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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 110 – Getting carried 1/2 At the boxing ring, Ye Hua was feeling very vexed, two salted fish are actually chasing after me and trying to punch me. You two are lucky that we are within a game, if this was in real life, I would have turned both of you into thin blood! “Brother-in-law~ I’m coming to save you~” Not sure where Qing Yutong jumped out from, she punched when she jumped out. Ye Hua looked at his health which had been reduced into half, this Qing Yutong is a spy that the enemy sent over right. Qing Yutong retracted her head back, “Brother-in-law, that was purely just an accident, who told you to suddenly stop moving.” Ye Hua was really speechless, this was not the first time already, there was once where she aimed onto me while she was holding a 98K, and afterward, my helmet was destroyed by her, and her excuse for that was that her hand slipped. “Brother-in-law, be careful.” Right when Ye Hua was absent-minded, a player jumped and punched towards Ye Hua’s head. “Bang!” This was the sound of a revolver being shot. It could be seen that, the player that jumped and tried to punch Ye Hua’s head was immediately incapacitated with a headshot. When the player’s teammate saw that there was an enemy with a gun, he immediately ran away!!! “Bang!” Another headshot. Ye Hua and the other two were stupefied. Ah Li ran over and asked with her tender voice, “Uncle, are you fine? I have bandages here.” Ye Hua was very wounded, I have never felt so sullen before, I actually got saved by a little girl, and the little girl is even giving me bandages… my god… The streamer at the red building just finished clearing the red building and was preparing to head to the boxing ring. However, right after the streamer arrived outside of the boxing ring, he heard the sound of a revolver being shot and his expression immediately changed. “Streamer, quickly run! The revolver monster has appeared again!” “Streamer, as long as the mountain is still there, there is no need to worry about not having wood to burn, quickly run!” “Why are you all telling the streamer to run away?” “You all most probably don’t know, during these past few days, this streamer has been destroyed by the revolver monster for quite a number of times already. Right now, as long as he heard the sound of a revolver being shot, he would choose to run away.” “With those items on him, this streamer is not able to even win against a revolver?” “Sigh, it is not that this streamer is a noob, it is just that the opponent is way too strong.” As expected, the streamer chose to drive the car and run away from the boxing ring. I tried countless times to kill that revolver monster, but every time, I would die under that revolver monster’s marksmanship, this revolver monster is just way too formidable. With the revolver, Ah Li was basically killing everyone in her path, and in no time, the entire boxing ring was cleared. Ye Hua, his wife, and his sister-in-law dazedly looked at what happened, and a sense of helplessness appeared in their heart. Next, it was time for Little Ah Li to perform. “Uncle, aunts, you all stay in the car, let Ah Li charge in as the front line first.” Bang, bang, bang! A bunch of gunshots, along with the explosions of grenades rang out within the house that was in front of Ye Hu and the others. “Uncle, aunts, you all can come in and pick up the loots now.” Ye Hua was very wounded, while Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were extremely delighted, this child sure is interesting. “Ah Li, why didn’t you let aunt charge along with you, how dangerous would it be for you to go alone like that?” Qing Ya was currently also speaking with Ah Li. Ah Li was very cheerful, and her sweet voice attracted others' tender affection for her. Ah Li said with her tender voice, “If uncle and aunts were to follow along with Ah Li, Ah Li would get distracted.” Ye Hua, “……” Qing Ya, “……” Qing Yutong, “……” From the looks of it, Ah Li considered the three as burdens. Ye Hua was wounded right now, I don’t even want to continue on playing anymore, I was actually considered as a burden by a little girl. It could be seen that, Ah Li was driving the pick-up truck, and within the pick-up truck, there was a moment of silence… “Uncle, aunts, why aren’t you all speaking anymore? Is it because the items are too lousy? Ah Li will go and help you all snatch the airdrop then.” Qing Ya looked at Ye Hua’s expression, and right after looking, Qing Ya laughed out. Qing Yutong also turned her head around and took a look, and she discovered that her brother-in-law’s face was as black as charcoal, and immediately, she laughed out too. Ah Li was completely confused, “Aunts, what are you two laughing about?” Qing Ya said tenderly, “We are laughing at uncle, he is jealous of just how formidable Ah Li is.” Ah Li seemed to have suddenly come to a realization as she said, “Uncle, I’m sorry… Ah Li snatched your limelight and made you lose face in front of the two aunts…” The expression on the three immediately came to a froze. And in the next moment, Qing Ya and Qing Yutong began laughing until they couldn’t take it anymore. Little Ah Li is too adorable, to actually said that out loud. Ye Hua endured the pain in his heart and said while gnashing his teeth, “Ah Li, you are playing pretty well!” “Not bad I guess, it has been a few days since Ah Li last played this game.” Ye Hua almost spat out blood. This is the strongest opponent that I have come across in my life! We have not even exchange moves, and she had already almost made me spat out blood, every word of hers is filled with a murderous aura.

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