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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 203 – Make the empress kneel on keyboard 1/2 Looking at the time, it’s about to be noon soon, we should go out and eat. Ye Hua walked into Qing Yutong’s room, and the four were currently still playing ardently. Looking at my child standing on the stool, twisting her small butt left to right, and her hand that is not even as big as the mouse, she’s just too adorable. “Uncle, quickly come and play with us, Ah Li will bring you to eat chicken. Ah Li guarantee that she won’t snatch the limelight away from you~” Donghuang Li turned her head around and shouted out with a smile, revealing out two adorable dimples. Ye Hua had heard Ah Li say those words countless times already. Ah Li always doesn’t keep her words, this bad habit of hers has to be changed. Also, she definitely learned this bad habit from her mother. Qing Ya laughed lovably, “Because you always snatch away uncle’s limelight, your uncle is now afraid of you.” “It’s not like Ah Li did it on purpose~ If not, should Ah Li just stay still and watch as uncle get killed by other players~” Donghuang Li pouted her small mouth and said. This caused everyone to laugh. Being teased by his own child, Ye Hua was rather speechless. However, Ye Hua wasn’t angry and said, “Ah Li, what do you want to eat for lunch?” “Erm, Ah Li can do with just eating buns, Ah Li has to help uncle to save money.” Qing Yutong felt heart pained after hearing that, “Ah Li, uncle and aunts have lots of money, you can eat whatever you want.” “Really? During the journey to the bar, Ah Li used up all of uncle green and red’s money, causing uncle green and red to have to starve. Ah Li does not want you all to starve too.” Donghuang Li pouted her mouth, and her eyes turned red in no time. Thinking up to here, Ah Li began whimpering, “No matter where Ah Li appears at, Ah Li would bring harm to people, boohoohoo…” Upon seeing that, Qing Ya also felt very heart pained. Qing Ya held Donghuang Li into her embrace and consoled, “Ah Li is so sensible. Sensible children should not cry, okay?” “But… but, Ah Li just can’t help it~” Donghuang Li nestled in Qing Ya’s embrace and said pitifully. When Ye Hua saw his own child being so broken-hearted, he didn’t feel very good in his heart. What is that mom of hers even doing! How could she let her own child suffer grievances! If not for Ah Li’s sake, I would definitely tie her up and give her a good beating, let her know that, as a mother, she should not let the child suffer grievances! Ye Hua carried Donghuang Li up from the stool, then said gravely, “Ah Li, whatever that you want to eat, you can say it, I am able to let you eat whatever that you want in this world.” “Uncle, you treat Ah Li so well, you treat Ah Li even better compared to how mother treats Ah Li~” Donghuang Li hugged onto Ye Hua’s neck and said with her tender voice. Upon hearing that, Ye Hua felt very great in his heart. However, upon recalling that Ah Li’s mother made Ah Li kneel on a keyboard, Ye Hua immediately felt angry. Just you wait! When the time comes, I will make you kneel on a keyboard too! To even dare to mistreat my child! Ye Hua stroke onto Donghuang Li’s back and said towards everyone, “Let’s go, let’s go and eat lunch first.” Everyone smiled and stood up from their seats. Qing Ya asked her sister in a low voice, “Yutong, don’t you feel that Ye Hua is very attentive towards Ah Li?” Qing Yutong paused for a moment, then held onto her big sister’s arm, “It’s most likely because brother-in-law likes children. And adding on with the fact that the child in your stomach still hasn’t born yet, thus… eh…” Qing Yutong was somewhat unable to continue making up any more explanation. “Because brother-in-law is yearning for the child to be born, it caused him to treat Ah Li as if she is his own child.” Qing Yutong felt that this was a good explanation. Qing Ya wrinkled her brows, “Really?” “If not, would it be fake? After all, Little Ah Li is so adorable, no one is able to not like her upon seeing her, and even flowers would bloom when they see her.” Qing Ya tapped onto her sister’s forehead and said petulantly, “Only your brain would have that many nonsensical reasonings. Let’s go.” Qing Yutong let out a breath. Ever since I saw brother-in-law reveal his godly might on that night… No, incorrect, ever since I saw brother-in-law reveal his acting cool skills on that night, I feel that brother-in-law is not ordinarily formidable. And for someone like brother-in-law who is that formidable, is it even possible for him to be so attentive towards an unfamiliar child? The answer is evidently no. Unless, Ah Li is precisely brother-in-law’s child. And looking at the concern and care brother-in-law is showing for Ah Li, it is most likely that Ah Li is indeed brother-in-law’s child. It is fortunate that big sister did not perceive that Ah Li is brother-in-law's child. A woman truly becomes foolish for three years when they become pregnant. However, if brother-in-law continues on concealing the truth from big sister, when the time comes where big sister finds out, would big sister be able to endure the truth? It’s truly making me worried. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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