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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 193 – I’m begging you 2/2 At his home, Xiao Yi pondered for a very long time, and the conclusion that he arrived at was that Xiao Family was done for! However, a figure suddenly appeared within his mind, black robe! If I am able to receive the black robe’s help, Xiao Family would not be done for. No matter what kind of request the black robe request of me, I can agree to all of it. Even more, I have brought along Xuan Yuan Sword. My life, adding on with Xuan Yuan Sword, in exchange for the safety of my women and child! As Xiao Yi’s wife, Shu Nan seemed to have sensed that there was something peculiar with her husband. During this day, Shu Nan blocked her husband’s path and told him that if he doesn’t tell her where he was heading out to, she would die in front of him! Xiao Yi couldn’t do anything about his wife, and with no choice, he told his plan to Shu Nan. After listening to Xiao Yi’s plan, Shu Nan didn’t hesitate at all and chose to go to the bar with her husband. During that time, Xiao Yi asked his wife, “Why do you want to come along with me.” Shu Nan smiled very beautifully and said, “I am also a life too.” At that moment, Xiao Yi discovered that he was the luckiest person in this world. If I am not lucky, how would I have been able to marry them! Although Xiao Yi brought his wife along with him to the bar, Xiao Yi was definitely not going to let his wife die! “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.” Wei Chang pretended and asked. “I want to meet black robe, I have a very important matter to discuss with him.” Xiao Yi’s complexion was extremely bad right now, he was already at the point where he was about to die soon. If he was not able to settle everything tonight, he may perhaps not be able to see tomorrow’s sun anymore. Shu Nan tightly held onto her husband’s icy-cold hand. Shu Nan’s heart was bleeding. Wei Chang did not know how His Honor was going to deal with this Xiao Yi, and thus, he decided that he might as well not trouble himself with this Xiao Yi. “You all can go back, there is no black robe here.” Wei Chang said faintly. With the sound of a plop, Shu Nan kneeled down in front of Wei Chang, “I’m begging you, let us meet black robe. My husband is about to die soon, and right before he dies, he just wants to meet black robe for once.” Wei Chang looked towards Xiao Yi and discovered that Xiao Yi’s situation was indeed as what the woman has said. From the looks of it, this Xiao Yi is most probably not going to be able to live past tonight. Let Death Mage come over to the bar? Forget about it, the way that that Death Mage converse with others is able to make one’s head go big. Forget it, I will go and ask His Honor’s opinion about it. Currently, Ye Hua had just fallen asleep while hugging onto Qing Ya. Suddenly, Wei Chang’s voice appeared in his head and woke him up. “Your Honor, Xiao Yi came to the bar.” “Xiao Yi? Instead of properly cultivating at home, what did he come all the way to my bar for?” “I don’t know, but from how he looks right now, it seems that he most probably won’t be able to live past tonight.” Ye Hua asked confusedly, “He is about to die?” “En. Your Honor, you see, do we keep him or not?” Ye Hua thought for a bit. I subdued a power that belongs to the south just a while ago, and right now, I am still currently lacking a power that belongs to the north… He should be it then! “Keep him to use.” “Yes!” After finish speaking, Ye Hua continued to go back to sleep while hugging onto Qing Ya. This feels so comfortable. Wei Chang took a look at Xiao Yi, and Shu Nan who was kneeling on the floor, “You two wait here.” After finish speaking, Wei Chang turned around and left. Shu Nan became exulted as she stood up and held onto her husband’s hand, “Brother Xiao, persevere on!” “Cough, cough, cough, Shu Nan… This family will depend on you from now… If… if you come across someone who is better than me, don’t feel burdened about it.” Xiao Yi was very weak right now, there was no vitality on his complexion at all. If not for the strong spiritual energy supporting onto his body, he would have already died a few days ago. Shu Nan shouted out, “Brother Xiao! What are you even talking about! This entire lifetime of mine belongs to you! And during the next lifetime, I am still going to belong to you!” Xiao Yi gasped heavily. Right now, he did not even have the strength to even speak anymore. Suddenly! A black whirlpool appeared in front of the two of them, and from the black whirlpool, a figure could be seen walking out from it. The figure’s entire body was covered by black fog. Xiao Yi and Shu Nan looked dazedly at this figure. The scene from back then is still vivid in my mind, this figure is that black robe’s boss! Wei Chang was working hard to deal with the two. Sigh, Xiao Tang is still waiting outside for me... “What is it!” Wei Chang asked in a deep and low voice, his voice changed completely. Xiao Yi could be seen to be very agitated. While hugging onto the guitar box, and with his entire body shivering, Xiao Yi crawled onto the floor and slowly opened the guitar box. The dazzling Xuan Yuan Sword appeared in front of everyone. Xiao Yi could be seen kneeling in front of Wei Chang. Just moving for a bit was enough to cause Xiao Yi to gasp heavily. If not for Shu Nan holding onto him, he would have long collapsed onto the floor. “My… my… my sword and life... I can give them both to you… Can… can you… guarantee the safety of my wives and child…” Xiao Yi spoke intermittently. After finish speaking the last word, Xiao Yi felt that his breathing became even more difficult, and his entire body even began trembling. Shu Nan’s tears fell down like rain. While hugging tightly onto her husband, Shu Nan said towards Wei Chang, “If my husband’s life is not enough, I can give you my life too!” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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