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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 110 – Getting carried 2/2 With Little Ah Li, they got into the top 2 in no time. Furthermore, there were only 5 people left in the game right now. It was currently 4 against 1. “Finished, this streamer is finished.” “Let me present a sad song to this streamer.” “Don’t say anymore, this streamer is already very formidable, he solo-ed all the way until there are 4 people left to go against.” “If he doesn’t eat chicken, what is the use of all that.” “Upstairs is correct.” Ye Hua did not know just what he had been doing this entire game. I was obviously going to show off my strength, and yet, in the end, we are in the top 2 right now and I still haven’t done anything. Even more, I was carried to the top 2 by a little girl… If words of this were to spread out, where would my face even be… This game is poisonous… “Uncle, aunts, Ah Li will go alone and settle him, it would be fair this way.” After finish speaking, Little Ah Li rushed out, and before 10 seconds was even up, Little Ah Li had already finished off the enemy. Thus, the four had managed to successfully eat chicken in this round. Ye Hua’s first time eating chicken was actually from being carried. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were both extremely excited that they were finally able to eat chicken. “This streamer is so tragic, to actually get destroyed like that.” “That’s right, this streamer is too weak, I’m unfollowing, I’m unfollowing.” The streamer’s mind was in shambles right now, is it my fault that the enemy is so formidable! All of you, don’t leave, as long as I don’t come across this revolver monster, I will be able to eat chicken every round. Follow me and come watch how I win every round? Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were hugging together excitedly and celebrating their victory. Meanwhile, Ye Hua’s face was cold, with a completely unhappy look on his face. “Little Ah Li, can you tell aunt what your name is?” Qing Ya asked curiously. Qing Yutong straightforwardly abandoned her brother-in-law and went to hug onto Little Ah Li’s thigh, “That’s right, that’s right, Ah Li, bring aunt to eat chicken again.” “But… but, mother said to never tell strangers Ah Li’s name.” Little Ah Li said pitifully, seemingly very afraid of her mother. Qing Yutong said lovably, “Is aunt a bad person?” “Aunt is of course not a bad person.” “If aunt is not a bad person, tell aunt your name then~ Little Ah Li, be obedient~” The earphones remained silent for a moment, and afterward, Little Ah Li’s tender and adorable voice rang out, “Uncle, aunts, I am called Donghuang Li.” Right after Ah Li said her name, a woman’s voice rang out from the earphones. “Ah Li! Why are you playing game again, have you finished your homework!” When Ye Hua heard this voice, his brows wrinkled slightly. Little Ah Li went offline, and Qing Ya and Qing Yutong became sulky. I’m truly worried for Little Ah Li, her mom seems to be very strict, just listening to that voice from just now is enough to know that. “Have the food delivery still not arrived? What is their number, I am going to make a complaint!” Ye Hua had a stomach of anger that he had nowhere to release it at, I actually got carried!!! Seeing that angry look on Ye Hua’s face, Qing Ya and Qing Yutong both began laughing endlessly. Qing Ya consoled, “Ye Hua, she is just a child, look at your face right now… Sorry… I can’t help but want to laugh again.” “Big sister, I’m begging you to stop laughing, my abdominal muscle is about to come out…” The two sisters took a look at each other, and laughter erupted out from them again. Ye Hua felt that this was a big stain within his life. Just give me a bit more time. At that time, I will be able to carry you two to eat chicken without any difficulty and show you all the might of a Supreme Overlord!

Translator: Wigglegui



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