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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 141 – A relaxing camping 1/2 Yi Ran changed the delicate and fragile look on her face and said indifferently, “Each person take one direction, the boss is about to arrive soon, we have to hurry up.” Wen Xia and Bai Xiaozhen nodded their heads, while Tang Wei was still in a panic. Yi Ran’s figure could be seen flickering, and when she appeared again, her slender long leg could be seen pressing onto a man’s forehead. The heel of the high heeled shoes stabbed through the man’s skull and blood began flowing out from the man’s head. Astonishment and fear appeared within the man’s gaze, however, he still couldn’t help but took a look downwards. Immediately, the man felt that he couldn’t die in peace, this woman actually wore safety pants! Miserable shrieks suddenly began ranging out within the small valley and the clear water turned into bright red color. Tang Wei looked at the man who was fiercely attacking towards her and continuously retreated backward, all the way until she bumped onto the car door. “Die!” The man raised the butcher knife that was within his hand. I feel that I could already see the image of this beautiful woman in front of me being chopped into half. Tang Wei was extremely nervous, however, she still knew to resist. Grabbing onto the man’s arm, Tang Wei flung with all of her strength. Perhaps, because she used too much strength, the man didn’t get flung out by her, and instead, the man’s arm was forcibly torn off from his body. Looking at the arm that was spurting out with blood, a black fog flashed through Tang Wei’s beautiful eyes, and the delicateness on Tang Wei’s pretty face gradually subsided, and what replaced that delicateness was viciousness! “Kill!” This was a complete stomp, there wasn't even a tiny bit of possibility for the other side to flip over the situation. Even more, the four women did not let a single person run away. The four women’s methods were so ruthless that it would make one’s hair stand on its ends. Even god himself would have to cover over them with a black cloud due to not being able to bear looking straight at their methods! A few minutes later, among the hundred people, there was only one person left, and that person did not move at all from the beginning to the end. This person was just merely a disciple that had only cultivated his martial technique to the first realm. This person would always brag that he has a strong backing and would bully others in various ways. This time, upon knowing that his sect was setting out to create trouble, he was very excited about it. In the end, they have not even begun creating trouble, and a trouble instead came looking for them. Where has this person ever seen such a scene like this before, he had only seen before such scene within movies. “Quickly come here, there is still an honest person here, quickly come and bully him~” Bai Xiaozhen waved her pure white slender arm. Bai Xiaozhen’s entire body was clean, she did not let those dirty blood splash onto her. Yi Ran, Wen Xia, and Tang Wei walked over slowly. The man was scared to the point that he pissed himself. With the sound of a plop, the man kneeled onto the ground, “I will confess everything, we are from the north, we kept watch over this place in preparation to ambush the south. Whatever that you all want to know, I will tell you all, I beg you all, please don’t kill me.” Yi Ran walked over slowly and looked down upon the man that was kneeling down, “All of those are not important, the reason we are killing all of you is so that the boss’s ears would be able to be peaceful.” “Boss!!!” The man slowly raised his head and looked at the woman that was in front of him. They actually have a boss, and the reason that they killed so many people is so that their boss’s ears can be peaceful! Just who is their boss!!! The man suddenly felt that his neck itched, and soon after, after his vision spun around, he suddenly saw that his body was kneeling down on the ground. Where is my head, where did my head went to!!! Why am I not able to feel my hands? No! I don’t want to die! After settling the last person, Yi Ran opened the car trunk, “Let’s start cleaning up, don’t dirty the boss’s eyes.” And this was the situation during an hour ago.

Translator: Wigglegui



Wigglegui's Remarks:

Alright, translator here with an update on the novel. No chapters for the past few days as I was busy with clearing up some ends with main translation work. I will give a heads up in disqus and discord next time if something like this occurs again. Schedule of 5 chapters a week will resume from next week onward, and I am planning on doing a 10 chapters mass release on a certain day or 10+5 chapters released throughout a week in like maybe 2/3 weeks time. Will update you all again with an exact date. And well, that's it I guess, have a nice day~

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