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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 135 – His Honor fighting for real for the first time 2/2 Upon returning back to the office, Ye Hua went and stand at the side of the window again and began observing Qing Ya’s movement. 10+ minutes later, Qing Ya could be seen returning back to the bar with breakfast in her hand. Ye Hua extinguished the cigarette butt and began waiting for Qing Ya to come upstairs. Listening to that familiar footsteps, Ye Hua’s brows became deeply wrinkled. To his surprise, the footsteps came to a stop at the office door! Not being able to afford to care about anything else, Ye Hua’s body immediately disappeared and appeared on the sofa. When Ye Hua’s body appeared on the sofa, the blanket that was on the sofa fell onto the floor. At this time, the office door was opened by Qing Ya. Upon opening the office door, Qing Ya immediately wrinkled her brows. This office is filled with the foul odor of cigarettes and the smell of instant noodles. Taking a look at the man who was on the sofa, Qing Ya let out a sigh. Quietly walking over to the sofa, Qing Ya picked up the blanket that was on the floor and covered it onto Ye Hua’s body. Soon after, Qing Ya placed the breakfast onto the coffee table, then went and open the windows so that the office could ventilate. After doing all these, Qing Ya left the office. Immediately after the office door was closed, Ye Hua opened his eyes. Taking a look at the blanket that was on his body and the Chinese crepe that was on the coffee table, Ye Hua snorted, “I will count that you are tactful.” Picking up the piping hot Chinese crepe, Ye Hua took a look at how much fillings there were in the crepe. From the looks of it, Qing Ya must have added an egg and a slice of ham sausage for me. Ye Hua took a bite of the Chinese crepe. This is quite delicious, it is much more delicious compared to when I buy it myself. Upon returning back to the bedroom, Qing Ya became dazed, because she discovered that the doll that was on the bed disappeared. From when I left to when I returned, only 10+ minutes had passed, how could the doll have disappeared by itself? Unless… there is one possibility, that petty fellow who is pretending to be asleep!!! Do you think that just because you destroyed my doll, I will go and beg you to come and sleep with me? You are indulging in your own fantasy! As someone who is able to run a company to such a degree, how could I not have any back-ups prepared! Opening the wardrobe, three big sized dolls that were covered by clothes could be seen. “Ye Hua~ Seems like you are going to have to sleep in the office for a few more days~” After finish speaking, Qing Ya began laughing. After laughing for a while, Qing Ya threw herself onto the bed and began laughing out even harder. Ye Hua is too adorable, to actually be so petty. If I suddenly appeared when he was destroying the doll, I wonder just what kind of expression he would have on his face. All the way until afternoon, then did Ye Hua left the office. Walking casually to the bedroom and looking at Qing Ya who was currently reading a book while sitting on the bed, Ye Hua asked, “What do you want to eat in the afternoon?” “Anything.” Qing Ya replied indifferently. Look at this attitude of hers, she is practically asking for a beating. However, since her performance during this morning is not bad, I will forget about it this time. “I prepared some meat for lunch. The same kind of meat from that time.” Ye Hua said calmly. While speaking, his head was facing another direction, seemingly like he didn’t really care about Qing Ya's reaction. Qing Ya was close to not being able to endure anymore and laughing out loud. This fellow, sometimes he is able to anger me to death, and sometimes he is foolish and amusing to death. Just take a look at that face of his that seemed like he didn’t care about anything at all. “Alright.” Qing Ya replied indifferently. Ye Hua was also looking on the sake of the Chinese crepe during the morning, if not, he also wouldn’t have bothered to prepare the meat. “Qing Yutong! Do you want to eat lunch or not!” Ye Hua knocked onto his sister-in-law’s bedroom door and shouted. Qing Yutong’s soft voice emitted out from within the bedroom, “When you two eat, don’t call me over, the one who ends up getting hurt is always me.” “We are eating meat for lunch.” Ye Hua added another sentence. A hurried sound immediately rang out from within the bedroom, and shortly after, the bedroom door was opened by Qing Yutong. With an excited look on her face, Qing Yutong asked, “Brother-in-law, is that true?” “En.” Ye Hua responded. With the sound of a ‘wa’, Qing Yutong hugged onto Ye Hua like a koala bear. “Get off of me!” “Hmm, hmm, hmm~” “Is your butt itchy right now!” Qing Yutong immediately let go off her brother-in-law, “Brother-in-law, do you need my help? I am able to wash the vegetables~” “Scram!” “Bleh, bleh, bleh.” Afternoon, Ye Hua prepared a top-quality great desolate feast. Although Qing Ya was cold on the surface, she was currently bursting with joy inside. On the other hand, Qing Yutong did not care that much. As long as there is meat meat to eat, I can do whatever that is asked of me. Why is this meat meat so delicious? This meat meat is soft and substantial at the same time.

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