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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 201 – Revenge has been sought 1/2 Donghuang Li’s action caused Ye Hua to laugh. Qing Ya who was at the side pouted her small mouth. When I want to play a few rounds, you wouldn’t allow me to no matter what, and yet when Ah Li wants to play, you act like this, this is not far~ “I want to play too!” Qing Ya said petulantly. “Alright, Ah Li will bring Aunt Qing to eat chicken~” Donghuang Li clapped her hands and smiled. Ye Hua said faintly, “Your Aunt Qing is very noob.” “It’s fine, Ah Li is already used to it.” Qing Ya, “……” You two are being too much of a bully~ Ye Hua walked into Qing Yutong’s room while carrying onto Ah Li, and soon after, Donghuang Li, Ye Zizi, Qing Ya, and Qing Yutong began quadra-queueing. And with Ye Zizi and Donghuang Li playing together, the two were bound to compete with each other, and thus, a large scale of suicides and reports began happening again. “Aunt Ye, you have one less kill than Ah Li, hehe~” “Don’t call me aunt! I am only 8 years old! (pretending to be young)” “But, you are Aunt Qing’s sister, if Ah Li were to call you big sister, then Ah Li would also have to call Aunt Qing big sister. Ah Li’s head is so giddy~ Everything’s so messy~” Qing Ya and Qing Yutong laughed. Ah Li is truly adorable. Ye Hua sat at the side and silently watched the four play their game. And in actuality, Ye Hua was feeling very vexed right now. Ah Li showed up too unexpectedly, unexpectedly to the point that I am at a complete loss on what to do right now. It seems like, Qing Ya’s position within my heart has already reached a very high place, if not, I wouldn’t be feeling like this right now. If it was during the beginning where we just met, I would definitely not have these many misgivings. What is the point of how strong my strength is, when I come across a household problem, it is all useless. Being a human sure is difficult. Being a human was indeed difficult, and being a skeleton was much more relaxing. Take Death Mage for example, he has been living a great life at Ying Family during these past few days. Every day, Death Mage would play mobile game with Xun Fang, and when he ran out of money in his game, he would get Dou Fushi to go and look for money. In the end, Ying Family was dug upside down by Dou Fushi. Dou Fushi didn’t expect that the island that Ying Family was located at was actually a precious fengshui location, and good things were buried everywhere on the island. This matter caused Ying Family to grumble and complain endlessly. Although those two do not meddle in our Ying Family’s internal matters and would only play with their mobiles every day, if things were to continue on as it is, this precious fengshui location of ours will soon be destroyed by them. This is too infuriating, but we also do not dare to do anything to them… Also, that youngster is the worst, every day, he would take his compass with him and begin calculating while walking all around Ying Family. And as long as he calculated until something, he would call over Heavy Dust and immediately get Heavy Dust to start digging… I really want to steal away that compass of his… F**k, those treasures were all buried by us Ying Family, and the purpose of us doing that was so that we could create an artificial precious fengshui location! The heaven wants my Ying Family to die… Right now, within one of Ying Family’s side rooms, Death Mage and Xun Fang were lying down on the bed. Their expressions were solemn, and their fingers were continuously tapping onto their phone screens. Xun Fang could be heard mumbling, “Die… die…” Dead! Under the situation where Death Mage’s warrior had killed Xun Fang’s character for over a hundred times, Death Mage’s warrior had finally been killed by Xun Fang’s human wave attack. Looking at Death Mage’s dead character, Xun Fang was stupefied. Her eyes gradually turned red, and she began whimpering. I finally killed him! I finally sought revenge! Death Mage let out a sigh. In actuality, today, I walked into Xun Fang’s trap on purpose. Seeing how pitiful she looks, I decided to just let her win against me for once. Xun Fang could be seen suddenly turning her body around and sitting onto Death Mage’s body, then began hitting onto Death Mage’s breastbone, “Did you saw it, I killed you! Boohoohoo~” Xun Fang’s grievance during this past month exploded out completely. It is all because of this skeleton that I was mocked at by everyone and even drove out from Cloud Sect. I finally found the main culprit, but I was completely unable to kill him. Despair… I was truly in despair back then, and I even felt like dying. Since I am not able to kill you in the real world, I will kill you within the game. The idea was good, but within the game, I was killed over a hundred times by that skeleton. And this time, I finally won, I finally sat on top of his body. Death Mage stretched out his bone finger and wiped onto the tears on Xun Fang’s face, then quickly typed onto his phone, “Wife, you look very good when you cry, you have to cry often in the future.” Xun Fang’s small face turned red and she kicked onto Death Mage, “Cry your head.’ Death Mage was kicked off the bed by Xun Fang. This woman is so violent, I am beginning to like this woman even more. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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