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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 150 – So all of you are hiding here~ 2/2 Ye Hua and the others did not leave the dinner table and all of them were currently sitting on their seats quietly, seeming like they were waiting for something. Wei Chang and Lie Gu seemed a bit peculiar, while the four maids were calm. On the other hand, while hugging onto Qing Ya in his embrace, Ye Hua would either pinch onto her face or pinch onto her nose. In any way, he was bullying Qing Ya in every way possible. Bang!!! A figure landed onto the ground from the sky, causing a huge ripple to form on the water, and the ground to tremble. Beep, beep, beep… The alarm system of the two Cayenne cars began ringing out. Emperor Cang looked at the people that were in front of him and doubts appeared within his gaze. Isn’t that man Leisure Bar’s boss? And also, that security guard and youngster! And the four women that are wearing maid costumes! What are they doing here! Upon thinking of the black robe that appeared during the start! Emperor Cang seemed to have thought of something. These people here are just baits, the black robe could be hiding nearby right now. However, so what if he is hiding nearby? If I, Emperor Cang, wants to kill them, it would just be a matter of moving my fingers! On the other hand, these women are of top quality, it would be a pity if they were to die! Ye Hua did not even take a look at Emperor Cang who was walking towards them, and he was currently still pinching onto Qing Ya’s small cheek. Wei Chang let out a breath, “The four of you, who is going to go and deal with this person?” The four maids’ eyes lighted up. Right now, even Tang Wei had also fallen into depravity. Not only was she not afraid right now, but she was also even thirsting for the chance to fight. Emperor Cang was feeling very confused as he watched the four maids stood up, then went to the side and began whispering with each other. Soon after, he heard their sweet and beautiful voices. "Scissors, paper, stone!" "Scissors, paper, stone!" "Scissors, paper, stone!" "Scissors, paper, stone!" “Haha, I won~” Bai Xiaozhen shouted out happily, while also feeling a bit embarrassed at the same time. The other three women pouted their mouths. This is an opportunity for one of us to perform, and not only can the winner perform in front of her own man, but she can also perform in front of the boss. What an honor it is to be able to do that, who knows when such an opportunity would come again. Bai Xiaozhen placed one of her hand on top of her other hand, then placed her hand onto her belly and walked slowly towards the front of Emperor Cang, then said shyly, “Hello, I am your opponent.” Emperor Cang seemed to have received ten thousand points of damage, and right now, his face seemed malevolent and frightening at the same time. They actually used scissors paper stone to decide who would be the one to fight against me! And the important point is that, all of them are women! And this woman in front of me actually even said f**king hello to me!!! My mood is f**king bad right now!!! Tonight, my dignity had already been trampled on twice! And yet, at this valley, I was humiliated again! Even more, I was humiliated by a weak and feeble woman! Since all of you are disregarding I, Emperor Cang’s existence, don’t blame me for being ruthless! Bai Xiaozhen was feeling very embarrassed, and when she saw that the face of the person in front of her was twitching, she thought that the person was feeling sick. Right when the two were about to fight with each other, a sweet-sounding voice rang out from within the forest. “Little rabbit be obedient, go on and opponent the door for me, quickly open the door for me, I want to… Hehehe~” Lie Gu’s gaze congealed, “Xiaozhen, come back!” Bai Xiaozhen turned her head around and took a look at her man confusedly. After letting out a sigh, she walked back to the dinner table. Emperor Cang did not pay attention to Bai Xiaozhen, and right now, he was currently looking at the figure that was within the forest. Emperor Cang’s gaze was filled with astonishment. Isn’t this loli the person that was within the coffin! She… why is she here! The loli swept her eyes over everyone, and her red color pupils became even more dazzling. “Little rabbits, so all of you were hiding here. All of you made me searched for a very very long time. Right now, I don’t even want to move anymore~ I’m so tired~” The loli used her little hand to fan onto herself. This action of hers was truly adorable to death. Emperor Cang’s face was twisted. This night is the most humiliating day of my entire life! “Trying to act mysterious!” Emperor Cang’s palms could be seen aiming towards the loli. Dark light gushed out from Emperor Cang’s body, and the ground immediately sunk, “Mountain destroying dark light!” Suddenly, a huge dark light was shot out from Emperor Cang’s palms. Nothing remains from everything that the dark light went through. And in the next moment, the loli’s small body was engulfed by the dark light. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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