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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 153 – You! You are cheating! 2/2 Ye Zizi giggled and a bright red color pike immediately appeared on her delicate hand. This long pike was no ordinary pike. The head of the pike was the same length as the body of the pike. The head of the pike was scarlet in color, and a layer of faint blood fog could be seen being emitted out from the head of the pike. On the other hand, the body of the pike was as if there were rivers of blood flowing around it, and even more, the wails of grievance spirits could be heard coming out from the body of the pike, just this alone was enough to make one tremble in fear. Immediately after the pike appeared, a white crystal armor appeared on Ye Zizi’s body. The white crystal armor covered 99% of Ye Zizi’s entire body, and even Ye Zizi’s eyes were covered too. As for that 1% that was not covered by the armor, two holes could be seen made on the armor, and each of Ye Zizi’s ponytails came out from each of the holes. On the armor, various kinds of runes could be seen branded onto the armor. Each of the runes represented a different kind of defense, it was truly unimaginable. “Big skeleton head, are you going to fight against me while unarmed?” Ye Zizi’s sweet voice rang out from the armor. Ye Hua flicked the cigarette bud. Ye Hua could be seen speaking calmly, “Blood Lone Illumination, its biggest characteristic is that it is able to absorb the opponent’s blood essence during a battle, even if it isn’t able to touch until the opponent’s body! And that faint blood fog is even more fatal, when the enemy breathed it in, it would cause the enemy to produce hallucination. This is still the first stage of the blood fog, as for the second stage, you should know even if I don’t say it.” “Profound Moon Armor, it could be said to be the perfect defense. Unfortunately, you insisted on poking out two holes for your ponytails to come out from, and these two holes are the flaws of your armor.” Ye Zizi’s expression turned stiff and she was in complete disbelief. Why does he know my secrets! “It’s not possible! Why do you know about all those things!” Ye Zizi’s tone suddenly changed, it was no longer a sweet-sounding loli voice, and right now, it was like the howl of a weeping ghost. Along with Ye Zizi’s bellow, a soundwave was formed, and it swept out towards Ye Zizi’s surroundings. Ye Hua looked at the unstable Ye Zizi and said faintly, “Because, I was the one who gave you the Blood Lone Illumination and Profound Moon Armor!” “Impossible! You are bluffing!” Within the armor, Ye Zizi’s expression was sinister. For all of her secrets to be known by the other party, Ye Zizi knew just what this meant. Ye Hua sneered and his corporeal body gradually retreated. In the blink of an eye, Ye Hua’s true body was revealed! A skeleton! Compared to Death Mage, Ye Hua was slightly taller. Ye Hua’s shoulders were a bit broader, and his skeleton body was a bit larger too. However, Ye Hua’s skeleton head was extremely similar to Death Mage’s skeleton head. From this, it could be seen that Death Mage was handsome too. Ye Hua stretched out his five fingers and took a look at them. It’s been quite a long time since I last seen my true body, it sure does feel a bit unused to. “Right now, your Blood Lone Illumination is completely useless against me. At the most, it is but a sharp pike, and that is nothing for me to worry about.” Ye Zizi tightly held onto the Blood Lone Illumination that was within her hand. The blood fog that was on the head of the pike increased in amount. From this, it could be seen just how angry Ye Zizi was feeling right now. “As for how to break through your Profound Moon Armor, there are lots of ways for me to choose from, for example…” Ye Hua waved his skeleton hand, and thousands of weapons that had been shrunk small could be seen surrounding Ye Hua’s body. And it was as if Ye Hua was playing with a tablet, when Ye Hua lightly slid onto the air with his finger, the weapons followed along and began rotating. Suddenly, Ye Hua decided upon one of the weapons and he grabbed onto it. A purple color long blade could be seen appearing within Ye Hua’s hand. The entire body of the blade was engraved with gold stripes, and on the tip of the blade, an unknown gold color liquid was dripping out from it. When the gold color liquid dripped onto the ground, it could move around on its own, seemingly like it has a self-consciousness. “This Gold Flame Dark Blade is enough to break through your Profound Moon Armor! As for that Blood Lone Illumination within your hand…” Ye Hua could be seen waving his hand again. Thousands of armors appeared and began floating around Ye Hua’s surroundings. After picking out an armor from the thousands of armors, the armor condensed and appeared on Ye Hua’s skeleton body. “Although this Secret Feather Armor is not a top-rate armor, it is able to suppress your vitality! Adding on with…” Suddenly, a shield condensed and appeared on Ye Hua’s left hand, “Adding on with this Heavy Serene Shield, I am able to suppress your vitality to its lowest point!” Sure enough! The Blood Lone Illumination that was still emitting out a dense blood fog just a while ago gradually became weaker and weaker, and in the end, only threads of blood fog were being emitted out from the Blood Lone Illumination. “Although I am not an expert in using strength, it is still enough to deal with you!” Ye Zizi looked dazedly at the Ye Hua who had a full set of godly equip equipped on him and said slowly, “You are cheating!!!” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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