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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 131 – One on one! 1/2 With the sound of a thump! The big doors were kicked opened by Death Mage. And at Death Mage’s side, Jiu Ye who was persuading Death Mage to keep his phone away came to a froze. The atmosphere immediately froze. Perhaps, because the two doors were opened at high-speed, it gave rise to a gust of wind within the confined conference room, and the wind blew onto Death Mage’s black robe. If Death Mage had worn a swept-back hairstyle wig, this posture of his would be able to have a go with the god of gambling’s posture. Especially that Cuban cigar that Death Mage was holding onto with his mouth, with an inhale, his entire body would even start emitting out smoke, making him seem especially cool. A wonderful and merry bgm was ringing out from the apple X within Death Mage’s hand, and on the end on the phone, there was a white color cable that stretched all the way from the phone to within Death Mage's black robe. From the looks of it, the cable was most likely hooked up to a portable charger. Death Mage swept his eyes through everyone. The strength of these people are not bad, being only slightly weaker than that Xiao Yi. However, even if that is the case, catching fishes is more important. I am going to be able to accumulate 7 dragon pearls soon, and at that time, I would be able to exchange for 10 rmb worth of in-game currency. I am finally going to win money!!! Everyone who was in the conference room stayed still and watched Death Mage walked into the conference room, sat down, and continued to… biu, biu, biu, biubiubiu… As the leader of a power, they naturally knew about the incomparable battle that happened last night! Xiao Yi fought with Death Mage, and in the end, only after using the ancient godly item, then did Xiao Yi won against Black Mage by luck. Furthermore, during that battle against Death Mage, asides from using an ancient godly item, Xiao Yi also wore a super strong defensive armor. Everyone was guessing just who was the black robe who went to Xiao Family to collect debt, and what relationship did the black robe had with the bar’s boss. Seeing that this black robe appeared here today, there is no need for any more words! This black robe’s identity is definitely a peak existence within that leisure bar. From the looks of it, I reckon that the two that were in the bar during that day must have been the bar's underlings. This leisure bar is truly hidden with multiple talented individuals! If Death Mage was to know about what these people were thinking of right now, he would definitely say. Imperial translation: “Master is busy with his date, and His Honor is currently handling his household matters. Without choice, they decided to send me over to this discussion. Do you all think that I really wanted to come here? The main reason I came here was for the sake of fishing up some profit." What everyone was astonished about right now was not just black robe’s identity, but also black robe’s appearance! This black robe is actually an evil spirit! When and where did such a strong evil spirit even appeared from? Everyone was stupefied. After all, they were all people who subdued and eradicated monsters. And yet, the skeleton that was right in front of them actually managed to grow up to such a strength under their eyes, this was completely unbelievable to them! At this moment, everyone did not know just what to do. “About that, let me introduce to everyone, this person here is the famous black robe.” Jiu Ye squeezed out a smile and introduced Black Mage to everyone. Death Mage took a deep puff of the cigar. Immediately, smoke began emitting out from Death Mage again. While continuously tapping onto the phone screen with his bone finger, the sound of gold coins clattering continuously rang out from the phone's sound system. Wang Dabao revealed out a confused expression on his face. What is the relationship of that man during that day with this black robe? Hire relationship? Or boss and subordinate? For such a strong skeleton, the possibility of it being that man’s subordinate is out of the question right? It would be much normal for the skeleton to be someone that the man hired. Suddenly! Wang Dabao thought of a kind of possibility. That man is actually this skeleton’s underling! And as the underling’s boss, it is reasonable for the boss to go and collect the money that Xiao Family owed. If this is the case, everything finally makes sense. If my wife gets to know of my deduction, I’m not sure if I would get praise or not. Just thinking about it is enough to make me feel so excited. “Everyone, how about we begin the discussion now?” Jiu Ye laughed awkwardly. This black robe is not someone I can control, this black robe is practically a big boss. Zhi Anyan adjusted onto his spectacles and looked towards Death Mage. Immediately, rows of information appeared on the lens. Race: Undead race Life span: ? ? ? IQ: ? ? ? Realm: ? ? ? Hobby: ? ? ? Marriage partner: ? ? ? Zhi Anyan wrinkled his brows tightly. Is there some problem with the spectacles? Why is almost everything question marks!

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