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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 179 – Robbery! 2/2 After soaring into the sky, Death Mage and Xun Fang gazed towards the empty sky that was in front of them. The Sickle of Death suddenly appeared within Death Mage’s hand, while Xun Fang slightly moved her delicate hand, and a purple gold sword appeared within her hand. “Who dares to block Voidless Realm’s path!” 50 people who wore red gowns could be seen suddenly appearing within the empty sky. Amongst the 50 people, 30 people were carrying chest boxes that were made with top-grade redwood on their shoulders. Without having to think too much, it was obvious what things were stored within the chest boxes. As for the other 20 people, they were the guards. Upon seeing a black gowned person and a woman appearing in front of them, they immediately drew out their swords. However, don’t underestimate the 30 people that were carrying the chest boxes. The 30 people placed down the betrothal gifts that they were carrying on their shoulders on the empty air, then drew out their weapons in succession. Upon hearing the name that was shouted out, as someone who was once a sect master, Xun Fang naturally knew what kind of existence Voidless Realm was. Going against Voidless Realm is no different from trying to get yourself killed. I didn’t expect that the people that we were going to rob were going to be people that belongs to Voidless Realm, the heaven is truly toying around with me! However, so what if those people belong to Voidless Realm? I hope that this Voidless Realm possesses a bit of capability. After robbing their goods, I hope the experts that they would dispatch after us would have the capabilities to kill me and Death Mage. That way, I would be able to die contentedly. Death Mage unhurriedly took out his phone and typed on his phone, then held the phone screen towards the people that were in front of him. On the phone screen, a rainbow color word could be seen moving around, “Robbery!” However, Xun Fang’s speed was faster, right before Death Mage held his phone towards those people that belonged to Voidless Realm, Xun Fang had already rushed into those people. Xun Fang seemed sort of like a wolf entering into a flock of sheep. After all, Xun Fang herself possessed the strength of that of a sect master, and adding on with the fact that she broke through her realm during that day where she became upset from being provoked, right now, the strength that Xun Fang possessed was completely able to allow her to fight against Xiao Yi, and even more, be the one that possesses the upper hand during the fight. If Xun Fang were to possess an ancient godly item, she may even be able to defeat Xiao Yi. However, Death Mage possessed the capability to kill Xiao Yi in an instant, therefore, that was still a gap between Death Mage’s and Xun Fang’s strength. Watching Xun Fang dance around the group of people, blood splattering in all directions, and limbs flying around everywhere, Death Mage was a little enchanted. Right at this moment, this woman suddenly became so beautiful, especially when the enemies’ blood splattered onto that pure white face of hers, and that gaze of hers that does not possess any humanity, all of it is making her seem so attractive! Dou Fushi still did not know what was happening within the sky and was currently waiting anxiously while on the ground. While looking at the sky, all of a sudden, Dou Fushi saw a black dot appearing within the sky. Dou Fushi wrinkled his brows. What is that black dot? As the black dot drew closer and closer to the ground, Dou Fushi became startled. That black dot is actually a severed arm! Dou Fushi immediately avoided the severed arm. Soon after, more severed arms and limbs appeared within the sky, causing Dou Fushi to become scared as he hid at a corner while shivering. These two evil spirits who are husband and wife are too frightening. In no time, amongst the 50 people, only 10 people were left. Xun Fang was feeling extremely pleased right now, the pain that was being repressed in her heart had been vented out. After venting out the pain, Xun Fang felt a lot better. “The two of you have big guts, to dare to rob Voidless Realm’s goods, and also kill Voidless Realm’s people, the two of you can prepare to wait to be drowned out by disaster!” One of the men shouted out loudly. Soon after, he nodded his head towards the remaining other people, and all of them began running away in different directions. They were intending to return back to Voidless Realm to report back about this matter. Xun Fang flung her hand, and the purple gold sword transformed into a rainbow and stabbed through a person’s body. However, she was not able to kill the remaining other people that were running away. Death Mage was very disdained towards these people. What rubbish Voidless Realm, my master would be able to destroy all of you with just a move of his hand, and His Honor would be able to kill all of you with just one sentence. And as for me! Jiejiejie~ Imperial translation: “Tentacles of Darkness!” Countless round, big, and coarse tentacles appeared out from the empty air and attacked towards all directions. This move was the move that caused Xiao Yi to run away in all directions in fright. Faced against the unequaled Death Mage, the people from Voidless Realm were not able to do anything. All they could do was watch as the tentacles stabbed into their bodies, and proceed to get devoured by the tentacles. This seemed very similar to Wei Chang’s move. It was the first time that Xun Fang had seen Death Mage used a technique. After seeing that technique, Xun Fang thought to herself, “If I am to face against this technique, what would happen to me? If my speed is not fast enough, I would most probably end up just like them, being devoured by those tentacles. This damned skeleton, why is he this formidable!!!” After recalling back his tentacles, Death Mage looked towards Xun Fang. I will ask you, are you afraid or not after seeing that many tentacles! Death Mage waved his hand, and the 15 boxes of betrothal gifts followed along with Death Mage and descended downwards. Xun Fang sighed, then followed along and descended downwards. Upon seeing them descend, Dou Fushi immediately ran over, “Big brother, sister-in-law, you two are truly too formidable!” After finish speaking, Dou Fushi began opening the boxes of betrothal gifts in succession. After opening all the boxes, Dou Fushi’s eyes were almost blinded by the golds that were in front of him, “There are so many golds! F**k! There are so many treasures too, and they all belong to the kind where there is a price, but is unbuyable! Look at this helmet, and look at this weapon, my god! Who do these treasures belong to, the f**k! What the f**k, there is even an ancient godly item here too!” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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