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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 106 – That… that… that… 2/2 “Your Honor’s good fortune is on the same level as heaven, subordinate is far inferior.” Ye Hua pat onto Wei Chang’s shoulder, “Heaven? Haha, go back early and rest, don’t let your little girlfriend wait too long.” “Eh…” Wei Chang did not explain, as the Supreme Overlord’s subordinate, he did not know how to open his mouth and explain to Ye Hua about this matter. On the other hand, Wei Chang had asked Lie Gu for advice. And Lie Gu’s answer was very straightforward, “Just take off your pants and do it.” Wei Chang was not able to be that straightforward like Lie Gu. Xiao Tang is a good girl, how can she be compared with those female celebrities of yours? Actually, I had the thought of doing that tonight, I even prepared the condom. However, because a tiny accident happened at Death Mage's side, my plan for doing that was canceled. This is truly vexing, I have to get His Honor to give me a plan, Lie Gu is too unreliable. “Your Honor, subordinate has a question, I hope that Your Honor would be able to help me out with this question." Ye Hua who was about to return back to his room turned around and asked rather curiously, “What is it?” Wei Chang was humming and hawing, feeling a bit embarrassed. Upon seeing Wei Chang’s manner, Ye Hua became even more curious, this kind of expression shouldn’t appear on Wei Chang. “Speak!” Wei Chang decided to go for broke as he asked, “Your Honor, I want to do that with Xiao Tang, what should I do to be able to do that with Xiao Tang? What should I do so that Xiao Tang would agree to do that with subordinate?” “Do that?” Ye Hua was a bit confused. “That… that… what I’m meaning by 'that' is… copulation.” It was lucky that the light wasn’t turned on, if not, Wei Chang’s face that was currently red would be able to be seen. Ye Hua thought that it would be something serious, so what Wei Chang wants to enquire about is copulation. However, why does Wei Chang use a word like ‘copulate’ to describe sexual intercourse? However, after thinking about it for a bit, it does make sense, after all, Wei Chang is indeed a monster… Ye Hua paused for a moment. When my subordinates are met with difficulties, as the boss, I naturally have to help them solve their difficulties, “I do indeed have a bit of experience in this matter.” Wei Chang rejoiced, “Please help me out Your Honor.” “Just straightforwardly push over that little girlfriend of yours will do.” “……” I didn’t expect that His Honor would be the same as Lie Gu, simple and rough. When I watched that idol drama, it wasn’t that easy like just pushing over the other person, and instead, the couple would always be shy with each other. “Subordinate understands.” Wei Chang had no other choice but to humbly accept His Honor’s suggestion. “You have to learn more from Lie Gu on this aspect.” Ye Hua said faintly, then walked out of the office, leaving alone Wei Chang who was currently lost in his own thoughts. Seems like His Honor won’t be able to help me solve this problem of mine. Perhaps, I will have to ask madam for help. This is truly vexing… Lying on the bed, Qing Ya who was at the side asked with a low voice, “You went to smoke again?” “En.” Qing Ya changed a position to hug onto Ye Hua, then asked faintly, “What do you want to eat tomorrow morning?” “Steamed dumplings.” “En.” Ye Hua moved slightly and held onto Qing Ya’s shoulder. Right now, I have arrived at a conclusion, this woman, only when she is on the bed, then would she be a bit obedient. And once she gets off the bed, it would seem like she had changed into a completely different person. While thinking about things in his mind, Ye Hua fell back to sleep. Not sure how long had passed, sounds of heavy rain rang out at Ye Hua’s ears. It was actually raining heavily in the early morning. Ye Hua moved his right hand, and his brows wrinkled. Where is she! Immediately, Ye Hua opened his eyes. Upon seeing that the woman that was by his side was missing, Ye Hua’s heart suddenly sunk. The bedroom door was suddenly pushed open. “Aiya~ It actually rained when I went to buy breakfast~” Qing Ya pouted her small mouth and grumbled. It could be seen that, Qing Ya’s hair was wet, and her clothing was soaked. Her delicate hand was holding onto the steam dumplings and kelp soup that she just bought a while ago. Perhaps, due to her running, quite a bit of the kelp soup was spilled. “Get up, eat it while it’s hot.” Qing Ya raised the breakfast that was within her hand and said with a slight smile.

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