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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 128 – Ye Family’s instant noodle 2/2 Knock, knock, knock! Ye Hua who was currently eating the noodles came to a stop, and immediately, he hid the cup noodles away and used his fastest speed to adjust his state. She has finally come huh? Can’t endure anymore huh! If you talk nicely to me, I will be magnanimous and merciful and lend my chest to you to lie on for a bit. “Come in!” Ye Hua shouted out gravely. However, when he saw that the person that came in was Wei Chang, his expression changed greatly, “Scram!” Wei Chang was just about to open his mouth to speak, and didn’t expect that His Honor would suddenly shout at him and tell him to scram. This is scaring me to death. However, why is there the smell of instant noodles in the office? His Honor is someone who has a wife, does he still have the need to have to eat instant noodles? Even I myself also don’t eat cup noodles anymore, Xiao Tang would cook for me to eat. Wei Chang wants to express that he was someone who relaxes and let his own woman feed him. Ye Hua wants to express that, why are you all so outstanding, do you all believe that I will turn all of you back to your original look! Wei Chang who was outside the office let out a breath and said towards the Jiu Ye who was behind me, “The boss is in a bad mood right now, don’t disturb him.” The reason Jiu Ye came to the bar today was to invite Ye Hua to go and discuss about south’s big matter. All of the people that would be coming to discuss were all big shots, and all of them came for the sake of ‘ancient godly item’. They were going to discuss about how to strengthen the precautions that they were going to take to prevent the northern people form coming to the south and stealing the ancient godly item. “About that… Mister Wei, if the boss is not going, can you go instead?” Jiu Ye said with an apologetic smile. “Not free, I have a date at night.” Wei Chang said indifferently. I have to go and watch a midnight movie with Xiao Tang tonight. Going out to watch a movie with Xiao Tang is the big matter, not the discussion. Jiu Ye was feeling very vexed. Not only am I not able to invite the boss, I am not able to invite the boss’s subordinate too. Right now, because of the ancient godly item, a storm is starting to brew. The north have already secretly came to the south and are preparing to steal the ancient godly item. If the ancient godly item were to get stolen by the north, the face of the entire south would be thrown. “Mister Wei, this matter concerns the entire south, how about sending a representative to go to the discussion? Just sending a representative to go and have a seat at the discussion is fine too.” Jiu Ye could be said to be giving it his all, no matter what, he was determined on pulling Ye Hua into the matter. In actuality, Ye Hua’s attitude towards this matter was indifferent. If he wasn’t still in a cold war with Qing Ya, he would bring Qing Ya to the discussion tonight and let her broaden her experience. However, since Ye Hua was still currently in a cold war with Qing Ya, Ye Hua wants to express that he did not have the mood to care about this matter. “You go and wait outside, I will call someone over to go to the discussion.” “That’s great, thank you Mister Wei.” Jiu Ye was finally able to feel relieved. As long as they send someone over to the discussion, it is enough. Jiu Ye walked out of the bar and entered into the luxurious car that was waiting outside and began waiting for the person that Wei Chang was going to call over. Meanwhile, Wei Chang once again came to the leisure bar’s toilet. Wei Chang called out lightly, “Death Mage!” Under Long’an City’s Nanhu Bridge, this place was where wanderers lived at. And amongst the people that were under the bridge, there was someone who wore a black robe. Right now, the black robe person was sitting on a long sickle. His left hand was holding onto a phone and a bone finger of his right hand was rapidly tapping onto the phone screen. The rate of the person tapping onto the phone screen was very quick~ The sound of gold coins clattering would ring out from time to time, however, without too long, something appeared on the phone screen. Insufficient balance, please recharge funds. There was not enough balance on the credit card. That’s right! This was the Death Mage who had gambled all his money away from sports betting. A few days ago, he was still living in a mansion and drinking cold beer. In the end, he all-in all of his money, and under the situation that he did not cheat, he lost all of his family property. In this kind of situation, Death Mage definitely had to go and find the banker. However, in the end, the banker had already jumped down from the balcony and died. Upon finding that out, Death Mage became so angry that he almost went berserk. From then on, Death Mage swore that he would never touch sports betting anymore in his entire life. And even more, he swore that he would never gamble again! However, unexpectedly, someone sent an app into the soccer fan group. Feeling curious, Death mage tapped onto the app, and without long, he felt that this fish game was very interesting. From then, within just the period of an afternoon, Death Mage contributed all of his remaining money to the app. Holding onto his remaining property, which was his phone, Death Mage felt that his heart was aching deeply. Damned humans, why did you all invent gambling! Suddenly, Death Mage received his master’s summon. A red light flashed through Death Mage’s eyes. If there is work, it means that there is income, which means that I can continue on playing the fish app. “Eh? Wasn’t there a person here just a while ago? Where did he go to?” “Who even knows? He sat there and played a fish game for an entire afternoon. He even took my portable charger to charge his phone.” “Wait… Portable charger? F**k, where is my portable charger! This damned bastard, it is just a mere portable charger, and yet he also wants to steal it?! Shameless!” Within leisure bar’s toilet. “Don’t kneel down, the floor is dirty!” Seeing that Death Mage was going to kneel down, Wei Chang immediately stopped him. Death Mage said respectfully, “Thank you master.’ “There is a matter that I need you to go and handle tonight.”

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