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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 189 – Big brother is here! 1/2 Heavy Dust who was originally lying down on its stomach and staying motionless gradually stood its body up. Heavy Dust’s gaze was no longer filled with despair, and instead, it was filled with the desire to make others feel despair. The humiliation that I suffered here, I am going to make others payback for it! Roar! Heavy Dust walked up the stairs like a robot, and along with Heavy Dust walking up the stairs, countless rocks began falling down. The entire cave was about to collapse anytime soon. Just a while ago, Qing Yutong removed Heavy Dust’s seal, and her motive for removing the seal was very simple, it was to make it so that Heavy Dust was able to go out and play. This beast has been caged in this place for such a long time that it is about to become mentally deficient. “Big Sister Qing, let’s go out and play.” “Alright.” The two held onto each other’s hand and followed behind Heavy Dust. Ye Zizi’s sweet laughter would ring out from time to time. Just that, this laughter was enough to make one have their hair stand on its end. Currently, Ying Family’s members were sitting in the main hall and discussing about who should become the next family head. Ying Jingshan's heart was filled with indignant, my son has only just died a while ago, and they already can’t wait to discuss about who is going to become the next family head! Suddenly! The entire main hall began shaking, and Ying Family’s members immediately turned pale with fright. This aura… “Heavy Dust!” Ying Shang couldn’t believe it. How did Heavy Dust manage to come out from the cave! The entire island was shaking, seemingly just like an earthquake was happening, and the ruthless aura that Heavy Dust was emitting out was making everyone who sensed it to feel intimidated. Ying Jingshan did not have the slightest hesitation as he shouted out gravely, “Put all of Ying Family’s ancient godly items to use! We must reseal Heavy Dust back in the cave again, we can’t let it run amok outside!” When faced against a crisis, everyone in Ying Family was able to work together as one, otherwise, Ying Family wouldn’t have been able to become one of the three big powers. When Heavy Dust came out of the cave, it immediately raised its head up towards the sky and roared, seemingly like it was trying to tell everyone, the day that all of you are going to die has arrived, I am going to use my red color claws to crush all of you! Every step that Heavy Dust took, a few of Ying Family’s luxurious buildings would turn into oreo cookies, and even more, who knows if there were any people or not under Heavy Dust’s feet? Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi slowly walked out of the cave. While looking at the moonlight within the sky, the two took a stretch. “Big Sister Qing, hug hug, I’m tired~” Ye Zizi stretched out both of her hands and expressed that she didn’t want to move anymore. Qing Yutong carried onto Ye Zizi, “Let’s go and see how the huge beast is going to fight against the ultramans.” “Oh, that’s right, what time is it now? If big brother finished shooting his wedding photos and discovered that we were missing, we are going to be done for." Qing Yutong took a look at the sky, “I also didn’t bring my phone with me. Looking at the color of the sky, it should be still early, right?” “Big Sister Qing, you are the one who said that okay~” “Little fellow, only knows how to throw the blame onto me.” Qing Yutong pinched onto Ye Zizi’s small nose, and the latter laughed out heartily. Right now, Heavy Dust was just like a war machine, half of Ying Family’s buildings have already been razed to the ground, and everyone within Ying Family was starting to attack at Heavy Dust. Various kinds of colors were shining out from the weapons within their hands. With one look at how gaudy those weapons were, one would know that those weapons were cheap goods. “Big brother! This Heavy Dust is very strange, it seems to be very irascible!” Ying Shang was holding onto a pike, the pike was black in color and there was lightning revolving around the pike! This pike was an ancient godly item! Right at this moment, Ying Xiang flew over. Ying Xiang was holding onto a huge blade which resembled a lot like Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade, just that, the huge blade was yellow in color. This huge blade was another ancient godly item. What the three big powers do not lack the most were ancient godly items. “Big brother, why did this Heavy Dust’s claws turn into red color… It’s a bit strange.” Ying Jingshan also felt that it was strange, why do those sharp claws seem like they have been painted with nail polish! “Alright, don’t talk anymore, let’s first focus on suppressing this Heavy Dust, then seal it up once again!” “Yes!’ “Yes!” The orders of the family head were not allowed to be violated. Rules were rules, no one within Ying Family could place themselves above Ying Family’s rules! http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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