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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 107 – Qing Ya has begun to become depraved 1/2 Qing Ya laid out the steamed dumplings on a plate, then turned her head around and looked towards the absent-minded Ye Hua, “What are you still being in a daze for, quickly go and wash your face and brush your teeth, the food won’t taste good when it turned cold.” Ye Hua wrinkled his brows, seemingly a bit unhappy, “Come over!” “What is it.” Qing Ya was the same too, I went out early in the morning to buy breakfast for you to eat, and yet, when I returned back home, you don’t even show any appreciation, you are simply impossible to converse with. “When I call you to come over, just come over!” Ye Hua’s tone became heavier, causing Qing Ya to feel very unhappy and wronged. However, I want to see just what this scoundrel is planning on doing, if he were to push his luck, I guarantee that I will definitely leave the house this time. With her face completely cold, Qing Ya sat at Ye Hua’s side, and when Ye Hua saw how wet Qing Ya had gotten from the rain, he wished that he could smack this foolish woman awake, does this woman not know how to take shelter from the rain when it is raining? Ye Hua stretched out his hand and placed it onto Qing Ya’s back. A tender light emitted out from Ye Hua’s palm, and Qing Ya’s hair and clothing began to gradually turn dry. “Do you not know how to bring an umbrella with you when you leave the house? Why are you this stupid!” Ye Hua lectured, this woman really doesn’t know how to cherish herself. Qing Ya originally thought that Ye Hua was going to flip out, and didn’t expect this outcome. The warm temperature that was transmitting to her from her back was about to completely warm up her heart. This fellow just wants to keep that face of his no matter what, to actually questioned me with such a stern attitude when he was obviously just very concerned about me. Qing Ya snorted, “Isn’t it all because that I wanted you to be able to eat the breakfast while its hot.” See that slightly arrogant look on Qing Ya’s face, Ye Hua suddenly really wanted to push over Qing Ya and deal with her the same way he dealt with her during that night. However, he resisted this urge of his. The words that I have spoken cannot be taken back, it is definitely impossible for me to take back my words! Without long, Qing Ya’s clothing turned completely dry, and Ye Hua stood up and said faintly, “We will go out to eat breakfast tomorrow” After finish speaking, Ye Hua went to wash up and brush his teeth, leaving alone Qing Ya who was currently in a complete daze. However, Qing Ya’s was feeling very happy in her heart right now. Actually, it is not a bad thing to have a cultivator as a husband. A cultivator husband actually has the ability to dry things, in the future, the money for ironing clothes can be saved. Towards steamed dumplings, Ye Hua understood a little about it. Dipping the steamed dumpling into the chili sauce, the steamed dumpling would turn bright red and look very appetizing. Taking a bite onto the steamed dumpling, the mincemeat within the steamed dumpling and the chili sauce would mix together in the mouth, comfortable! Drinking a mouth of kelp soup after eating a steamed dumpling, it was basically the perfect match. For Ye Hua to be willing to stay in this world and not leave, in actuality, the food in this world played a huge factor. “Ye Hua, carry me to eat chicken after you finished your breakfast~” Ye Hua asked faintly, “You got addicted to the game?” "How can this even be considered addicted? Once I managed to eat chicken, it would mean I have accomplished my goal in this game!" “Seems like you are addicted.” "I'm not addicted!" "You are indeed addicted." “I!!! Ye Hua, do you want to quarrel again!!!” “In any case, I’m bored right now, so let’s quarrel for a bit first.” Qing Ya: “……” This fellow was much more tender yesterday, but in the end, right now, I have discovered that he is still the same as usual. And he even says that he wants to quarrel first since he is bored, which husband and wife would even quarrel with each other when they are bored? “I’m full, you finish the rest.” Qing Ya feigned anger coquettishly, then turned around and walked towards her sister’s room. Ye Hua drank a mouth of kelp soup, then said faintly, “Not only is she addicted, her addiction is huge too.”

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