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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 128 – Ye Family’s instant noodle 1/2 When the two returned back to the bar, they still haven’t spoken a word to each other. Soon after, Ye Hua took out his phone and ordered crayfishes. If you have the capability, don’t peel the crayfishes later on! Today, Qing Yutong could be said to be completely out of luck. Currently, she had just finished cleaning the bar, and her back was aching from all that cleaning. “Brother-in-law, what are we eating for lunch?” Upon seeing that her brother-in-law and big sister returned, Qing Yutong asked hurriedly. Her intention was very obvious. Brother-in-law~ I want to eat meat meat~ “Crayfishes!” Qing Yutong’s face was filled with disappointment. I really miss the feeling of eating the meat that brother-in-law prepares. Keeping the meat in my mouth, lightly sucking on it, the juice that flows out from the meat, upon tasting the juice, I would immediately feel spiritually pleased and relaxed. I have never eaten such delicious meat before. Furthermore, after eating the meat, my skin would feel incomparably awesome. The meat is much tastier compared to eating crayfishes. However, being out of luck was nothing, something even more despairing was still waiting behind for Qing Yutong. When the three sat at the dining table, Ye Hua and Qing Ya did not move their chopsticks, while Qing Yutong looked at the two them in a complete daze. These two still haven’t get back on good terms with each other? “About that, if you two aren’t going to eat, I will start eating first then.” After finish speaking, Qing Yutong wore her gloves and began peeling and eating the crayfishes. However, while eating the crayfishes, Qing Yutong soon felt that the atmosphere was fishy. It couldn’t be that, these two got into a fight again right? “Brother-in-law, please eat the crayfishes.” “Big sister, please eat the crayfishes.” “Big bosses, please eat the crayfishes.” Qing Yutong swore to herself, I won’t act as the mediator anymore in the future, in the end, the only person that would become worn out is me myself. Ye Hua snorted, right now, this Qing Ya doesn’t even peel the crayfishes for me anymore. It seems like she is rather obstinate. I will settle with you when night comes! Qing Ya snorted at the same time, if you want me to help you peel the crayfishes, say, ‘wife, I’m sorry, I was wrong’, and I may consider. A few kg of crayfishes were all peeled by Qing Yutong alone. After peeling all those crayfishes, Qing Yutong felt that her fingers were hurting, “Don’t call me during dinner, I will settle it myself.” After finish speaking, Qing Yutong went back to her room. I am not going to eat with the two of them anymore. Ye Hua wiped his mouth, then walked towards his office, while Qing Ya walked towards the bedroom. I, the Supreme Overlord, will sleep in the office tonight. Without my chest, I will see just how you are going to be able to fall asleep. At that time, you will have no choice but to come and beg me to come and sleep with you, jiejiejie~ Seeing that Ye Hua walked towards the office, Qing Ya wrinkled her brows. Worse comes to worst, I will just go and buy a doll. Do you really think that, without you, I won’t be able to fall asleep? The night has descended. For her dinner, Qing Yutong decided to cook instant noodles to eat. In any case, I won’t act as their servant anymore. On the other hand, Ye Hua was waiting for Qing Ya to come to his office to call him over to eat dinner, while Qing Ya was waiting for Ye Hua to come to the bedroom to call her over to eat dinner. In the end, the two couldn’t endure it anymore and decided to secretly cook instant noodles to fill up their own stomachs. Quarrel is quarrel, however, I cannot cause myself to starve because of it. In the past, Ye Hua often ate instant noodles, and was thus quite knowledgeable regarding instant noodles. Firstly, you have to tear away the thin cover that is on top of the instant cup noodles. Secondly, you have to tear apart the seasoning pack and pour the seasoning into the cup noodles. Thirdly, using the finest ham sausage, tear the ham sausage into small pieces and place them into cup noodles. Lastly, pour boiling hot water into the cup noodles, then begin to wait for the longest three minutes in your life. With that, a cup of Ye Family’s instant noodle had been made. A few strands of slender noodles, and yet, they are able to pull the heartstrings of millions of people. Ye Family’s instant noodle, come and understand it?

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