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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 166 – I will marry! 2/2 Donghuang Baizhi’s memory immediately returned to three years ago. The situation on that day was more or less the same as today, just that back then, my father was the one that was sitting on the throne. On the second day, I ran away, and it was at that time that I came across that Leisure Bar’s boss. I, whose mood was extremely bad, was successfully persuaded over by him and had a relationship happened together with him. However, when I heard that man said that it was his first time too, I felt a bit comfortable in my heart. Back then, he even said that he wouldn’t touch the same woman twice and told me not to go and look for him again. At that time, I laughed. That guy really took himself as a big shot, he was the most narcissistic person that I have ever met. After playing around the profane world for half a month, I returned back to the Voidless Realm. But unexpected to me, my father had fallen ill. During that time, I was feeling rather worried. However, the sage doctor that came to check on father’s illness actually discovered that I was pregnant. How was it possible! However, after going through the doctor’s diagnosis, I was stupefied, I was really pregnant. Without even having to think, I knew who the child belonged to. Back then, my father became incredibly furious and flew into a rage, causing his illness to become even more serious. Everyone persuaded me to abort the child, saying that this matter was a disgrace for the Donghuang Family! However, I couldn’t bear to do it, after all, no matter what, the child was a life! After resisting for a month, I couldn’t bear it anymore, and running away was my only option. However, where do I even run off to? At that time, a place appeared within my mind, which was that Leisure Bar. Back then when I headed towards the bar, I was even thinking of some beautiful and wonderful things in my mind. Although it was an accident, at the least, I found my life’s other half. But I would have never thought, I waited one day after another day, and every night, I would watch as the Leisure Bar closes for business. Walking at the dusky alley, I would raise my head up and look towards the second floor, at the room that was still lighted up. The distance between us is only a few meters, but why are you just not willing to come down and take a look at me! After suffering one disappointment after another disappointment, I became downhearted, and half a month later, I returned back to the Voidless Realm. However, at that time, my father had already left. That day was the darkest day of my life, it felt as if the entire world was disdaining me. I even thought of killing myself and put an end to this life of mine. However, when I thought of my child, I restrained myself from doing that. The child looks a lot like him. Every time when I see my daughter, I would recall of that heartless man. What is funny is that, right now, that man married a woman, and that woman is pregnant with his child! You wouldn’t touch the same woman twice? What a joke that is! And yet, I actually believed it! Why were you so heartless when I was pregnant, and yet when it comes to that woman, you are able to marry her! “Yuan De.” Donghuang Baizhi called out faintly, just that, her tone was suppressed to the point that it would make one feel terrified. “Subordinate is here!” “Regarding the matter of going to Ying Family to propose, you can do as you see fit, I will marry!” After finish speaking, with her hands behind her back, Donghuang Baizhi left. Within the palace, the seven other elders still haven’t understood just what happened, and only Yuan De let out a breath of relief. I have finally settled it. “Hey, what’s the situation? Why did the empress suddenly agree to our request?” Xing Han walked over and asked curiously. Yuan De laughed lightly, “Within the empress’s heart, there is this one person that she is always thinking about. As long as we eliminate this person, there would be nothing for the empress to always think about anymore.” The seven elders went into a daze, then began showing their admiration to Yuan De one after another. I didn’t expect that Yuan De would actually manage to investigate out just what happened back then. “All of you have to keep this matter a secret, this matter concerns Donghuang Family’s prestige.” Yuan De laughed, and soon after, he followed along with everyone and left the palace. Donghuang Baizhi did not return back to her room, and she was currently sitting at a garden and dazedly looking at the stars within the sky. Her delicate hands were held tightly, and her fingernails were sunk into her flesh, causing her palms to lose color. After a long while, Donghuang Baizhi walked towards her daughter’s room. Before she had even come close to her daughter’s room, she heard the clicking sound of a keyboard. Donghuang Baizhi’s face immediately turned cold as she suddenly pushed opened the door and entered into the room. Donghuang Li who was currently playing with the computer game became startled and she hurriedly turned off her computer, then stood at one side honestly while with her head lowered. “Kneel down!” Donghuang Li removed the keyboard from her computer and placed the keyboard on the floor, then with the sound of a plop, she kneeled down on the keyboard. I feel that mother is relatively unusual today, I better be a bit more careful. Donghuang Baizhi walked to the front of the monitor and computer, then stretched out her palm. Suddenly, the monitor and computer turned into dust and flew out of the window. Donghuang Li looked dazedly at the dust flying out of the window. This is the only thing that I have to come into contact with the outside world, and mother destroyed it… Tears flowed down from Donghuang Li’s adorable little face, however, she did not sob at all. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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