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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 182 – Red and green brothers 1/2 “En, thank you Uncle Green.” Ah Li wiped her tears away. This is my first time eating a lollipop, it tastes incredibly great. As Ah Li continue eating the lollipop, Ah Li felt that her stomach became very hungry, and said embarrassedly, “Uncle Green, Uncle Red, Ah Li’s stomach is hungry.” “Not a problem, what do Ah Li want to eat?” Ah Li pursed her lips, “Ah Li wants to eat McDonald.” The big brother and little brother took a look at each other. This McDonald isn’t cheap at all. However, as long as we take good care of this little ancestor, we will definitely be able to recuperate our costs. And not only will we be able to recuperate our costs, but we will also be able to make an enormous profit. Right now, the most important task is to head to the city. The place that we are at right now is surrounded by small county towns, and those small county towns are not able to satisfy the little ancestor’s request. “Big brother, the route towards the city is very far, we have to top up gas.” Little Brother Red took out his wallet. Within the wallet, there was a piece of red note, and a few pieces of shriveled five dollar and one dollar notes. Big Brother Green steeled his heart. If one is not willing to make sacrifices, they would not be able to catch the wolf. This time, I am going to bet my hard-earned capital. Big Brother Green took out his wallet and handed it over to his little brother, “Pool my money together.” After opening the wallet, it could be seen that there were actually 5 pieces of red color notes. Upon seeing that, Little Brother Red cried out in surprise, “You actually have 500 rmb! And yet, you still asked me to lend you 50 rmb this morning!” “Is that so? I most probably forgot that I still have 500 rmb in my wallet…” Big Brother Green was feeling a little awkward. On the road, they stopped by a gas station and added 200 rmb worth of gas. Immediately, they were confident in being able to make it to the city and drove straight towards the city. Donghuang Li leaned forward on the window and curiously sized up the steel city. Donghuang Li’s gaze was filled with curiosity. The outside is so much better than Voidless Realm, there are so many kinds of weird and strange things. The two that were sitting at the front were also curiously sizing up the city. The way that city people dress is so old-fashion, they should learn from us and get themselves an afro, and dye a bright color on their afro. Like this, then would they be able to attract the opposite sex’s attraction. The eyes of the ladies in the villages would be stuck on you, and no matter where you go, you would attract others’ attention. And even if you were in a city, it would be the same too! After parking the car, the red and green brothers got off the car, and immediately, they gave rise to a commotion. All of the people that were passing by moved their gaze towards red and green brothers. Big Brother Green said proudly, “I told you to dye your hair green and you wouldn’t listen to me. Take a look at the city people, they are all stunned by my appearance.” “Big brother, I feel that they are looking down on us.” Little Brother Red felt that there was something wrong with the gazes of the city people. Big Brother Green tsked, “That is jealousy. If I were to do a windmill right now, they would definitely become completely stunned.” “Wow, is this McDonald? It looks exactly the same as the pictures.” Ah Li could be seen jumping out of the car, then looked towards the McDonald that was in front of her. Her big eyes were filled with surprise. Just that, when Little Ah Li appeared, the gazes of the people became even more curious. Two non-mainstreams bringing along such an adorable child, the two non-mainstreams couldn’t be child traffickers right! However, looking at the little child hop around joyfully, the little child doesn’t seem to have been threatened. On the other hand, those two non-mainstreams have a bitter look on their faces. The three walked into the store. McDonald’s business was very great, and the three had to queue up. “Ah Li will go and queue up~” Donghuang Li was very courteous and did not cut in line. Donghuang Li stood behind a big sister and began waiting excitedly. The look of anticipation on Donghuang Li’s face caused the people in the McDonald store to want to hug onto her. Meanwhile, the red and green brothers were like bodyguards, waiting to pay the bill for Donghuang Li. After queueing up for about 10+ minutes, it was finally Little Ah Li’s turn. However, the counter table was too high and Little Ah Li wasn’t able to reach it. “Uncle Green, Ah Li can’t reach the counter table.” Ah Li turned her head around and looked pitifully at Big Brother Green. Big Brother Green sighed and carried the little ancestor onto his shoulder. “Wow, there are so many delicious foods. I want McFlurry, cola, mala drumstick burger, lots of chicken wings, and also chicken meat roll, and also corn cup, and also… and also…” http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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