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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 139 – Go on an outing 2/2 Outside of leisure bar, two top-grade Cayenne cars were parked there. This time, Qing Ya finally did not have to be the driver. Qing Ya sat at the back together with Ye Hua, while Wei Chang sat at the driver seat, Lie Gu sat at the front passenger seat, and the four women sat in the second car. The allocation was very appropriate. Ye Hua did not say where they were heading to, but Wei Chang knew where they were going. Having fun was a part of the outing's objectives, but creating matters and killing people were also parts of the outing's objectives. After Lie Gu got into the car, he sent a message to one of his women, informing them to head to the location first and clear the place, to prevent others from disturbing His Honor’s mood. After Yi Ran received the message, she said to Wen Xia who was by her side, “Gugu told us to head to the location first and clear the place.” Wen Xia was the only woman amongst the four women who had short hair. Wen Xia was filled with a heroic aura, and even gave others a feeling that she was very handsome. Of course, it was a womanly kind of handsome. Also, Wen Xia’s figure belonged to the fiery kind. Lie Gu precisely likes this kind of woman. The one sitting behind Wen Xia was called Bai Xiaozhen. Bai Xiaozhen belonged to the adorable type. Her oval-shaped face gave others a comfortable feeling when looked at it, and the shy look on her face would cause others to not be able to help but adore her. As for Tang Wei, there was not much that was needed to say, Tang Wei belonged to the fresh and pure type. Perhaps because Tang Wei wasn’t familiar with the other three, or perhaps because she was currently sitting in the car with three celebrities, Tang Wei was currently feeling a bit nervous. “Let’s go clear the space!” A trace of evil smile appeared on the corner of Wen Xia’s mouth as she stepped heavily onto the pedal. The top-grade Cayenne car shot out like an arrow. Tang Wei immediately grabbed onto the car handle. They are so hardcore, they are completely different from how they acted within the television. At the start, I was actually feeling very nervous. When Uncle Wei told me to go on the outing and act as the boss’s attendant, I felt quite honored in my heart. However, when I think that there would only be just me alone, I immediately felt a bit nervous, afraid that I would do something wrong during the outing. Later on, when Tang Wei heard that there would be three other people going on the outing and acting as an attendant just like her, Tang Wei let out a breath of relief. This morning, when Tang Wei saw who the three other people were, Tang Wei was very surprised, she didn’t expect that the three other people would actually be celebrities that were currently popular. I secretly asked Uncle Wei about the three, and was told that these three celebrities are actually the girlfriends of Uncle Wei’s friend. When I heard that, I immediately felt dizzy. However, looking at their expressions right now, they seem to be even more nervous than I am… “Hello, my name is Bai Xiaozhen, very nice to meet you.” Right when Tang Wei was lost in her own thoughts, Bai Xiaozhen who was sitting beside her took the initiative and greeted her. While greeting Tang Wei, Bai Xiaozhen’s face was blushing red. Tang Wei cried out in surprise, and soon after, she held onto Bai Xiaozhen’s delicate hand, “Hello, my name is Tang Wei.” “I heard Gugu said that, you are Uncle Wei’s girlfriend?” Bai Xiaozhen’s voice was a bit low, and even when she was speaking to a girl, she would feel shy and lower her head. However, precisely because of that, within the entertainment industry, Bai Xiaozhen had lots of fans. Every time when her male fans saw that shy look on her, their hearts would melt. Lie Gu himself was also very fond of this point of Bai Xiaozhen.

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