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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 140 – I only wanted to give him a kick... 2/2 Two hours later, after getting off the highway, they got on the town road, then soon after, got on the mountain road, and began traveling within the forest for half an hour. If there was someone here, they would be able to see a car that could fly. Without long, they arrived at their destination. At the venue, there was a neither big nor small waterfall. The water droplets that splashed out from the waterfall floated within the air and formed into mist. The mist spread out around the mountain stream and forest, seemingly like it was covering the mountain stream and forest with a light gauze. Taking a look at venue, there was even an extremely beautiful rainbow. The quality of the clear water here was not something that the water within the cities could compare to. Looking carefully within the water stream, fishes could be seen swimming within the water. The meat of those fishes would most probably be delicious. The four women could be seen to have already arrived at the venue, and all of the facilities have been set up by them. Tents, chairs, dining table, cookware, food and so on, everything had been prepared by the four women, and currently, they were standing together in a row and respectfully welcoming the arrival of Ye Hua and the others. However, during an hour ago, this place wasn’t this peaceful at all. An hour ago… “Big Sister Xia, have we gotten lost?” Tang Wei who was sitting at the back asked curiously. Yi Ran opened her phone and took a look, then said lovably, “Nope, we are on the right track, Gugu went and took a look at the venue on an earlier date." “We have arrived.” Wen Xia said coldly as she stepped heavily onto the paddle. Tang Wei took a look at the front and immediately cried out in alarm, “Big Sister Xia! In front of us is a waterfall! Quickly! Quickly stop the car…” Amongst the sound of Tang Wei’s shriek, the Cayenne flew out from above the waterfall. Aside from Tang Wei, the other three women felt that it was very exciting. Bang! Not conforming to common sense, the entire car landed onto the ground without any problem. Even after the car landed on the ground, Tang Wei was still in a complete daze. Yi Ran laughed, “Everyone, prepare yourselves, it’s time to strive to perform well in front of the boss. Don’t make things difficult for Gugu.” “What Yi Ran said is right, although this is a simple outing, Gugu said that this outing is also a part of the boss’s test for us.” Wen Xia released her seatbelt, then took out her makeup mirror and took a look at herself. I must not throw my man’s face in front of the boss. Tang Wei was in a complete daze, she totally did not understand what they were talking about at all. “What are you all talking about? Why do I not understand what you all are talking about at all?” Tang Wei asked confusedly. Bai Xiaozhen said tenderly, “Tang Wei, you will know after you get off the car.” While feeling confused, Tang Wei got off the car along with the three other women. Sizing around the surrounding, all four of them felt that this place was indeed pretty good, it was a good place for camping out. Four women that were so beautiful suddenly appeared deep within the mountain forest, and they were dressed so alluring too. Black color lace female servant dress, black color stockings worn on their legs, with the stockings being the fishnet kind too, and high heeled shoes that helped further show off the four women's long legs. Immediately, the sound of countless people's saliva being swallowed rang out in the surrounding. Bang! Bang! Bang! …… All of a sudden, countless figures appeared in the sky and landed onto the ground. The way these people appeared was extremely shocking, cracks appeared on the ground that these people landed on. From this, it could be seen just how strong these people were! People continued to appear one after another. Tang Wei was feeling a bit afraid and she moved closer towards the other three women. About 100 people surrounded the four women in a circle. The attires of these people varied, there were some who wore ancient Chinese clothing, some who wore modern clothing, and some who even wore flared trousers. However, there was one thing that was the same within all of their gazes, which was that they were itching to swallow up the four women. A handsome man could be seen flinging his fringe and walking out in large strides, “This humble one is Extreme Thought Pavilion’s big disciple, Sun Wei.” “You all… who are you guys~” Yi Ran suddenly revealed out a delicate and frail look on her as she hugged onto Wen Xia’s arm. This action of hers not only did not make these people feel pity for her, these people even started to laugh out loud and viciousness began leaking out from their gazes. “Beauties, this place has already been occupied by us.” “If that is so, we will take our leave then.” Yi Ran said. As expected of a celebrity, her acting was good. Sun Wei immediately obstructed Yi Ran from leaving, “Beauty, don’t be like this, I became single again quite a while ago, I see that your looks is pretty good, how about you be my girlfriend?” After speaking, Sun Wei stretched out his hand, wanting to touch onto Yi Ran’s pretty face. However, before he was even able to touch till Yi Ran’s face, his entire body was sent flying up to the horizon like a bullet. Bai Xiaozhen said shyly, “I… I only wanted to give him a kick, I didn’t expect that it would turn out like this…” The surrounding men all gasped. A delicate woman actually sent an adult male flying with a kick. And it wasn’t an ordinary kick too, the guy was sent flying all the way to the sky, and up till now, the guy still hasn’t landed. This woman’s legs actually possesses such a huge amount of power, how is this possible!!!


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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