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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 106 – That… that… that… 1/2 Because of the angle, Xiao Yun didn’t saw his mother who was within his father’s embrace. “Daddy, I miss mommy.” Hearing his son’s words, Xiao Yi cried out tears of remorse, and Shu Nan immediately carried Xiao Yun and pretended that everything was fine. Shu Nan smiled, “Yun’er, your mommy went out tonight, she went out to earn money for Yun’er.” Xiao Yun pouted his mouth, “Mommy said that she was going to accompany Yun’er to go and register for the children football team tomorrow.” “Be obedient Yun'er, how about I accompany you to register for the children football team tomorrow? Daddy is very tired today, he has to rest tomorrow.” Shu Nan pacified Nangong Xinyi’s only son, however, every word that she spoke made her heart ached. “En, Yun’er is very obedient. When mommy comes back, mommy will be able to watch Yun’er play in a football competition.” “Your mommy will definitely be able to watch your football competition, and furthermore, she will also cheer for you.” A complacent smile appeared on the corner of the little fellow’s mouth, “Definitely, Yun'er will make mommy feel proud for Yun'er.” After Shu Nan carried Xiao Yun and left, sounds of weeping rang out in the living room. Xiao Yi hugged onto his beloved wife’s corpse and stared blankly at the dark sky outside. After a long while, Xiao Yi said gravely, “Don’t announce Xinyi’s death to the public, I will find a way to revive her! As for the skeleton who killed my wife, only one of us can live under this sky!” I wouldn’t be an immortal emperor if I had admitted defeat this easily! Xiao Yi swore that, after he recovered his strength back to his peak, he will seek revenge!!! As for why he wanted to hide the news of his wife’s death, it was because Xiao Yi did not want others to know that someone killed his beloved wife, and yet, he was not able to do anything to prevent it. If Wei Chang knew what Xiao Yi was thinking of right now, he would definitely use His Honor’s words: A salted fish will forever be a salted fish, no matter how high the salted fish raised to, the salted fish is still a salted fish. Tonight’s Xiao Family was destined to be tragic. However, towards this kind of outcome, in Wei Chang’s and the others’ views, they felt that Xiao Family was already extremely lucky. If it was placed in the past, everyone within Xiao Family would have died. Right now, as the Supreme Overlord, Ye Hua came across a problem that was giving him a headache, this Qing Ya is actually lying on my chest and talking in her sleep. “Ye Hua, I want to beat your butt~ You high and mighty fellow! Beat that butt of yours!” Qing Ya hugged onto Ye Hua’s body like a koala, and while sleep talking, she would time to time beat onto Ye Hua’s chest with her little fist. Although those little fists of hers were very light, it was enough to wake up Ye Hua from his sleep. This foolish woman, to actually speak such unrealistic words in her dream, my butt is not something that you can beat. She is so restless even when she is sleeping, I don’t even know where she tossed the blanket to! Ye Hua sighed. After slightly lowering the temperature of the air conditioner, Ye Hua found the blanket and covered Qing Ya’s bewitching figure with the blanket. After that, Ye Hua left the bedroom and walked to the office. While in the office, Ye Hua lighted up a stick of cigarette and looked at the round moon. “Your Honor!” Not sure when, Wei Chang arrived behind Ye Hua and kneeled onto the floor respectfully. “En?” Wei Chang took out the document and said, “Your Honor, the tasks have all been completed.” Ye Hua silently inhaled a mouth of cigarette, then exhaled out a lump of smoke. Looking at the smoke, it actually formed into the shape of a skeleton. However, the smoke disappeared very quickly after forming into a skeleton. Compared to the money, Ye Hua was more curious about who Xiao Yi killed. “Who was killed?” “Xiao Yi’s beloved, Nangong Xinyi.” Ye Hua recalled of the woman during that night, I don’t have any favorable impression towards that woman, “So it is her.” “If Your Honor is not satisfied, subordinate will go back and kill a few more.” Wei Chang said coldly, it feels like His Honor is not satisfied with the result. “There’s no need for that. Don’t forget about our identity, we are people who follow the laws.” “Your Honor is brilliant, subordinate has truly been enlightened.” Ye Hua flicked the cigarette bud, “That’s right, how are things at that Long Aotian’s side?” “Subordinate has arranged someone to watch over that Long Aotian. For a short period of time, this Long Aotian won’t be doing anything much." Ye Hua extinguished the cigarette and said faintly, “Let them try to work hard to fight back against us. If not, they wouldn’t know just what the true meaning of despair is.” Wei Chang’s gaze revealed out radiance, His Honor has truly changed. In the past, His Honor would charge and deal with everything head-on. But now, His Honor knows how to plan things out.

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