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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 111 – Old acquaintance 2/2 “Say, why is the madam much more fortunate?” “Subordinate does not dare to casually evaluate the madam.” Ye Hua glared with his eyes and said coldly, “If I ask you to say, just say it! You are already evaluating her!” Wei Chang was frightened to the point that he immediately kneeled down, this mouth of mine is to be blamed, why did I even bring up the madam. “Subordinate ought to die.” “If you still don’t speak, I will let Lie Gu go and kill that Xiao Tang of yours!” Ye Hua said faintly. In actuality, Ye Hua just wanted to see what kind of reaction Wei Chang would have. As expected, Wei Chang became anxious. However, he concealed it very quickly. “Subordinate will speak now.” Ye Hua slowly closed his eyes and waited for Wei Chang’s recount. “Your Honor’s first woman is still very vivid within subordinate's memory. After all, she was the first female human that Your Honor had touched. Her appearance and other features are all exceptional, and only the madam’s beauty would be able to be compared against her. For her to be able to receive Your Honor’s favor, it can be counted fortunate for her.” “Talk about the important point, how is the madam much more fortunate.” Ye Hua said faintly. Wei Chang swallowed his saliva, “Your Honor, do you feel any difference right now compared to three years ago?” Ye Hua remained silent. “Three years ago, Your Honor’s humanity was still very unstable, and Your Honor was temperamental. Whereas right now, Your Honor is able to control those emotions.” “The madam waited for Your Honor for three days, and Your Honor went downstairs to meet her afterward. From this, it can be seen that Your Honor has a heart that takes pity on others. However, that woman was not as fortunate as the madam. Two months after her first visit to the bar, she waited half a month for Your Honor, and yet, Your Honor did not go downstairs to meet her.” Ye Hua slowly opened his eyes, “She waited for half a month? You don’t seem to have told me about that before.” “Just as subordinate has said, Your Honor was very unstable back then, I haven’t even opened my mouth to speak, and Your Honor had already told me to scram.” Ye Hua extinguished the cigarette, “There was actually such a thing.” The Wei Chang right now had already learned how to discern what one thinks from their expression, take right now for example. “Do Your Honor want subordinate to go and find her?” Wei Chang asked. While unhurriedly walking up the stairs, Ye Hua said with tranquil, “No need, just one is already giving me enough headaches." Wei Chang smiled, “The madam is after all a human, her words, actions, and bearings would naturally have some difference compared to Your Honor.” “Go on and do your own things.” “Yes!” Towards the first woman, Ye Hua also just suddenly recalled of her today. It could be counted as just him reminiscing an old acquittance for a bit and he did not have any other thoughts towards that first woman. Just as what Ye Hua had said, he wouldn’t touch the same woman twice. Qing Ya's case is just an accident, because she had conceived my child. If not, nothing else would have happened between me and Qing Ya after that night. When Ye Hua arrived on the second floor, he had already stopped thinking about the woman. Towards the passersby within one’s life, just slightly reminiscing them for a bit would do. Pushing open the door, Ye Hua saw that Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were sitting in front of their computers with a serious look on their face. The atmosphere was super tense right now. If I were to pull out the power cord right now, will they come and fight me with all their might? Forget it, am I a person who is bored to the point that I would do something like this? Pulling out the power cord, this kind of thing is something only Qing Ya this foolish woman would do. However, as the Supreme Overlord’s woman, instead of being captivated by me, she actually became fond of playing computer game! At the start, she was fond of working, and in the blink of an eye, she is now fond of playing computer game, who did she learn this bad habit from! “Brother-in-law, look at me and big sister, we managed to survive up to top 10, we are about to be able to eat chicken soon.” Qing Yutong was excited right now. The two women could be seen lying down within a patch of grass, and the important point was that, their expression was filled with nervousness. Ye Hua sighed, “It’s more or less enough after you two finished this round, let’s go out and eat dinner.” “Shhh… Ye Hua, can you not speak! Others will be able to hear you.” Qing Ya said with a low voice. What else could Ye Hua say. Ye Hua straightforwardly lied down on the sister-in-law’s bed and began resting. He was defeated by Little Ah Li to the point that he didn’t felt like playing anymore today. After only lying down for a while, Ye Hua heard the two women’s grumbles. Don’t need to think too much, the two definitely got eliminated.


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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