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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 105 – We cannot afford to offend them 2/2 Right when Xiao Family was unwilling to part with each other, a black color whirlpool appeared in the living room, and a figure whose entire body was covered by black fog stepped out from the whirlpool. The entire Xiao Family was astonished, who is this! However, in the next second, they became even more astonished. Death Mage could be seen taking a few steps backward, then kneeled onto the ground and placed both of his hands onto the ground, then shouted out respectfully, “Master!” That’s right, the figure who appeared was Wei Chang. Just a while ago, Wei Chang had finished sending Tang Wei back home, and right after that, upon discovering that his subordinate still has not finished dealing with the tasks, he wondered whether if an accident had happened again, and thus specially came over to take a look, to prevent another joke from happening! Xiao Yi felt that everything around him was spinning. This skeleton is already that powerful, and yet, it actually shouted out so respectfully towards the black fog that just appeared. In that case, just how powerful is that black fog? Xiao Yi had never felt that he was that insignificant before. I am able to sense that this black fog is able to kill me with just a single finger. Just who are they? It is impossible that they are called over by that man! How would experts like them be willing to be controlled by someone else! “En.” Wei Chang responded. Afterward, Death Mage stood up, took out the phone and began tapping on the phone screen again, then lighted the phone out to the seven people. “Bow before my master!” Everyone in Xiao Family had their own pride too. However, Death Mage had already emitted out his prestige, causing everyone to kneel onto the ground. Wei Chang coldly looked at the person in front of him. To actually dare to owe money and not pay up, this person is truly seeking death! Taking over the document that Death Mage handed over to him, Wei Chang opened the document and took a look at it. After taking a look, he kept the document and said faintly, “Quickly finish your remaining task!” “Yes!” Death Mage responded respectfully. Wei Chang took another look at Xiao Yi, then stepped back into the whirlpool and disappeared. Death Mage tapped on the phone again. “One last minute!” All of the women were able to sense that they had provoked a super-powerful power this time. This was a feeling that they had never felt in the past. In the past, when faced against a powerful power, they were at the least still able to feel that they had the capability to try to fight. However, the moment that they saw the person that appeared just a while ago, they immediately knew that they didn't stand a single chance against whatever that they were facing right now. Xiao Yi was feeling the same as what the women were feeling. That person just now, he was totally able to kill all of us easily, and yet, why did they want me to kill one of my women who I dearly love! Are you all not afraid of my revenge?! The thing that Wei Chang wasn’t afraid of the most was revenge. If you want to take revenge, you will slowly kill all the women that are by your side! “Brother Xiao, don’t think of taking revenge for me. Properly carry on living. They are not someone that we are able to afford to provoke.” Nangong Xinyi gave the most rational suggestion that she could give. The other side is just like a giant titan, and we are just a bunch of ants. For them to choose to not kill us all, it is already a kind of leniency. Until now, then did Nangong Xinyi finally realized this point. For them to choose to just kill one person, it is already very fortunate for us! Without waiting for Xiao Yi to react, Nangong Xinyi grabbed onto her husband’s hand that was holding onto the Xuan Yuan Sword, and pulled the hand towards her. Zi… This was the sound of a sharp object stabbing into a body. Xuan Yuan Sword pierced through Nangong Xinyi’s abdomen, and the tip of the sword that was dripping with blood appeared at Nangong Xinyi’s back. The blood dripped onto the floor drip by drip. “Xinyi!!!” Xiao Yi shouted out as he looked at his hand in disbelief. I killed my beloved wife!!! “No!!!” Xiao Yi held onto his wife and shouted out with his head raised up. Tears of blood began flowing out from his eyes. Nangong Xinyi lied in her husband’s embrace and revealed out a light smile and said, “Brother Xiao, your embrace is still as warm as ever.” After finish speaking, Nangong Xinyi slowly closed her beautiful eyes, and Death Mage disappeared from Xiao Manor, preparing to go and collect back his money. Xiao Manor’s atmosphere was filled with grief. Xiao Yi sat on the floor and held onto his wife’s corpse in a complete daze. His gaze was disorganized, seemingly just like a person with dementia. A fair and clear little child could be seen walking into the living room from the side. While rubbing onto his eyes, the child looked at his father’s back and shouted out, “Daddy, where did mommy go to?”

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