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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 162 – Tie up that author for me! 2/2 Gui Chengren let out a breath, “Is the Nine Demons Pagoda in Bai Family’s hands already?” Hearing that his master was changing the subject, and the subject that his master was changing to was to the ancient godly item, Tang Wushuang felt that hope was ignited up again. As long as master is willing to partake, everything will become right naturally. “The report that the intelligence gatherer reported did indeed say that the ancient godly item is in Bai Family’s hands already. After Wang Dabao obtained the Nine Demons Pagoda, he hurriedly rushed towards Zijin City and headed to Bai Family!” Gui Chengren paused for a moment, “Right now, Bai Family possesses an ancient godly item, and Xiao Family possesses one too, and yet, you do not possess one! Could it be that you are thinking of getting master to help you snatch over an ancient godly item for you?” “Disciple does not dare.” “The rules of the aristocratic families cannot be changed. If you want to squeeze into the ranks of the aristocratic families, you must snatch over an ancient godly item. Right now, which family’s ancient godly item do you think is the best to snatch from?” Is there even a need to ask? It is definitely Xiao Family’s Xuan Yuan Sword. “Xiao Family.” Tang Wushuang said gravely. “Since you know it is Xiao Family, why do you still not have any action?” Gui Chengren asked. Tang Wushuang was still thinking of old time’s sake. After all, Xiao Yi helped me quite a bit back then. And right now, for me to stab Xiao Yi in his back, it is really hard for me to do it! “To be a great being, when you are faced against a god, you have to slay the god, so let alone just a human being!” “Disciple has benefited from master’s advice.” The living room immediately turned quiet, and Tang Wushuang did not dare to even breathe too heavily. “I heard that everyone from last night has all died, and furthermore, they were all absorbed and turned into dried corpses?” Gui Chengren suddenly asked. “En, the news just began spreading out a while ago. Also, the whereabouts of the three big powers that belong to the north are still unknown.” Gui Chengren said calmly, “Seems like it was the doings of the person that was within the coffin.” “Master, you know about just what is going on?” “If I did not guess wrongly, all of you fell into a trap.” Gui Chengren laughed lightly, then picked up the snickers bar that was on the table. After opening the wrapper, he began chewing it slowly. Tang Wushuang turned pale with fright as he immediately understood what was going on. “Master, how are you compared to that person?” “Not much difference.” Tang Wushuang’s heart sunk. Master actually gave that person such a high evaluation, this is truly unimaginable! “That’s right, what’s the matter with that black robe?” Gui Chengren continued and asked. Tang Wushuang began telling everything about the black robe to his master, and after finish listening to everything, Gui Chengren began pondering. After a long while, Gui Chengren said faintly, “This black robe does not have to be feared, the main point is the person that is behind him!” “But, within the social circle right now, everyone is saying that black robe is the boss.” Gui Chengren’s gaze turned cold, “I really should kill all of those women of yours! Has your brain turned silly from being sandwiched by those women! You are not even able to see through a scheme like this?!” “But…” “Wushuang, let me ask you a question! Have you ever seen me having to personally go out and fight?” Tang Wushuang swallowed his saliva. Indeed, I have never seen master fight personally before. “No.” “True experts are completely disdained towards weaklings. Within their eyes, weaklings are but a bunch of dust!” Gui Chengren said gravely, seemingly as if like he had finally met his match. “Master is precisely one of the true experts.” Tang Wushuang immediately bootlicked. And as expected, bootlicking was useful everywhere. Gui Chengren leaned on the sofa, and said faintly with a deep gaze, “I have a kind of feeling that the dispute between the north and south is plotted out by that Leisure Bar. Wushuang, you have to thoroughly investigate this Leisure Bar.” “Disciple understands. Master, then, just who is the true boss of this Leisure Bar?” Gui Chengren sighed heavily, “If it’s not that boss, it would be that security guard. One of them is the mastermind behind the scheme!” “Alright, master is going to go and rest already.” “Master, do you need disciple to help you arrange…” “You can leave those useless women to yourself. Don’t forget to help master kidnap that author. If he doesn’t pump out chapters, break his legs!” “Eh… alright.” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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