just wanted to say, the minds of you humans are too filthy. After indicating for a bit, the six women finally understood, this skeleton actually wants our jewelry! However, because the jewelry was given to them by Xiao Yi, they were somewhat unwilling to part with the jewelry. But, no matter how unwilling they were, they still had to hand the jewelry over to Death Mage. Death Mage happily accepted the jewelry. After keeping the jewelry, Death Mage began tapping onto the phone screen again, preparing to finish his final task! Lighting out the phone screen. “Collect interest!” In his mind, Xiao Yi scolded Death Mage for being shameless. The three companies are already worth more than 50 billion, and yet this skeleton still wants to collect interest! However, the moment Xiao Yi saw the three words behind, his heart sunk. “One human life.” Death Mage seemed to have forgotten to write something as he held the phone screen back towards himself and began to tap on the phone screen again. “Among the six women, choose one. You have to personally kill the one you chose too, if not, everyone in this entire Xiao Manor will have to die!”

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