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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 142 – Death Mage’s pain 1/2 Lie Gu flung his fishing pole again, “Boss, none of the fish is biting onto my bait, did the fish bait expired?” “You are the one who expired.” Wei Chang teased. Although Qing Ya didn’t speak, she was listening to them at the side. Sometimes it feels like they have a boss and subordinates relationship, and sometimes it feels like they are friends. And amongst them, Ye Hua acted as the role of being the lead. It feels like this man is filled with secrets from head to toes, just that, he just wouldn’t tell me those secrets. A cultivator who actually opened a leisure bar at a remote small alley, and his subordinate even works at the bar as a security guard. Back then, there was even a weird dog. Right now, I’m not sure where that dog ran to. I reckon the dog most likely got stewed by someone else right? However, isn’t this action of theirs a bit too strange? Could it be that, Ye Hua is hiding from his enemies? No matter if it is the television, or the novels, they would always say that the cultivation world is a world where the strong preyed on the weak. If Ye Hua is really hiding from his enemies, what should I do? How about leaving the country together? If leaving the country is really not possible, we can just go and hide in the mountain too. This way, Ye Hua’s enemies won’t be able to find him. Countless plans of running off immediately formed in Qing Ya’s mind and Qing Ya’s great mood completely obliterated. Right now, Qing Ya was filled with worries. Qing Ya looked at Ye Hua who seems completely normal. This relaxed look on him, is he feigning it for me to see? This scoundrel, hiding everything from me, does he not know that we are husband and wife? When there is trouble, we should bear it together! This Ye Hua is really such a male chauvinist! Although I don’t have any capability, but at the least, my brain can be used, and I have a lot of money too. The funds for running off is definitely ample, therefore we definitely won’t starve. Ye Hua who was currently fishing totally had no idea of the thoughts that were going on within Qing Ya’s small head. If he were to know of Qing Ya’s thoughts, he would definitely knock onto Qing Ya’s head and say, “Am I the kind of person that would hide from my enemies! If I really have to bring up my enemies, it would be those Overlords. However, if they were to come and find me, it would be great, I can save myself time from searching for them.” Ye Hua stretched out his hand. Qing Ya petulantly placed an orange onto Ye Hua’s hand, then snorted and looked towards another direction. Taking a look at that angry look on Qing Ya’s face, Ye Hua was really confused. The speed that this woman changes her face is faster than flipping the pages of a book. “Boss, looking at this situation, it would most probably appear tonight.” Wei Chang said lightly as he placed the small fish that was on his fishhook into the bucket. Ye Hua nodded his head and didn't really place the matter in his mind at all. Lie Gu completely did not have the mood to fish. With a low voice, Lie Gu said, “Boss, can I go do some other things instead, I feel so bored right now, bored to the point that my balls are aching.” “If your balls are aching, go and find your woman.” Ye Hua lighted up a stick of cigarette. “I shall do as you bid!” Lie Gu immediately placed his fishing pole down onto the ground, then turned around and walked towards Wen Xia. Arriving at Wen Xia’s side, Lie Gu pulled onto Wen Xia who had a shy look on her face and ran into the forest. Tang Wei who was cutting the vegetables had a curious look on her face. Tang Wei who was still a newbie did not understand what Lie Gu and Wen Xia were going into the forest for. Qing Ya snorted. Whatever kind of subordinate would have whatever kind of boss. For the subordinate to be dissolute by nature, the boss is definitely not any better. Thinking back to when I first met Ye Hua, Ye Hua’s skills with hitting on women were really good.

Translator: Wigglegui



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