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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 108 – Ancient god item 2/2 “Qing Ya, move to the left and attract the firepower from the enemies.” “Qing Ya, drive the car.” “Qing Ya, pass me the level 3 helmet.” “Qing Ya, help me up.” “Go to hell.” Qing Ya snorted. When he dies, I have to help him up, and all the good items also have to be given to him. Ye Hua took a look at Qing Ya, “If I died, who is going to bring you to eat chicken.” “Have you ever brought me to eat a round of chicken before?” “Isn’t it all because that you are too noob? You are at the most just a level 4 backpack.” Ye Hua said faintly, causing Qing Ya to be angered to death. “Who are you calling a level 4 backpack!!!” Qing Ya shouted out gravely, the daily quarrel was about to start again. “Is there someone else in this room?” “I’m going to fight it out with you!!!” Qing Ya straightforwardly jumped onto Ye Hua’s thigh. The position was a bit ambiguous, if you are a child, please close your eyes. At this moment, the bedroom door was suddenly pushed open, and Ye Hua and Qing Ya immediately looked towards the door. Qing Yutong could be seen pulling onto her suitcase and looking at her brother-in-law and big sister with an endearingly silly look on her face. “You two… during broad daylight… the two of you are… actually doing that in the bedroom of a maiden… You two are too sickening!” Qing Yutong’s expression sunk as she said pitifully, acting as if she won’t be able to marry anymore. Qing Ya took a glare ruthlessly at Ye Hua, then stood up and said, “Why didn’t you give me call, I could have gone and picked you up.” “I called your phone and brother-in-law’s phone so many times, but both of you didn't pick up my call at all. From the looks of it, I'm sure you two wished that I won’t ever come back home~” Qing Ya touched onto her pocket, and at this time, then did she recalled that her phone was still in the bedroom, and that Ye Hua’s phone was most likely in the bedroom too. “Yutong, big sister will treat you to a huge meal later on.” “You think you can pacify your sister’s injured mood with just a meal?” “How many meals you want, just say it, in any case, right now, big sister has nothing but only money.” Ye Hua leaned onto the window and lighted up a stick of cigarette, “Qing Ya, it’s about to be noon soon, let’s order food delivery.” “Let me go and get my phone.” Qing Yutong was about to offer her knees. These two are planning to become neets. In the past, big sister was not the least bit like a neet at all. I didn’t expect that right after mixing around with brother-in-law, big sister immediately turned into a female neet and don’t even care about her company anymore. If this continues on, big sister’s company is going to become more or less the same as brother-in-law’s bar, facing bankruptcy… Qing Ya found her phone on the table of her bedroom. Opening the phone, she discovered that there was a lot of missed calls. Amongst the missed calls, there was Qing Yutong’s missed calls, and her father’s missed calls. Without choice, she called back to her father. “Dad.” “What is going on at Xiao Family!” Qing Huaxuan’s questioning voice immediately rang out from the phone. Qing Ya replied faintly, “I don’t know.” “You don’t know?! Do you know how many people are alienating us!” “Isn’t that great? Now, you would be able to properly distinguish just who treats you good, and who treats you bad.” Qing Huaxuan who was on the other side of the phone almost had a heart attack.

Translator: Wigglegui



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